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?????????Wo primary school since the beginning of her daughter,
writing this thing to wo daughters victimized, but also to wo
victimized. Just the beginning, the children finally heading for a
Sunday, think outside the walk, wo are willing to kids into nature, to
sense natural, nature, and grow on career experience. However, the
completion of writing assignments for the wife and children do not
approve the idea of the wo. outcome of children in the study, the day
beat its own head, did not squeeze a few word. this time, the children
burst into tears, wo are anxious to jump to blame the child how to not
write it?! not measure the Ching Ming Festival thoughts, wo secretly
writing an outline design to children, told her how at the beginning,
how After a list or examples of information, how to a profound or
playful mood at the end of march. or a coherent collection of famous
writers provide references, etc. should be her. Anyway, 1,2,3 grade
composition, regarded wo harms. every time wo counseling she had to
secretly carry out, for fear his wife invented to refute wo damage to
the child the rules of writing independently. Well, one taste, hard to
describe ah! very interesting that, wo are kids out to play when, wo
wife early on After the child play account of what to write chapter
travels, the children refused to play on the Kuku and stir, although
the last still to play, and the results good time unhappy child,
travels back home also could not write. Each time , wo always
whispered to his wife, what requirements are not mention indulge their
children play on the line, however, wo has quietly made preparations
for such a number. If kids go to Hainan, Sanya travel before, wo will
gather information on Hainan Sanya Some customs of the article to see
the child in play, on some of the major cultural and natural
attractions to stimulate their children play in the strong interest,
she added depth impression of such sites. Throughout the play to stop
before, wo never to Children hate to mention any of her requests, the
special is no mention of what the topic later travels to write
articles. kids good time unencumbered, the whole process is very
happy! home, the child will be quietly left in her diary of her
journey a sense of interest in the topic. wo would like to, she wrote
that diary is the best in the travel do not you?! not that the best
writing you?! Feeling that their children write the text of the
understanding, wo returned to the language teacher quietly raised a
proposal, whether to allow the children a diary, write ta things are
familiar, not sure any topic, also do not ask how long the text can be
said to understand one basic thing, that feeling, and language also
fluent fluent on the line. daughter of primary school now wo fifth
grade, and has published poetry and prose 5, there are few people in
education was also collected in the Hunan Art Publishing House and
composition in books. Her writing often Pham Van cheated in class to
read, but also show a few times unhappy, there are time my teacher to
write an essay is winter, the children could not write to, wo ni asked
her seasons on the most familiar is a season, she said, spring and
autumn, wo on the child, ni fall on write it, change What is a title
of it? third grade children's essays, the original should not be too
limited, wo is such that, also for kids to do. this, wo children also
by teachers and alumni of the class laugh. But it was is to be
ridiculed in this article is published in the Hunan Art Press, has
compiled a book. LIU Ya-zhou of the article writer today, after
reading, wo still laments thousands, although wo that article biased
premises, special is a senior or be appropriate to write about
writing, but definitely not as it is now week two composition
students. special low-grade child and so should be the main diary.
?????The article excerpts, after Mr. Liu, to satisfy the crowd draw

??????????????????????????Please, do not let students write the text
of the
??LIU Ya-zhou

????????Nowadays full of high school in the end should not be in the
Arts Division, a seemingly absurd but it is China's education topics.
wo would like to add a little of this pointless argument title: do not
write the text to students in the end?

???????Speaking of primary composition, wo believe that many parents
too difficult. Knocking on the article, wo show mind, is that
7-year-old wo, the second grade, every time to not write the scene
composition and crying.

???????wo has repeatedly said in private to the wife to vent, this
darn school, why is it not more literate children write the text?
Sorry, curse can not solve the problem, composition is very hard work,
could not write to the child not only lose face, the teacher fails to
overcome even that. Still later, writing to the development of two a
week, the number of children crying changed much. No measures, wo had
for the children to write with love. Interestingly, wo for the
children to write each essay, the teacher change are a mess, wo front
of the children and therefore almost no reputation.

???????wo personal prestige in front of the children is not something
small, whether as time goes by, wo have "set things right"
opportunity. The problem is that this so-called composition, is almost
meaningless, why only friends. The goal of writing is to write
articles, of course, but in addition to talent, the ten-year-old
children to write about writing, it is a fantastic one.

????????In general, a good article, or fine Wealthy, or logic break
people, or unique ideas or feelings were true. No matter what kind of
article, provided the request of both lived life, have body odor and
perception, in this largely or imagined, or grafting, only articles.
Of course, the necessary writing skills should be maintained. To
literacy are not many children forced herself to write, in fact
Destructive Enthusiasm, in addition to writing most of a child tired
of things, there is no interest, body art, it is a commercial secret

???????Of course, not negative, forcing students of writing, one or
two days may stimulate children's author, but the vast majority of
children, it really is a life Journey. Wo do not understand other
people's experience, anyway, wo a Romanian bring the child to the
Fragrant Hills, places like the zoo, children's first reaction is, of
writing wo can not go! wo was a kid, school for each organization
autumn outing, came back to write an article on the language
composition teachers are. It seems the "traditional" how not
broken. If this be the wo personal experience, then the book is filled
with the students writing books like Daquan, showed a reaction.
Frankly, wo and wife have repeatedly violated the so-called
good-hearted Shanxie composition of children selected in the
composition, to perfunctory schools require an essay.

???????Writing content can be ignored if the harm in another way, from
the evaluators, that is, try to figure out what the teachers point of
view. It should be said, as we require a large number of primary
school students to write an essay, ask the teacher can make a
reasonable comparison of pointers. This teacher is a great test, in
other words, students write a class style of risk, but also all the
teachers who staked. Teachers love rebels, may sentence the students
to love writing write parallelism; teachers like small animals, animal
composition students may write to more. Economics has a theory, the
details in the devil, that is a small premises at the seemingly
reasonable and unreasonable in fact the great hidden. Writing in this
case students, a teacher in this part of the devil question. wo know,
especially the teaching of writing, set largely in the text
personalization, 1000 Writing may be a thousand subtle ways the
language, each character is very subtle, literary personality may
become enlarged, and foreign countries literature is so busy up.
However, a primary school language teachers, even a very good literary
training, how requests ta can tolerate so much personalization text
but innocent? Not to mention the elementary school language teacher,
language teacher in secondary schools also fail to fulfill this
obligation ah. Ever since, one by one spiritually immature but full of
innocent words, almost all were writing under exam-oriented education
in lieu of and oblivion.
????Some may say, body art pictures, primary composition, not that the
text flow? Where on the request so high?

????????Thank you, ni think so, the article is the basic text from
time to smooth Well. However, when the foundation of a person when no
text, how to write the text, or even be fluent it? To primary second
and third grade students, in addition to specific, most children can
recognize many words, but also read how many words?

????????wo that, instead of forcing students of writing, not as the
foundation in the fourth or fifth grade, after a little text and
encourage students to write diary. Now the network developed, and even
encouraged the students to write a small blog, not only to facilitate
the preservation, not squander the paper, and can enhance the
application of modern wrist and try to write the child, could that
serve multiple purposes.

?????????Of course, wo returned the first position, said overall, wo
do not mind writing students. Uniform-style composition class
students, their departure point of the text, if not kill a child
spirituality, objectively enough for most children lose spiritual
text. Only the end of primary school students in writing classes
should be the end.

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