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					Ai. West up to [Machinery Trading]
Listen Chenyu Men in the group today spoke of a master mechanical
operation of law and Ai. West up, Internet search an article,
reprinted over the memo.
Ai. West up to the U.S. futures industry in a rare low-key master, the
investing public know much about him, but few match the operating
performance of its terms, called the master, he managed funds for a
long time stable high growth in 1972 -1988, he operated an account to
reach 250,000 percent rate of return, no one can. The most special
place, Ai. West did not set up any offer in the office equipment, he
thought the quote machine like slot machines, the result is non-stop
dedication to the slot machines until the dead end. He simply based on
the closing price each day by computer analysis to develop market
Most of the futures and the experience of entrants is similar to
Viagra. West hooked up to a very long futures, speculation began his
career, has also tasted the bitterness of ups and inevitable. The end
of 1960, the U.S. Treasury to stop selling silver, Ai. West that will
lead up to the price of silver rose, rush to open a futures account,
but the unscrupulous agent advised him to be short of brass, he
accepted, but soon was swept appearance. He decided to do according to
their own idea, the static approach such as the opportunity to buy
silver. Opportunity came, he did not hesitate to kill approach, but
did not expect the stock market all the way down near the price of
silver, he had to again stop-loss appearance. Unpredictable changes in
the market so that Ai. West up to feel surprised.

The occasion of the loss, Ai. West up to see Richard. East
investigation of an analytical articles, and that a purely mechanical
trading system with the potential to beat the market. Ai. West up to
the beginning did not believe, then use the computer to do a lot of
tests and found excellent results. So to Richard. East check for 5
days / 25 days EMA (exponential weighted) moving average cross trading
system and every week based on the principles, conceived and developed
the first commercial computer to do a single system. Ai that time.
West up to engage in a futures company of his computer system was not
in charge of her, often arbitrarily rejected, seriously affecting the
results. Ai. West up to feel powerless, believe their path is right,
he decided to come out alone, not from the situation as income, have
been very considerable. He broke the traditional broker commission
received entirely through profit sharing with customers. Received a
total of 6 clients, each of 5,000 investment dollars. After 20 years,
each account is rolled into tens of millions of dollars, of which two
people make a full - do go after the money raised.

In the development and improvement of computer systems to do a single
process, Ai. West up to have encountered difficult, at the beginning
he did not want to waste their own knowledge and wisdom, often reject
the computer to determine, but often not the total time. After years
of repeated testing and with the continuous improvement of the trading
system of their own growing confidence, Ai. West rejected the computer
up to very little entry and exit signals. In a computer based on the
basis of the signal for the transaction to add a number of trading
principles: to reduce the risk of early surrender). Ai. West is to do
up to lose money the first time, and later again in the silver futures
on the plant somersault. He always moved down the stop order, the
result was finally triggered more innocent lose money. He was hurt too
much money, made him doubt that he is often not a
"werewolf", a full moon night, try not to go out. Werewolves
in Western folklore the full moon will meet their true form, telling
anyone to bite, only a silver weapon can be stabbed to death.

Reduce the market bet. Ai. West up into a single though depends on
your computer, but control of the funds depends on personal judgments,
but also by the experience of making a single cut. The general
principle is to control risk, reduce the encounter straight sets
always do a single volume. In such cases the most harmful emotional
recklessly, the old want to win back the most deadly. Each order, Ai.
West up to the general input of not more than 5% of the principal.
Mainly to technical analysis. Ai. West up to the potential of plug-off
has a unique view: advantage of the opportunity to do a single one is
a branch of Figure do. Figure is like surfing. Do not need to
understand the physics of waves, sound waves, fluid mechanics, as long
as the wave of ups and downs of feeling better, then grasp the
opportunity, together with experience, can play a good surfing. Ai.
West up to the basic analysis does not believe he thinks we all know
the basic factors that are reflected off the market early, unless you
have a reliable source, obtained earlier than the market, or do basic
analysis by only one losing money. Ai. West up to a single principle
is the advantage of the opportunity to do a bit of experience with

Trading at the appropriate time to modify the rules, and trading rules
to fit their personality.

Confidence in the computer system. Ai. West up often through
meditation, contemplation operational plans, training the subconscious
to develop their potential.

