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                                                         Today your business requires reliable secure access to
                                                           critical applications and information. This makes data
                                                       security and system availability one of the primary issues
                                                        facing businesses today. Trying to plan proactively while
                                                         keeping up-to-date with all of the latest security threats,
                                                           application updates, and exploding data volumes can
                                                           seem like an impossible task. While there are tools to
                                                           take care of many of these tasks, they are expensive
                                                                              and difficult to manage and maintain.

                                                           Sklar Technology has and continues to create a cost
                                                      effective solution specifically for this issue. Through some
                                                      of the latest technology advancements, Sklar Technology
                                                         has developed a set of tools and disciplined processes
                                                              that extend the reach of your capabilities, allowing
                                                                  you to maintain the control and protection your
                                                                      business requires with the support you need.

                                                                        Periodic risk assessments
       Security for sensitive data
                                                      O V E R V I E W

       Increased system reliability and performance                     CIO planning and strategy services
       Minimized downtime                                               24/7 system and security monitoring
       Simplified information technology support
                                                                        Email spam control

                                                                        Internet content control and usage reporting
       Certified engineers                                              Systems performance monitoring and optimizaiton

       Nationwide coverage                                              Proactive management and prompt problem resolution
       24/7 system and security management                              3rd party software maintenance and support services
       State-of-the-Art technology
                                                                        Continuous data backup and recovery services

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                                                                                              Digital Asset Planning
                                          Digital Asset Planning                                      Risk Assessment
                                          No matter the size of your network of systems, all of       By combining security scanning and system
                                          us have essential data; information that we cannot          diagnostics with the DAP process, our engineers
                                          afford to loose. Since most of the day is consumed by       are able to discover risks that will cause system
                                          trouble tickets, reactive support response, trying to       downtime or loss of data. In DAP we look at how
                                          keep up with system patching, threats of infections,        your systems were designed to protect and access
                                          and system performance, it is hard to take time to          data, while in the assessment process we uncover
“Sklar Technology’s security miti-        plan. The Digital Asset Planning Process (DAP) was          vulnerabilities that exist in the technology - patches
gation process and security service       designed to provide a review process of business            that have not been applied, weaknesses in security
program was just what we were             level issues involving the identification of important      architecture, and potentially unwanted malicious
                                          data, what types of threats exist, and how well guard-      programs that may be giving outsiders access to
looking for..”
                                          ed our systems are against downtime, hardware fail-         your company's secret information. Using the
David Balducci, Pre Con/Advanta Staff
                                          ure, malicious activities, and other environmental          results from all of these two procedures, Sklar
                                          threats. DAP is a process that allows key stakehold-        Technology is able to construct a roadmap to
“...I have never been more comfort-       ers in your organization to work with industry experts      significantly improve your environment.
able with the security of my data         in determining what risks are present in your IT environ-
and reliability of my network...”         ment and how you can take steps to reduce these risks.
        Randi Power, Rue & Associates

“I have recognized that there are
critical partners in business that are    Proactively addressing IT concerns                          Optimizing and securing
vital to the function of our business.    Using the roadmap we developed in the first step,           key business systems
Sklar Technologies is definitely one      80% of our findings could be addressed through con-         Sklar Technology has assembled a team of security
of them...”                               figuration changes, patching, and the removal of            and systems specialists that can equip your business
                                          unwanted programs. The remaining 20% is often               with highly available systems, secure applications and
     Lela Cruz, Regent Stone Products
                                          addressed through technology changes and updates            secure remote communications to meet your business
                                          that either reduce risk or enhance functionality of your    needs. Through our disciplined services we can
“It would be a perfect world if           systems. Sklar Technology specializes in helping            greatly reduce the likelihood that a security breach will
everyone had personalities and            organizations determine where changes can be made           occur. By doing this inherently your data systems will
possessed the knowledge and               that will protect your IT investments and give you the      become optimized to peak performance.
customer dedication as your               security and functionality to grow your business.
company extends...”
  Rebekah Young, Peebles Golf Car Sales
                                                                                                       Interactive Support
“...Having used the services of two
                                          Ongoing support and maintenance                             100% Satisfaction
other companies, I feel like I’ve         combined with 24 by 7 system and                            Improving our customers' experience is one of our
found the best and am a dedicated         security monitoring                                         core values. We invite you to contact our list of satis-
customer of Sklar Technologies.”          Using state of the art technology and refined processes     fied clients of which enjoy total IT burden relief
  Ron Warren, Commonwealth Escrow         Sklar Technology can proactively keep systems opera-        through our service program. For more than 25 years
                                          tional and secure. Our 24 by 7 operation center deliv-      Sklar Technology has been able to stay ahead of the
                                          ers a virtual team of engineers working around the          fast paced curve of our forever evolving industry. We
“...You have balanced ‘on the edge’
                                          clock to provide insight into every system. Our focus       truly believe that we deliver the highest level of
technology with relationship build-       on a protection, detection and prompt response to           services in this market.
ing skills that we have come to rely      system and security issues can allow your business
on and to trust.”                         burden free relief. Our interactive support delivers full
      Wayne Clark, Lawrence Sanitary      access to our complete team of highly skilled engineers
                                          for prompt remote or onsite support services.

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