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									Accident insurance: affordable insurance protection
Accident insurance is often overlooked: it can not cast even as
insurance, universal insurance as protection while in the enjoyment of
income received; also like old-age insurance, education, pension, as
has the protection of the savings function. And even view on a regular
basis or for life insurance also protect the death risk, such as
dividends other insurance, universal insurance and so on are also
fundamental to the death and disability to claim. Then, as a pure
consumer of accident insurance, the insured is still worth it?
Pacific Life Insurance Consultant, said in an interview with reporters
from the security and cost-effective point of view, adequate accident
insurance protection, the premiums low is undoubtedly the most
affordable option. Generally required to pay an annual premium of
several hundred dollars can get several hundred thousand dollars
accident protection, and bring the advantages of the investment
function of the insurance can not be compared.
Guarantee sufficient. Accident insurance in addition to the insured
because of death caused by accidents, disability claims, etc., but
also can be attached to accident medical insurance, can lead to the
diagnosis and treatment of accidents and claims costs. Such as the
Pacific Life a "leisurely life," accident insurance,
liability insurance, including death, disability, burns compensation,
hospitalization income compensation, out-patient compensation. Regular
or whole life insurance does not include health insurance, while the
order to achieve this through other insurance protection combined
effect of the increase at least 2 additional risk.
Premiums low. Accident insurance as a pure consumer-based insurance,
the premium for full protection. To Italian Life "music"
experience, personal accident insurance, for example, one professional
for every 1,000 yuan insurance premium amount is only 1.5 yuan per
year, provides coverage for the accident caused the death, disability,
burns, and Pensions payment and 6% of the sum insured increased year
by year, etc.. On the market and gives the same insurance coverage
type insurance premiums for general times.
In addition, compared to earlier versions of aviation accident
insurance insurance 400 000 20 yuan one way of "dead",
transport accident insurance and travel accident insurance more
targeted, better reflect the high cost accident insurance.
If ̫ƽÑó²úÏÕ's "Junan line Accident Insurance", the premium of
10 yuan for each product, covering bus, coach (Sum 10 thousand yuan),
trains, rail transport (the sum insured 20,000 yuan), aircraft (Sum 50
thousand yuan). Non-operating private cars by car was included in the
insurance in which insurance is not taken care of most of the same.
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