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					And copy. B provides information on Party shall ensure real and
Car rental agreement (
Lessor (Party A):
Lessee (Party B):
One, lease the vehicle condition
1, Party B needs to rent the use of models of vehicles vehicles
(vehicles owned by Party A for all), Guangzhou Which car rental
companies to find good color for the color, the vehicle engine number,
factory trademark is, the frame number.
2 car brands as vehicles, driving Zheng Hao as.
3, Party A to Party B is responsible for providing good, well-equipped
vehicles, along with traffic permits, road transport permits,
tax-payment, seized the word, surrogate, and assume the corresponding
Second, the lease term and rent to pay travel car rental Trackbacks
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A lease period. Rental: month-yuan; deposit: RMB ??_____ per account.
That is required to Party A Party B received one-time payment of car
rental of vehicles and total RMB deposit.
2, B then car drivers need to agree to submit to the Party ID card and
driving license of the Beijing Municipal Account (quasi-drive vehicles
with the same type of vehicle rental) and its copy. To provide Party B
shall ensure that the information a real and effective, otherwise the
responsibility of this generated by the second party. Trackbacks
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Third, the rights and obligations of the lessor
1, in any of the following happens, the rent shall have the right to
recover the rental vehicle at any time, in the calculation of the
amount received after all the losses Duotuishaobu.
(1) the lessee the use of rented vehicles for illegal activities.
(2) the lessee will purchase the leased vehicle, sublet, sell,
mortgage, pledge.
(3) activities detrimental to the legitimate rights and interests of
Lessor vehicle activities.
(4) without the written permission of the lessor should be owed a
payment which exceeds 3.
In these cases, causing economic loss to Lessor, the Lessee shall be
compensated accordingly.
2, does not assume the lease rental vehicle third party liability
arising during the period.
3, the other in accordance with laws and regulations shall have the
right to rent.
4, the lessor shall receive the full mortgage payment of rent and the
lessee, the lessee will deliver the leased vehicle, the date of
receipt to arrive, or check the date of receipt of cash shall prevail.
5, provision of vehicles should be applied, driving permit, complete
and effective road maintenance.
Fourth, the rights and obligations of the lessee
1, right to choose want to rent vehicles.
2, the lease period the lease contract has the right to use the leased
3, vehicle lease before the lease is not liable for compensation and
some damage, maintenance obligations.
4, regular pay for rent, mortgage payments.
5, self-will bear the cost of the leased vehicle fuel.
6, to comply with "auto lessee Know" obligations.
7, the lease term should strictly abide by state laws and regulations,
and bear as illegal, unlawful acts such as arising from the accident
all the responsibility and economic losses.
8, the lessee must bear the lessee acts as bring other economic
9, to assist the lessor in the lease period will apply for vehicle
insurance accident damage, claims.
5, deposit terms
1, Lessee shall lease contract signed by the lessor on the date of the
deposit under the provisions of the corresponding one-time mortgage
payments in full and delivered to the lessor.
2, Lessor shall lease contract expiration or termination of the
contract agreement between the parties, except pursuant to the
provisions of this contract and the annexes shall be deducted costs,
the remaining deposit will be returned to Lessee.
3, the lessee can not own will arrive for rent deposit.
Sixth, insurance terms
1, the lessor has to provide appropriate insurance, rental cars, car
rental, vehicle insurance types available include: Robbery, third
party liability, and passengers, excluding the deductible, Beijing
rental cars, car damage, windshield glass, spontaneous combustion.
2, Lessee shall within 24 hours of traffic accidents to inform the
lessor, rental cars, commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce, the
lessor will be insured vehicle to reach their designated repair shop,
the lessee has provided an effective procedure when all the insurance
certificate, stop calculate lease costs. lessee in leasing vehicles,
vehicles stolen during the event, retirement or other forms of loss,
the lessee shall bear the date of the loss vehicle lease period until
the deadline only 40% of the rental of vehicles and insurance
deductible part.
3, due to the lessee causes insurance exclusions and deductible for
all losses and related costs borne by the lessee.
4, vehicle insurance, accidents occur, car rental, Tenant shall
deliver vehicle accelerated depreciation charges and the insurance
deductible. Accelerated depreciation costs the equivalent of the
incident 20% of the total maintenance costs, such as the lessee can
not obtain the necessary insurance claims the procedures, the
maintenance by the Tenant to pay the full costs and accelerated
depreciation charges, and assume the responsibility of losses is not
the insurance event.
To protect people on the lessee to fulfill the obligations of this
contract and the annex to bear responsibility for the joint guarantee,
valid from the date of signature of the guarantor to the contract
after the expiration of two years.
8, breach of contract
In addition to major policy changes or force majeure, on behalf of
pregnant women, the provisions of any party breach of contract caused
the contract not fully performed, in addition to compensation for
consequential economic losses, but also to the other party to pay part
of the contract and the annex does not fulfill 20% of the total rental
amount penalty. Trackbacks Trackbacks Shanghai Map Shanghai Trackbacks
company website Trackbacks Inc.
Lessee shall be signed by both parties time to time to return the car
rental vehicle, every delay in the return day, except to continue to
calculate and collect the rent, the rent an additional 20% of the
delivery date of liquidated damages. Ahead of the return of each day,
rent the delivery date 20% of the penalty and returned to the rental
9, the contract change and the lifting of
Change and the lifting of this contract must be written agreement
signed by the lease can only effectively.
10, the contract period moving company Shanghai Shanghai Trackbacks
company the contract is valid for II years, the life of the contract,
on behalf of the pregnancy, the guarantor in the guarantee period of
the leases are held each lessee of the contract warranty provisions of
Article VII .
11, Settlement of Disputes
All disputes concerning this contract should first amicable
settlement, such as consultation for settlement by the local court
proceedings to resolve. Trackbacks Moving Moving Companies Shanghai
12, contracts and accessories
"Auto lessee Know", "vehicle EIR" is the annex of
this contract, and this contract has the same legal effect.
13, the contract shall take effect immediately after lease signed and
sealed by both parties
This contract in duplicate, from the Lessor, Lessee holds one.
Lessee (Signature): the lessor (signature):
Address: Address:
Phone: Phone:
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