; Process Analysis Paper - Finding An Apartment
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Process Analysis Paper - Finding An Apartment

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									Finding an apartment may seem like a challenging (and tiring) task, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are many factors to include when apartment hunting, and with a few easy steps, finding and renting an apartment can, instead, become a more exciting and rewarding experience, especially for those who are apartment hunting for the very first time. The first step to finding an apartment is the brainstorming process. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before the actual hunt begins. “Having a clear sense of what you can pay, what neighborhoods you want to see, and how much space you need will save you both time and money” (Demmer). Also, “Most experts suggest that a person’s rent should make up no more than a third of his or her monthly income” (Demmer). This rule of thumb may not work for everyone, but it does provide an excellent point. Budgeting can determine where a person can live and what kind of apartment they can afford. Along with the aforementioned, it is wise for the person to consider what kind of apartment coincides with both their lifestyle habits and personal desires. For instance, a person may want to rent an apartment that is closer to their work or school for better access, or maybe the person would like to rent an apartment farther away due to the apartment complex’s rules on pets, smoking, or noise limit. Without this proper planning, not only may a person run into problems with rent and other payments, but it may prolong or even halt the apartment hunting process. Secondly, after the brainstorming and planning is complete, the actual hunt may begin. Both the internet and local newspapers can be wonderful sources of information. Different websites online provide long listings of apartment complexes, which sometimes include ratings and reviews from those who are either currently living in the complex or have lived there in the

past. It is important for the person to visit the apartment complex after doing their research and evaluate it so that it meets their needs and wants and is in good condition. The apartment complex’s landlord is the best person to go to if there are any questions about the complex’s rules, regulations, and what it does and does not allow. After the apartment complex has been selected, the third and final step is to be completed – the lease signing process. The first thing a landlord will do is ask the person permission to perform a credit check and pay for all fees related to the procedure. Bad credit may inhibit someone from getting the apartment of their dreams. Also, “many landlords consider a tenant with no credit history to be just as undesirable as one with a bad history” (About.com). A lease is a legal binding contract, so it is extremely important to review the lease before signing it. If a copy of the lease is not given, the person should ask for it. In some cases, it is possible to hire an attorney to review the lease. Once the landlord has accepted the offer, the lease will be signed and both the first rent check and security deposit must be paid. After the conclusion of all three steps, the apartment hunting process has been completed successfully. In order to reduce confusion and the amount of time to find an apartment and sign a lease for an apartment, the person can prepare properly before the actual process begins. Brainstorming, budget planning, and already having all the correct papers to hand in are all ways to prepare before renting out an apartment.

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