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									An International Holdings of New Zealand
On Fat New Zealand New Zealand International is committed to the
technology, political, economic, cultural, and consistently provide
world-class brand products and services to enhance quality of life of
Chinese people and health.

2004, New Zealand An international direct access to China made, and
its famous brand "Gano" in the name of the establishment of
the company, the full introduction of New Zealand's domestic
production and world-renowned Gano products, human well-being of the
Friends of New Zealand and the leading global cultural, management and
marketing ideas, to explore the Chinese market.

Technology is New Zealand's international career of the security
issued. Over the years, Professor Gao Yihuai its international
leadership has made the New Zealand Security and Hebei Province,
China, Fujian Province, Qinghai Province, Liaoning Province, Shandong
Province, Zhejiang Province and other local governments to establish
close links and have been with the Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Shanghai Jiaotong University Ocean University of China, Qingdao
University, Lanzhou University and the Fujian University of
Traditional Chinese Medicine famous research institutions and
universities to carry out multiple scientific and technological
cooperation, New Zealand On Fat International China is committed to
the modernization of Chinese traditional medicine research, ultimately
to the international of Chinese medicine . On Fat New Zealand
international will also gradually introduce foreign advanced science
and technology to China, the final production system will be fully
realized local production in China, take concrete actions to support
and promote practical action to support and promote the
internationalization of Chinese traditional medicine, and to create
China's health industry aircraft carrier.

January 1998, the Royal New Zealand scientist Professor Gao Yihuai the
first generation of research and development of medicinal mushroom
products approved by the Ministry of Health of New Zealand.
April 1998, "Royal New Zealand scientist Professor Gao Yihuai of
new products, new technology presentations," in Auckland, New
Zealand held a grand rally, published will be displayed and introduced
Professor Kao R & D of medicinal fungi in the first generation of
products (in particular, Gano The first generation of products); but
also a declaration of New Zealand made health products company and
safety and well-being of international stock company was established,
began a comprehensive production and global marketing of products and
services promotion.
May 1999, Ankang International (Australia) Ltd was established in
Sydney, Australia, all the products and comprehensive listing in
Australia, the formal declaration of security issued International
began to expand overseas market.
September 1999, "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit
(APEC)" held in Auckland, New Zealand, Gano type is O +
comprehensive conditioning as the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand
presented a Chinese President Jiang Zemin and other leaders to
commemorate the gift, has aroused great attention. R & D people -
Professor Gao Yihuai encouraged by President Jiang Zemin's cordial.
December 1999, "the twenty-first century, the cornerstone of
human health - results of new technologies and products delivered
will" or "Royal New Zealand scientist Professor Gao Yihuai -
the second generation of new product announcements," was solemnly
held in Auckland, New Zealand, the official launch of the
International Security Development the second generation of new
research and development of medicinal mushroom products (especially
Gano type second-generation series of products).
April 2000, Ankang International (HK) Co., Ltd. established in Hong
Kong and Macau markets began a comprehensive expansion and marketing
June 2000, well-being of the World Central International, Inc. and the
U.S. health care products company, began to enter the United States
and other Americas markets.

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