A serial by fdjerue7eeu


									A serial
?????Wu Fei in the forthcoming work ran into my office when, see no
one around, no longer take into account the difference between our
position: "Boss, there is one thing you need personally to
settle, I tried three times without success, admit defeat! "as
the insurance company, a department manager, I will not easily go into
action easily, unless a large group insurance customers, but Wu Fei is
different, he and I are university students, is the man, is an entry
This insurance company. He is not always just put a lot of things as
important, life and work are too casual, so now I sit in the middle
position of leadership and he is still an ordinary clerk.
????I was going over the identity of the Secretary for additional
training his students a few, only to his quick reaction, walk away and
made a gesture of suspension, said: "so next time I host a party
when drunk, you then talk, to do serious things now bear." What
is not so unpleasant I said again, Wu Fei to lay it about getting
things out the causes and effects.
???Wu Fei original cast of a life insurance customers, in the eve of
the wedding car accident death, he wrote the beneficiary is his
girlfriend, Wu Fei formalities when his girlfriend refused to sign,
there is no reason there is no reason for refusal. This look can be
hard Wu, refused and the customer refused to cover the beneficiary as
embarrassing. Wu Fei last pitiful said: "You bear to see me in
dire straits without his help it! Help of friends are in trouble not
doing nothing is not your usual style, my friends all know that we Cui
large narrow but good class," Miss Flying his best flattery of
responsibility, two rounds down, and I defeated: "Well, only
plays once, the customer information to me!"
???No way, my man was soft-hearted.
???I took the customer information has been found from China Yuhua
Road Avenue, hard to find Lin Qingqing home, pressed the doorbell does
not channel 20 seconds, Lin Qingqing opened the door and asked:
"Who are you, are you looking for?"
???Explained what he wanted, the Lin Qingqing look cool: "I'm
sorry, I'm not in the mood to talk about this matter, what you leave
me alone, OK?" Before I have any that she calls the door bang
???Cold shoulder! Although I do not have not received such a
"courtesy", but this time is different, this time I give
money to her, and by the second treatment I am afraid to let others
laugh it!

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