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					Entrepreneurial Business Applications
Program Objective                       Graduate Opportunities                 Areas of Study
The Entrepreneurial Business            Self-Employment                        This program will provide students with the following areas of
Applications Program focuses on         Service Industries                     study in preparation for owning and operating a small
starting and running your own           Small/Large Business                   business.
business. The program explores
the big picture of business planning,   University Partnerships
entrepreneurial characteristics,        Academy of Learning has signed                                 Course Credits
consumer demands, global                agreements with the University of
competition and the most popular        Windsor, University of Phoenix, Uni-       Operating
                                                                                                     Windows Introduction
business software packages.             versity of Meritus and Athabasca           Systems
                                        University which allow
Program Information                     students to gain advanced standing                           Introduction to Keyboarding
Start Date: Weekly                      toward degree-granting programs.
                                                                                                     Microsoft Word Level I
Length: 35 Weeks
Class Times: Flexible Hours -           Student Comments                                             Microsoft Word Level II
mornings, afternoons, evenings and      “The decision to go back to school
Saturdays                               was not easy. Thanks to the                                  Microsoft Excel Level I
*Online studies also available          supportive staff at the Academy of
                                        Learning I have acquired the skills        Software          Microsoft Excel Level II
Admission Prerequisites                 and confidence I need to pursue a           Credits          Microsoft Access Level I
• Grade 12 or equivalent                career that is right for me.”
                                        Joanne Hoar
                                                                                                     Microsoft Publisher
•   Successful completion (at least
    75%) of an entry test to        “After being out of school for a while,                          Microsoft PowerPoint Level I
    determine general readiness     I found AOL’s instructional methods
    for learning                    are an excellent way to upgrade my                               Microsoft Outlook Level I
                                    skills and learn new ones. Since
•   An interview with an            graduating I have found a rewarding                              Internet Training
    admissions officer to determine career in my chosen area of study
    the apparent appropriateness    and recommend Academy of                                         Business Financial Management
    of training related to the      Learning to anyone looking for a
    potential student’s needs and                                                 Accounting         Manual Bookkeeping Level I
                                    new career.”
    aptitudes                       Marlene Mol                                                      Simply Accounting
Financial Assistance                    About the Academy                                            Business Planning
Students registered in the full-time    One of the fastest growing colleges,
and part-time programs may apply        with campuses across                                         Business Essentials
for financial assistance under the      Canada as well as Global locations,
Canada Student Loan Act. In             Academy of Learning is one of the                            Business in the Electronic Age
addition, students may be eligible      largest, private post-secondary ca-
for Service Canada Sponsorship.                                                    Business          Business Law & Ethics
                                        reer colleges.
                                                                                 Applications        Business Correspondence Level I
Credit for Previous Training            As a unique computer and business
Credit for previous training and        training college specializing in                             Business Math Skills and Applications
education may be awarded to             computer applications, information
students who are able to                technology, business skills, and                             Business English and Grammar
successfully complete examinations      healthcare training, we prepare
which demonstrate proficiency in                                                                     Sales and Marketing
                                        individuals to meet the increasing
specific skill areas.                   needs of the business community.

                                        On Prince Edward Island there are
                                        three locations to choose from.

                                        55 Grafton Street
                                        Phone: 902-894-8973
                                        539 Main Street.
                                        Phone: 902-361-8973
                                                                                       Academy of LEARNING
                                        Summerside                                55 Grafton Street   Charlottetown, PE  C1A 1K8
                                        10 Slemon Park Drive                           Phone: 902-894-8973 Fax: 902-892-2983
                                        Phone: 902-436-9889                                      E-mail: info@aolpei.ca
                                                                                                Website: www.aolpei.ca

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