Ai. West up to the love of the futures market over all, are willing to
spend more than ordinary effort to study it, so have today. As Ai.
West up to the line: "God make you have intense desire to
succeed, will provide the appropriate means natural." He
attributed his success to his positive and optimistic attitude towards
life, although he is a purely mechanical computer program as the basis
for trading decisions, but man funny, often exchange views with
like-minded speculators, speculation is mixing with the private life,
his picturesque River away from Lake City to buy a house, both for the
home, but also When the office called the world outside expert.
Chapter 7 is not to offer machines for sale based fine of up to Ai

I: design computer trading program
Icy head up in the financial industry were not loud, the investing
public knew little of him, for example, the first column appears in
the wisdom of Ma Jiasi clearly speculative note, his first transformed
by the failure of the speculators become outstanding professional
speculators as high as the figure it contributed icy, icy early 1970s
up to the work of a large brokerage firm, to design and develop a
computer program trading system, due to management's repeated
interruptions score satisfactory, Isaac up to the decision of their
own business with confidence, for their own speculation, while
managing a small amount of funds, according to their own trading
programs designed computer systems for trading decisions. 88 years
from 72 years to score Superman, to one account, for example, five
thousand dollars beginning, to 88 years so far, an increase of more
than 250,000%, if you set aside during the calculation of the amount
of money to clients, the growth rate higher, Isaac Management of the
Fund up to a long period of rapid growth, it seems that no other
speculators can be compared to, history, visited Ma Jiasi plus
benefits, when Ma Jiasi strongly recommend [you have to visit Isaac He
is not only very well up to the speculators, and a very good thinker,
Isaac up the basis for all trading messages sent by computer as the
basis ticker back away.
Isaac began to speculate his career high, inevitably fill of ups and
downs, the end of 1960, the U.S. Treasury to stop selling silver, icy
silver up to think that this will lead to price increases, as one that
Hongfu around the corner, to open a futures account, ready to show its
mettle , market access in the waiting time, unable to withstand the
lure of icy brokers brass up short, the results will eventually stop
as well, while money and confidence in the badly tortured, bitter
experience of more than, well wait for the opportunity to buy silver
Unfortunately, after the purchase of silver, silver prices began to
back down, good news, but the softening of the price, the investment
market is actually a common thing, but it was the icy up, the painful
experience of natural causes, shortly after the stock market In the
second stop as well, the vagaries of the market so that Ai. West up to
feel surprised, bored on the occasion, Richard. Tangzhi Ren
statements, that the computer trading system, simply to follow the
general trend of buying and selling trends decision enough in
speculative markets of much use to win the victory, Ai. West up came
from Massachusetts Institute of Electronic Engineering. But for the
most speculative psychology research, psychology research, the
speculation up to recognize the success of Isaac plays an important
role. Ai. West up superior to others, also include observant, and
responsive. For example, the history of the watch dial will be used to
increase benefits quickly, to avoid being late. Ai. West up during the
interview and asked [you will watch dial back some time], Ai. West up
for the feelings. Speculation not only superior performance, and true
meaning of life and has been found, and the world a brighter future
any time I fly.

II: powerless
Isaac up for the first time the industry had a close relationship with
the speculation, he served as a large brokerage firm analysts, and is
responsible for design of computer trading systems. Up to design the
computer program icy proved feasible by hundreds brokers salesperson
to sell the package to the outside world trading program and to
attract millions of
Of dollars, according to the instructions in the computer information
transactions, in the early 1970s, millions of dollars have been
managed funds are enormous, but unfortunately not satisfactory test
results, leading to icy up resolutely decided to resign their own
business, the reasons are very simple , management often ignored issue
of the sale of computer signal given a free hand in decision making,
the result is speculation of a mess, a typical example cited below,
the price of sugar at five cents, issued a buy signal computer
analysis system, management considers it inappropriate taking risk
purchase price of sugar is best when it purchased eight p.m., the
price of sugar duty-bound to continue to rise without looking back,
that should not purchase decision-making, preferably in the price of
sugar before adding the fighting taking eight p.m. . Prices are still
rising, without buying opportunity, taking fifty points pending the
final decision is the right time into the cargo, three against four of
the missed opportunities on the train, the price of sugar exceeded
nine cents mark, which decision-makers Instead, the formation of the
time that the bull market, now or for the management of the Fund
purchased the contract of sugar, sugar and then peak in the results of
the computer and then issued a sell signal, decision-making colleagues
at times turned a blind eye, the natural anything, no trading in the
discipline so that powerless, Ai. up in addition to their own business
outside of the West, in the absence of other measures.
Q: You quit her analyst, in addition to the management of multi-block
because so unsatisfactory results outside of the Fund, may have other
A: Yes, the management want me to modify the computer trading programs
to increase the frequency of trading, to earn more commissions.

Q: Modify the program, whether it is a difficult task?
A: The easy, but to do more often, more chance of error, is not wise,
if done in accordance with the wishes of management, trading results
will be adversely affected.

Q: The company you know your difficulties?
A: On the contrary, insist on change management program.

