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					About Art of War
???"The Art of War [1]," also known as "Sun Wubing
Law," "Wu Art of War", "The Art of War book",
"Sun Wubing book", are the cultural heritage of classical
Chinese military glittering treasures, is the fine cultural traditions
of the major component part. One of the world's three major book on
the art of war (the other two are: "On War" (Clausewitz),
"Book of Five Rings," (Miyamoto Musashi)) of its content is
profound, thought fine distant and Autumn, a young boy rigorous. On
the State of Qi for the late Spring and Autumn Sun Tzu (word Nagaaki).
General view that "military action" was written in Zhuan Zhu
stabbed King Liao of Wu Sun Wu years later to see the king between the
lu, but also the former 515 to 512 years ago. The book is divided into
13, is presented to the first meeting, Sun Wu's gift the king, do see
"Historical": "Sun Ziwu who, Qi people to see the king
lu Art of War. Lu said: Son of 13 I do carry on View. "have
military forces, such as" grandchildren "policy
seeking" Thirty-Six "argument.

"Art of War" was written in the late Spring and Autumn, is
the first handed down from ancient China, the most complete and most
famous military book, military history in China, occupies an important
position, the ancient Chinese military strategist thought, politicians
and thinkers have a very far-reaching impact, it has been translated
into Japanese, English, French, German, Russian, etc. a dozen words,
widespread throughout the world, enjoy the "Sacred Military
Science" in the world.
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