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									ABN AMRO TEDA Fund
ABN AMRO TEDA Fund Management Limited (ABN AMRO TEDA Fund Management
Co., Ltd.) Formerly known as ABN AMRO Xiangcai Fund Management Co.,
Ltd., established in June 2002, is China's first joint venture fund
management companies. The company's registered capital of 1.8 billion
yuan, the ownership structure is: Northern International Trust &
Investment Co., Ltd. (51%), ABN AMRO Asset Management (Asia) Limited
ABN AMRO TEDA in the domestic capital market, based on deep
understanding, focus on building a complete investment management
system, strict risk management and proactive investment ideas under
the guidance of the use of international trade analysis, load sharing
Silver unified global investment research platform, adhere to a
combination of value and growth investment philosophy, long-term
in-depth analysis of industry trends, focus on the consideration of
the inherent quality of listed companies. This global investment
management experience in local market intelligence and the perfect
combination, making the ABN AMRO TEDA has made the industry and
investor attention performance excellence.
ABN AMRO TEDA Fund's growth returns with a steady performance,
repeatedly awarded by the international authoritative rating agency
Morningstar Fund (Morning Star) and Lipper (Lipper) professional
affirmation; ABN AMRO Select Fund won the 2006 open stock Taurus Fund
Award (the "China Securities News", January 10, 2007) and
2006 Top Ten Star Fund award (and telecommunications networks, January
27, 2007); The company also won several professional media presented
the "Golden Bull Fund Management Company "(" China
Securities News ", February 16, 2006, April 12, 2005),"
overall strength of the Prize "(" 21st Century Business
Herald ", January 10, 2005)," most investors trust fund
management companies "(Sina, March 2005) and the honorary title.
The full description of the professional rating agencies, the media
and the general investors are ABN AMRO TEDA Fund Management Company's
brand recognition and strength.
"Wise to share life together to win" - ABN AMRO TEDA
determined to become the most prestigious and most respected fund
management companies, by sharing our professional experience to create
superior investment performance; to provide high quality customer
service, give us customers continue to return value to create a rich,
healthy and harmonious society.
Shareholders background
Chinese shareholders: Northern Trust
Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, its
business scale and strength of Tianjin ranked first, operates in the
banking, brokerage, insurance, securities and other industries.
Northern Trust is owned by the State Council, People's Bank of China
approved the establishment of large state-owned joint-stock financial
institutions, is the first introduction of foreign shares in trust and
investment companies.
As approved by the People's Bank of China, a large joint-stock
non-bank financial institutions, Northern Trust has a proven track
record and unique advantages. Tianjin is the first in the securities
underwriting business of the non-bank financial institutions, Tianjin
was also the only company to obtain A, B shares of the stock
underwriting business of the two qualified non-bank financial
Northern Trust's controlling party of Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding
Co., Ltd., in December 2001, the registered capital of 60 billion
yuan, the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone
authorized to exercise management of state assets, total assets of 97
billion yuan. Operates in the financial, infrastructure, land
development, industrial, logistics, energy supply, transportation and
hotels, convention and exhibition industries. With TEDA Group Co.,
Ltd. (referred to as "TEDA Group"), TEDA Construction Group
Company Limited ("TEDA Construction Group") and other 15
wholly-owned subsidiary, TEDA shares (000,652), Jinbin development
(000,897) and the coastal energy ( 000,695) and other three listed
companies, the coastal fast, Tianjin Pipe Group, more than 30
companies, bank holding companies and the Bohai Sea, the Bohai
insurance companies, Heng An Standard Life shares more than 40 major
TEDA Investment Holding to "resource development" as the
core strategy, adhering to the "integrity, simplicity,
effectiveness, and innovation" entrepreneurial spirit, TEDA
Investment Holding has been working to become a respected company.
Accordance with the established development strategy, TEDA Holding
will gradually develop into a capital management and asset management
as the main model to maximize the benefits of capital as the main
objective, natural resources, social resources and brand resources as
the main business areas, to Tianjin Development Zone and the Binhai
New Area as the main investment and service area to the investment and
financing, management and service capabilities as the core
competitiveness, and fully reflects the traditional Chinese culture,
and integration of advanced civilization, and actively participate in
social activities.
TEDA Investment Holding Tianjin Economic and Technological Development
Zone, along with the common growth of the Tianjin Economic and
Technological Development Zone to build the best investment
environment in China and foreign regions with the highest return on
investment. Today, with the development and opening of Tianjin Binhai
New Area, a national strategy, will continue to serve the TEDA
Investment Holding Tianjin Binhai New Area Economic and Technological
Development Zone and the overall strategy to actively promote the
harmonious development of regional economy.
Northern Trust's impressive performance
1992 the company initiated the establishment of "open letters
Fund", Tianjin is the first investment fund listed.
In 1995 the company as a financial consultant for the Tianjin Medicine
Industry & Trade Group in the Australian finance quick success.
In 1996, ranking China Foreign Exchange Trading Center, the total
foreign exchange turnover of both volume and foreign exchange agents
out of the first non-bank financial institutions.
Success of the company to increase their investment in 1998, capital
increased to more than 500 million yuan (including 7.5 million U.S.
1999 Acting Company B shares and foreign securities firms in Shanghai
Stock Exchange trading volume ranks tenth in the series.
April 2000 the Company completed the Tianjin Cement Company Limited
issued in the domestic market work is the first company in Tianjin as
the lead underwriter of the local securities agency.
September 26, 2002 in Tianjin's first trust scheme - "Binhai New
Area infrastructure (pipe network) capital trust scheme"
successful sale, and in 2003 became the first trust to implement only
bonus plan.
October 2002 Trust and securities available loan funds and other
investment funds, 16 trust, fund-raising 185 million yuan. The end of
2002, the company underwriting various types of bonds, stocks a total
of more than 60 only.
April 2003, the company successfully sold "priority of rights in
proceeds of University Student Apartment umbrella trust."
May 21, 2003, my company and the Tianjin branch of China Merchants
Bank to join hands in the first to introduce products with the Trust's
bank card financial management functions - the "North-letter
Financial Card." Zhang Yinxin the card is the first joint card.
This business of commercial cooperation between banks and trust
companies advance to a new height.
June 30, 2003, "Bin Jiang Jinyao Square, a collection of loan
project finance trust scheme" officially on sale.
July 31, 2003, "Construction of two-model high schools in Hong
Kong secondary loan trust scheme" officially on sale.
September 8, 2003, the company, "Bond Fund portfolio capital
trust scheme" officially on sale.
October 31, 2003, the company was renamed as the State authorities
agreed to "Northern International Trust and Investment
November 2003 to 12 months, the company launched several trust
schemes, including the "North letter, car sales shop Loan Trust
Table Tennis", "loans to small towns Junliangcheng
Trust" and "Life Reinsurance equity investment fund
trust" and other products.
Foreign shareholders: ABN AMRO Investment (Asia)
ABN AMRO Bank (ABN AMRO) is the world's leading financial groups, with
more than 180 years of operating history, its branches across 53
countries and employs more than 10 million people. At present the
Dutch bank's total assets 9,870 billion euros (as of December 31,
2006), asset size ranks eighth in Europe, the World XIII.
Founded in 1933, ABN AMRO ABN AMRO is one of the three business units,
with more than 400 investment professionals and 1,700 staff, has a
broad customer base, base and product range, with operations in more
than 30 countries and region, more than 190 billion euros assets under
management (as of September 30, 2006).
ABN AMRO Bank in more than 50 countries and regions with more than
4,500 branches
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