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Advantages of the boiler wall Beretta by fdjerue7eeu


									Advantages of the boiler wall Beretta
Advantages of the boiler wall Beretta
A long history, the world's leading

1, the production of "Beretta" boiler in Riyadh Road Co.,
Ltd. is a 80-year research and development, production, sales and
boiler burner professional experience in famous company, the
production of wall-hung boilers are more than 40 years of history
products by years of research, development, and constantly update,
improve and enhance it from the appearance of structure, quality,
energy consumption and performance indicators such as the degree tends
to almost perfect, has a clear advantage. The domestic products three
to five years, and Korean products more than ten years of development
experience is not comparable to his.
2, as early as 1999, "Beretta" wall boiler to 48 million
units of its annual sales in the world, hundreds of manufacturers in
the sale of the boiler wall third. By 2000, with ten million in
Europe, Riyadh Road home use products for heating, which shows the
product excellent value for money by the user acceptability.
3, the company sold "Beretta" Wall Boiler Co., Ltd. are all
imported from Italy, Riello, Riyadh Road company with its strong
industry R & D strength, advanced manufacturing and assembly
process and improved detection methods and accurate IS09002
International certification system to ensure high product quality can
be * and high stability. Machine through the European CE
Second, the appearance of the beautiful, pleasant style
1, the surface is very elegant, finish strong, bright color, fresh
2, hidden in the cover of the control panel, so that the surface will
become one body, both elegant and easy to operate, but also to protect
the control components from dust, soot, water and gas erosion, is also
beneficial for cleaning the surface.
3, placed in the fuselage behind the expansion tank, expansion tank
placed relative to the burner next to the narrow-body models seem a
lot, save installation space, greater convenience to users.
Third, the thermal efficiency, save energy
1, the provincial gas: "Beretta" constant wall thermal
efficiency of boilers up to 90-93%, South Korea and the thermal
efficiency of the domestic brands more than about 85%, and some can
only reach 81%. Relative to these models, "Beretta" under
the same conditions the boiler wall to save gas 6%, long run, this
will be a substantial amount of operating costs.
2, power: "Beretta" Most models power consumption of the
boiler wall is only 125W, other models and more power than the 140W.
3, save: Due to high thermal efficiency, gas combustion in the boiler
wall to extend the service life while reducing the clean-up coke and
other maintenance work.
The manufacture of sophisticated, low noise

The state boiler wall is not greater than 65 decibels of noise, the
noise most of the other brands in the boiler is about 60 decibels, and
"Beretta" wall boiler minimum operating noise only 47 dB,
makes people feel calm and comfortable.
Fifth, reasonable structure, long life
1, "Beretta" wall boiler design advanced, sophisticated
technology, preferred brand-name parts of the world, running the
repair rate is very low, life expectancy 15 years, some models just
installed several times a year to repair, or even burn out fans,
pumps, transformers, computer boards and other major issues.
2, "Beretta" inside the boiler wall leaving a reasonable
space, and some models will not be leaving the blind pursuit of small
size and limited space inside, heat dissipation problems, thereby
accelerating the aging components, shortening product life and so on.
At the control of advanced, security worries
1, balanced flue, strong emission models, the fresh air needed for
combustion from the outside, the burned gases exhausted to the outside
force, and the interior completely isolated, to ensure clean indoor
air the original, more secure in performance be *.
2, the machine set up water protection, overheat protection, frost
protection, wind protection, power protection, protection of stopping
gas, hot water temperature limit of 65 degrees, 85 degrees heating
limit temperature and other protective measures, security is
excellent. Frost protection, especially the upper body detection
devices placed in the machine into the outlet, to ensure the lowest
measured water temperature for the system to avoid some models of
other brands inappropriate position of the probe, causing the upper
part of pipe cracking machine, and even frozen water pump , frost
protection lose its role.
3, to prevent freezing machine equipment and heating systems,
"Beretta" water wall boiler temperature sensor in less than
7 degrees, the boiler pump to work, when sensing the water temperature
5 degrees, will start the heating stove heating until the water
temperature reaches 30 degrees, stop working. In this way, safety, and
energy-efficient than some of the critical temperature of the boiler
to ignition settings to be more superior.
4, "Beretta" wall boiler is equipped with advanced three-way
valve to ensure long-term operation while the boiler would not fall as
a result of some models lead to electrical short-circuit three-way
valve leakage and the occurrence of such phenomena charged case to
ensure that users electrical safety and personal safety.
5, to prevent the water pump, electric three-way valve locking,
"Beretta" | Wall boiler in power every 19 hours under a
minute pump automatic operation, a three-way valve advance and
retreat, and although some models have this feature, but Pump up to 92
hours before the time run for 1 minute, well below the safety
"Beretta" models.
6, "Beretta" wall of sanitary hot water boiler with only
0.15 kg / cm of water pressure to activate, very suitable for low
pressure area and the floor, most of the other models at 0.3 kg / cm
or more before the pressure starts.
7, "Beretta" wall boilers were all closed loop systems,
indoor radiator installation height can be arbitrary, but also to the
thermocline and fan coil heating, pipe leaks can occur directly
reflect the pressure gauge, to facilitate timely processing, open
systems can only be compared to the wall heating boiler installation
location of the following systems to superior.
8, "Beretta" wall boiler is equipped with automatic
detection system, they can always detect the operation of the boiler,
timely warning in case of failure to display the appropriate fault
code, whereby the user can easily determine the cause of the
malfunction, to understand the operation of the boiler.
9, "Beretta" wall gas boiler unique self-checking function,
they can always determine the boiler combustion conditions, under
which on-site technical staff to facilitate adjustment of culture
than, more effectively ensures that the boiler combustion efficiency.
Other brands of boilers do not have this feature.
10, premixed air and gas, gas valve and fan interaction, fan speed and
combustion gas pressure adjusted automatically according to the boiler
to ensure that the boiler output power in any case, there is a
constant 90% thermal efficiency. Effective solution to most of the
other brands in the low power output of the boiler, the thermal
efficiency of around 6% decrease, resulting in increased energy
consumption problems.
11, in order to solve the user's worries, Italy Riyadh Road in global
wall boiler exclusively for the product liability insurance coverage.

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