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					MasterCard SME Online—SME Payment Gateway Service

     Just one of the ways we deliver value through MasterCard Strategic Processing Solutions
Simplify e-commerce for your merchants
For many companies, the Internet presents new
opportunities and new ways to do business.                    With Internet access having grown to over
Geographical boundaries disappear, and size no                1.5 billion people globally, e-commerce has

longer determines success.                                    become one of the world’s most significant
It has become critical to the success of many businesses—     trading channels.
large and small—to establish themselves on the Internet,      1. Internet World Stats March 2009
offer their products and services online, and process
payments for those products and services in a reliable      The business opportunity
and secure manner.
                                                            Today, consumers take for granted that many businesses,
MasterCard® has responded to the need for a simple to       no matter how small, will have a website, and their goods
implement, easy to use web-based payment solution for       and services will be able to be purchased online.
the small and medium enterprise (SME) segment with the      For many SME merchants, however, it is not always easy
MasterCard SME Online solution.                             to find the internal resources and expertise, or to justify
SME Online is part of a suite of best in class products     the cost of external resources, to create a business website,
known as MasterCard Strategic Processing Solutions          including the capability to accept online payments.
(MasterCard SPS).                                           Consequently, acquirers are being requested to provide
SME Online provides acquirers with a wholesale,             their merchants with an affordable payment solution
hosted card payments solution for their merchants.          that meets immediate requirements and will adapt to
Features include:                                           the changes and growth in e-commerce.
                                                            And the cost for acquirers of developing, installing,
• Online web shop tool
                                                            supporting and operating the broad range of e-commerce
• Batch processing, recurring payment and bill              payment solutions required for their merchants may be
  payment modules                                           difficult to justify, given the rapidly changing market
                                                            needs and growing cost of compliance.
• Stored card module
                                                            As a result, many acquirers and their SME merchants
• Custom branding                                           may be missing the opportunity to reap the benefits
• Administration portal.                                    of e-commerce, and keep ahead of their competitors.
It is designed to enable SME merchants to establish         MasterCard Worldwide—providing
an Internet presence for their business, including          access to the world of e-commerce
website design and processing of batch and individual       In recognising the opportunities for acquirers to offer
card payments.                                              their SME merchants a secure, robust e-commerce
Now with SME Online, your SME merchants can build           solution, and to overcome the potential barriers for
their own web shop, including a shopping cart and           them in doing so, MasterCard has taken a leadership
online product catalogue, and provide a custom branded      role in delivering the SME Online solution.
e-commerce solution to manage and authorise online          And, because it’s run by one of the world’s largest
payment transactions in over 145 currencies.                payment processors, you can be confident that
                                                            MasterCard will provide best in class security and
                                                            deliver reliability that’s second to none.
                                                                Administration and reporting: A fully featured user
                                                                administration portal is provided, together with settlement
                                                                reporting and transaction search capabilities.
                                                                Support module: Manuals are provided for merchants on
                                                                how to use the system to help improve their understanding
                                                                and reduce support calls.

                                                                Key benefits
                                                                Competitive cost: Acquirers benefit from MasterCard’s
                                                                e-commerce infrastructure investment. In addition, the
A new tool for gaining and                                      advanced acquirer and merchant functionality provides
retaining merchants                                             significant productivity benefits.
As an acquirer, SME Online provides you with new                Minimum development: SME Online leverages the
ways to build and expand your merchant relationships.           existing MasterCard global network connectivity by
It is a packaged solution, branded and priced by                switching authorisation requests directly to the card
the acquirer, which significantly reduces the cost              issuer, so acquirers avoid the development, testing and
and complexity for SME merchants to develop an                  certification costs of integrating an in-house or vendor
Internet presence.                                              provided Internet payment solution.

The SME Online solution supports your SME merchants             Maintain the merchant relationship: Acquirers
whether they are simply taking phone and mail orders,           maintain control of their pricing, branding and merchant
or processing tens of thousands of batch transactions.          relationships.

Once merchants create their own web shop, their SME             Ease of integration into acquirer merchant services
Online home page provides them with 24 hour access to a         and support infrastructure: SME Online integrates easily
simple launch pad for all of their enabled functionality, and   into acquirers’ existing merchant sales, support and service
new functionality can be conveniently added at any time.        functions. Staff are granted various levels of security access
                                                                to provide support for merchants from application approval
Key features                                                    to password reset and transaction queries.
Online web shop tool: An easy to use web shop design            Reliability of fully redundant processing: SME Online is
interface allows merchants to build their own online            supported by onsite co-processing systems and a remotely
shopping cart facility, including a product catalogue,          located disaster recovery system.
payment page, automated email confirmations, stock
                                                                Security of PCI compliance: Compliance with the
levels and order management.
                                                                Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ensures
Supports all major card types: All major credit and             the highest levels of data protection.
scheme debit cards are supported, along with real-time
authorisations, in over 145 currencies.
Batch processing module: Merchants can create,
upload, process and manage batch transactions.
A confirmation file is also provided.
Recurring payment module: Single or batch transactions
may be scheduled for payment on later dates, or set up
and managed on recurring payment schedules.
Stored card module: Card numbers can be securely
stored in a PCI DSS compliant module, with each card
assigned a token number. Merchants use the token to             The time to act is now
initiate payments.
                                                                MasterCard SME Online is the solution to give your
Bill payment module: Merchants can accept web-based             merchants the edge in the SME segment, and provide
payments for invoices they have distributed to their            them with access to a world of e-commerce opportunities.
customers, with support for customer reference number
(CRN) checking and database lookup for amounts,
discounts and penalties.
Custom branding: All web pages may be custom branded
as the acquirer’s own service, and custom web addresses
are configurable at the acquirer and merchant level.
                                                     MCA157 09/09 SME Online

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