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NATO Countries                             Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany,
                                           Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands,
                                           Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA

Major Non-NATO Allies (§§517, 664(q)       Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Jordan, New Zealand,
of Foreign Assistance Act of 1961)         Republic of Korea (S. Korea)

European Space Agency Countries

European Union

Countries on EAR Entity Chart              China, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia (countries with restricted entities
                                           on the EAR “entity chart” at 15 CFR 744, Supp.4)

OFAC Embargoed Countries                   Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba1, Iran1, Iraq 1, Libya1, N. Korea1, Former
                                           Republic of Yugoslavia, The Balkans (Macedonia, S. Serbia,
                                           Montenegro, W. Balkans), Burma, Liberia*, Sudan1* , Sierra Leone

Other US Embargoed Countries               Rwanda* , Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and the OFAC embargo list

Denied Person List                         http://www.bxa.doc.gov/DPL/Default.shtm

ITAR Restricted Countries                  Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba 1, Iran1, Iraq 1, Libya1,
                                           N. Korea1, Syria1, Vietnam, Burma* , China* , Former Republic of
                                           Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), Haiti * , Liberia* , Rwanda* ,
                                           Somalia*, Sudan1* , or Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo) * , any UN
                                           Security Council arms embargoed country (Angola)

1     State Department Terrorist Countries (T-7)
*     US Arms Embargoed Country

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