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									Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance Overview
(A) the meaning of accidental injury

Accident Insurance in the alleged accident is in the insured does not
foresee or contrary to the wishes of the insured's case, the sudden
damage caused by foreign objects on the Insured's body clearly,
violently against the objective facts.

1. Injury

Injury also known as damage, is insured by the human body against the
objective facts, the material damage caused by the infringement on the
corner, against the fact that three factors.

2. Accident

Accidents on the insured's subjective state is concerned.

(1) the insured had failed to foresee the occurrence of harm,
understood as the occurrence of injuries is insured in advance can not
be foreseen or unforeseen. Or injury occurred prior to the insured
person is foreseeable, because the negligence of the insured does not

(2) the injury occurred against the wishes of the insured's

3. Accident injury form

Accidental injury, including accidents and injuries constitute two
necessary conditions.

(B) accident insurance definition

Accidental Injury Insurance (Accident Injury Insurance) refers to
death or disability Accident Erzhi insurance conditions for the
payment of life insurance.

Accidental Injury Insurance has three meanings:

¢Ù must have an objective accident and the accident because the
accident, accident, unforeseen.

¢Ú the insured person must be a result of objective accident results in
death or disability.

¢Û the accident occurred and the insured person suffered personal
injury results, the two are intrinsically and necessarily related.

1. Accidental injury insurance, the basic content

Insured to an insurer to pay a certain amount of insurance, the
insurance if the insured person suffering accidental injury within the
time limit and use it as a direct or proximate cause, accidental
injuries suffered in from the date of the period of time of death,
disability, expenditures for medical expenses or temporary incapacity,
the insurer paid the insured or beneficiary a certain amount of

2. Accidental injury insurance protection project

(1) Death Benefit

(2) disability benefits

Accidental death benefits and accident insurance, disability payments
are the primary responsibility for accident and its derivative
liability insurance, including medical expenses and compensation, a
loss of income compensation, funeral benefits and survivor benefits
and other maintenance responsibilities.
American International Insurance Accident Insurance Category are:
Friends of the election Bonthe public transport accident insurance
AIA comprehensive accident and medical insurance plan (CIPA)
AIA add additional accident insurance benefit plan (GRLAPA)
AIA Life Health Insurance Plan Recreation (HS)
Growth of medical insurance plan AIA Leisure (JHS)
You Kuniyasu Xiang personal accident insurance (ATA)
AIA Baoan Personal Accident Insurance (ESPA)
AIA Four Seas Travel Accident Insurance (OSTA)
AIA tour travel accident insurance (STA)
AIA tour Shenzhou travel group insurance plan (OTADD)
AIA Thief overseas travel group insurance plan (OTADD)
Premium: 12 yuan --- several thousands. Can be based on income to
determine different risk preferences.

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