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Ai Song


									Ai Song
Ai Song

Name: Ai Song
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Height: 163cm
Weight: 51kg
Special Skills: singing, sports, English, cooking
Mantra: Oh, good storm!
Favorite singer: Mary Carey, Sarah Brightman, Mao Amin, Han Hong,
Chang Hui-mei, Tao, Na Ying, etc.
Favorite musical instruments: guitar, piano, erhu, zheng
Favorite music: blues, sad love songs, European and American songs,
Latin dance
Favorite food: barbecue, seafood, butter, fruit
Favorite fruit: bananas, oranges, grapes, durian, papaya, mango
Favorite sports: yoga, badminton, billiards, swimming, table tennis,
Favorite places: Hangzhou, Jiuzhaigou, France, Singapore, Vienna
Favorite things: singing, dancing Latin
Biggest advantage: understanding, hard-working, sincere and helpful
Biggest drawback: s the heart
Greatest wish: to make more money so that Mom and Dad enjoy a better
The most important people: parents, teachers and other family friend
??????Ai song, strength to sing, singer contest won several national
awards in 2003, Happy Story, attended Central Television, powerful
singing talent, good at singing pop, folk songs, drama and foreign
language songs and other types of songs of different styles, shapes
both of God, singing and dancing, sometimes charming and gentle,
sometimes hot sensational, and sometimes unrestrained movement, stage
effects live atmosphere hot and moving, changing images and Variety
has a voice, can be called unique in today's pop music played and sung
by both the real Diva! concert motto: heart sing. First move yourself
to move the audience!
Performing experience:
Hengdian image of China in 2003 to participate in the third game Miss
March 12, 2003 in Zhejiang Province "Voice of Fire"
large-scale variety show
March 2003 by the Hangzhou City "Polaroid Cup" Song Contest
combination of Gold
April 2003 Association of large customers, Jiangsu Yaohua Group
May 2003 to participate in Super Happy Story Parody
September 27, 2003 Ningbo International Folk Art Festival Opening
April 2004 first prize by China Star of Hope Division of Zhejiang,
Zhejiang TV, live
June 2004 a large celebration of Zhejiang CONBA Group
November 2004 Hengdian Rural Tourism Festival closing ceremony
Xihu State Guesthouse in December 2004 the Bank of China financial
industry has been the best bank in Asia Awards celebration activities
August 2005 Xiangshan Tourism and Culture Festival opening ceremony
August 2005 Leisure Expo Garden in Zhejiang China Life Insurance
Association of large customers
October 26, 2005 the opening ceremony of Shaoxing Culture and Tourism
December 2005 large customers will thank Nepstar
February 16, 2006 Hangzhou, Yuen Wah commercial Anniversary Party
April 22, 2006 West Lake Expo Hangzhou, Huzhou, Zhejiang attended the
opening ceremony of District
August 18, 2006 Evening News 20th anniversary party
August 20, 2006 in Hangzhou, Queen City be the first talent contest
August 29, 2006 Hangzhou Red Star Theatre, a large celebration
ceremony of China Life
September 18, 2006 in Hangzhou city helicopter car Fair, Cambridge
July 30, 2006 West Lake, Zhejiang, People's Armed Police Forces
"celebration August" Party
September 24, 2007 Beer Festival Opening Shengzhou
March 2007 by the third contest in Hangzhou network beautiful singer
December 2007 Hangzhou Media Group Hangzhou Automotive Billboard
Awards tribute broadcast live on television
January 2007 Ningbo Ningbo Stadium "harbor Spring" variety
show force
2007 "Approaching Vanke" large-scale variety show cum Vanke
activities throughout the year the brand launched the General Assembly
February 28, 2008, Zhuji City, China Merchants will be ground-breaking
ceremony in Times Square
April 30, 2008 to participate in "Evening News" 30 years of
touring ----- 30 songs welcome Hangzhou Iron and Steel
May 4, 2008 to participate in "Evening News" 30 songs for 30
years welcome, "May Day" tour ----- Zhejiang University of
June 30, 2008 in Malaysia was invited to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia week
cultural exchange tour
May 16, 2008 in Zhejiang Province to participate in the arts alliance
"of Love" earthquake show large contributions to charity
September 5, 2008 in Hangzhou Jiebai major celebration of 90
anniversary party
November 31, 2008, Shandong Linyi "heart moment" large-scale
joint Century Products International Tasting
August 2, 2008, Hangzhou Pearl TV "Suiyueruge" section to
meet the Olympic theme
December 16, 2008 with the Hangzhou TV Vs local TV program sent to the
countryside in the Zhoushan Dinghai
??????Songs in today's mixed network, the influx of the era, with many
years of professional singing career with her song Ai unique magnetic,
gentle, another explosive voice stand out and quickly occupied the
place, and her singing chorus line of integrated by Mei, Na Ying,
Asan, and other artists of the advantages of combination, is the
singer a rare good voice, has won many fans.
??????After years of wandering in the career and the vicissitudes of
life, sentiment, one of my own words, music, singing the hit song
"how willing you I cry of" Resentment of the melody, was
moved to a tearful voice slightly, to a sad bitter love song
interpretation The third Such is Life, which shows her strong vocals
and the extraordinary outpouring of genuine emotion;
??????"People who love life" to the lonely reality, the
simple interpretation of the melody a delicate touch of sadness and
tenderness of the heart of woman, in the dead of night at midnight to
listen to people a touch of soothing and resonant voice, warm feeling
frustrated by numerous mind. The song in April 2009 for a record
initial public offerings on the hot air, in May and the second edition
of the third edition of Hong Kong stars of the compilation album will
be listed.
??????Song "stage" is following the sad song singer Ai Love
Song "how willing you I cry," the atmosphere after an
awe-inspiring to make, flying the singer is now the love songs of a
lack of passion for a very inspirational song proudly! "Dream
stage full of anticipation, courage to stand up Do not be afraid of
failure, all the flowers open for me, my performance will always
belong to this stage." Ai singing songs in a fresh, free and
easy, perseverance, self-confidence, for tomorrow filled with hope and
confidence that she stood in front of everyone.
??????Maybe this time we are most worthy of trust and dependence is
self-struggle, and both were singers on stage, or stage, rush of
people under the dream. Only with a sunny smile to create a better
tomorrow, that is true with our most worthy of recognition and wealth
and happiness rely on!

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