Q: The channel phase difference does not seek?
A: To the customer is responsible, I have decided to resign from the
work of analysts, he was named futures brokerage, management of a
small number of accounts.

Q: Brokers career number two?
A: before and after only two years, and finally transferred to fund

Q: Why?
A: The commission as a broker for the sake of more or less, the
customer, does not fair as a fund manager, is purely real skill to
create the world rely on to win before they can be speculative
management fees and dividends.

Q: still self-designed computer program as the basis for the stock
A: Yes, but constantly improving.

Q: The management of the Fund's performance, whether disclosed or two?
A: The actual results, I do not intend to open, but one account can be
represented by five thousand dollars in 1972 to the beginning, 16
years later to earn more than fifteen million U.S. dollars, according
to head of household over the years included in withdrawals , the
results even better.

III: Heaven
Q: Your record is very prominent over the years, why did not flock to
the investment community who asked to join?
A: No, I have received to join the Fund's request, but I rarely take
on new accounts.

Q: business door, refused to ignore?
A: The mutual understanding between the two sides in order to
cooperate happily, so for new customers for membership must be
carefully investigated, consider it appropriate to accept.

Q: What are the main points of the review?
A: The management of the Fund is mainly the attitude of customers, in
fact, the relationship between managers and customers subtle
abnormalities, if the customer too much attention to short-term gains
and losses, will affect the performance of fund managers.

Q: In other words, the customer should set their sights on long-term
A: Yes, if the customer can fully support my trading in a longer time
to measure the profit or loss, can the rules as naturally more with

Q: How many clients in the beginning?
A: About six or seven, who was early in 1970.
Q: The first batch of customers, many still continue to host and guest
A: Four.

Q: How has stopped the profit and loss account?
A: One of the customers won fifteen million U.S. dollars and,
satisfied, after his withdrawal transactions, another customer made a
profit of ten million dollars after the decision to Hermitage, where
buying real estate in the seaside to enjoy the pastoral pleasures.

Q: What program to help you design the first set of trading systems?
A: Richard. Tangzhi Ren and the 20th five-day average cross system.
And his weekly trading system, are inspired by my mentor, in fact,
have become today's little brother, Tang Zhiren of credit.

Q: In other words, the first set of computer program trading system
average as a basis for the design?
A: Yes, and the 20th to ÎåÈÕ average cross-theory-based, slightly
modified, calculated approach to the EMA.

Q: Why do not the traditional method?
A: EMA calculation method is more convenient, less chance of error,
the first set of average-based trading system, but each has its unique
speculators will be personality, therefore, must be individualized,
trading strategies will be modified.

Q: Not as before the change, you and the original system can
complement each other.
A: The original trading system is very simple, but does not allow to
deviant behavior, so often the inspiration and the personal computer
signal conflicting situation, I am very confused.

Q: Finally, finally as a trading signal based on the computer?
A: The revised computer program to join an outstanding speculators
trading system trading rules, they can depend on, and I work together.
Four: the experience of failure
Q: The years of speculation among his career, the results may have
more of a bad year?
A: Yes, the worst performance in 1980.

Q: Why?
A: The bull market in commodity futures to an end, and my friends have
failed to reverse the mentality, often in the low to buy, and try to
hold down a good position in the face of overwhelming market trend.
Natural unsatisfactory results.

Q: Prior to this lack of experience in large-scale bear market?
A: Yes, it had to real money in exchange for valuable lessons.

Q: At the time of your risk management system is useless?
A: Actually, the computer analysis system indicates a temporary leave
and I insist on continuing operations, while continuing to search for
city or the end point of the vertex potential, results in the case of
selling the transition, continued to fall, so I invested a great loss.

Q: Finally, how the break?
A: Temporarily suspended.

Q: speculators out of line, you can provide any advice?
A: The great speculators and speculative funds to pay on behalf of
speculation, at the same time to choose their favorite work of hard

Q: What are your points of sale rule?
A: First, to reduce the loss of early surrender.
Second, win to win to do, to make sail with the wind driving.
Third, reduce the market bet.
Fourth, discipline.
Fifth, at the appropriate time to modify trade rules.

Q: You talked about discipline on the one hand, on the other hand you
need to modify the trading rules between the two, how can co-exist?
A: The cake and eat it, you must have both.

Q: What time does the revised sale doctrine?
A: Most of the time I will be disciplined, according to established

Q: is there difficult to follow the established rules of trading?
A: The situation encountered in the absence of the above methods to
deal with, it will go in automatically suspended for a holiday, until
the peace of mind, can behave side once again on the battlefield.

Q: In other words, any one of the speculators, it is impossible to
follow the established rules of long-term trading?
A: First, the rules consistent with speculators personality.
Second, Boredom, it is common, so as outstanding speculators, trading
rules must continue to improve in order to obtain good record.

Q: in the speculation, courage important?
A: Very important.

Q: How do training, it may reach the stage of confidence?
A: Through meditation, meditation methods of warfare. Development
potential of the subconscious training, the course of time active and
effective natural display.

Q: easy to say whether the success can be easily trained?
A: First, we must persevere.
Second, we must seriously engage. Otherwise it will become a daydream,
must understand the difference between inspiration and fantasy.

V: The trend is your friend
Q: Will it help chart analysis of speculation?
A: The speculation successful act to follow trends, it is necessary
conditions. Correct analysis of the chart will help identify market
trends, as windsurfing, chart analysis can help you understand the
flow characteristics of the flow orientation and the line without
their drawbacks.

Q: The 1987 stock market crash, how you record?
A: The stock market crash that day, some benefit but the whole month
basis, the sum of even a year, I will stand with the winning side.

Q: The stock market crash for you, no impact?
A: The month also wanes, the world is there anything perfect, crash
day, the short interest rate futures, a slight loss.

Q: follow the trend of buying and selling speculators, the stock
market crash when the 87 performance?
A: Most of the gains should be, at least, should have a good level
positions, avoid disaster seriously by rule-based, will be short
selling of index and stock victory.

Q: In recent years, increasing professional speculators, market
trends, will therefore shifts.
A: compared with the five or ten years before the market trend remains
unchanged, does not essentially change.

Q: You managed funds increasingly large number of sheets to increase
trade, is causing inconvenience?
A: The sale of large number of sheets, slightly disturbed, but if the
broker can get competent help, in fact, not difficult.

Q: competent broker, we should have what conditions?
A: The experience, along with a professional manner, on the other
hand, to talk with like-minded speculators, but also useful and
constructive to do.

Q: You are brilliant record, Zoran married, the views of other
advisers for the market, it still needs?
A: Newspapers and brokers through brokers courier news. I have most of
the gains a.
Q: According to the views of the stock market may have gains?
A: Generally speaking, the outcome equal, but some experts have the
attitude of complacent, we can conclude that will defeat the whistle.

Q: The publications of the newsletter should be how to treat?
A: The great speculators responsible for speculation, wonderful flower
pen writing communication, whatever, what they need.

Q: What it means, can be ignored.
Answer: Yes.

Q: The decision to enter the market trading at before the views of
other speculators, whether or not to be considered?
Answer: Absolutely nothing, especially the views of confidence, even
less valuable. Market veteran would only say: [It seems very high
chance] [or a similar cautious judge, however, very high hit rate].

Q: when do you think could be undefeated generals?
A: In the long years, I have been back and forth under the beating of
two mental states.
First, I am invincible.
Second, the past success, fortunately the majority component.
Every time when I'm confident, then there will be a series of defeats,

Q: The Chinese proverb says: [full of hurts, to benefit him] it not be
of much help?
A: Yes, my motto, dare not or forget.

Six: quote machine can be avoided
Q: For inflation, the dollar and gold in the long-term trend, you
A: inflation is an inevitable stage in metabolism, the ultimate fate
of the world's currency is worthless, gold will be stored in the
Q: Outstanding speculators, talent is important?
A: As an excellent musician, or athlete talent is vital to success,
talent and success of speculators into one, simply inseparable.

Q: talent and hard both important?
A: inextricably linked.

Q: Investment transactions and your personal life, how to tie?
A: Actually the two have been lumped together, my life is to keep the
investment business.

Q: Within your office, it seems that there is no trace of tickers?
A: The offer is equivalent to slot machine machines located in the
desk, the result is a non-stop dedication to the slot machines until
the dead end.

Q: What, then, how to make trading decisions?
A: The day after the close of obtaining price data, by computer
analysis, and develop market strategies.

Q: You are a successful speculation, market analysis and psychological
analysis, both the importance of how to measure?
A: The psychological analysis is to promote the work ethic to improve
the quality of market potential analysis. Auxiliary operations, can be
said that psychological analysis is the correct driver, but the
potential of cities, it is accurate maps.

Q: You are known in psychology research, how to judge a person is
successful speculators?
A: The success of the speculators, in any industry has good

Isaac success up to that speculation in the market to achieve the
desired profit. As for the failure of the group, after losing money by
friends and relatives around the care of grievances, in disguise to
win sympathy by losing money, can be considered the winner.

Transformation of speculative techniques is room, and want to take
market share in a piece of speculation, could turn to the outstanding
speculators, on the other hand, devote themselves to self-study or
participate in various seminars and courses on speculative theory, but
also means progress.
For a master manipulator of cooperation, I can matchmaking.
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