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Time Management Tips for Sales People by foe17488


Time Management Tips for Sales People document sample

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In business, time is money. Yet most professional sales people focus on how
they spend their money and forget about how they spend their time.

Every successful business needs a budget for time and money allocation -- a
sensible “spending plan.” Your “budget” will guarantee that you get the best
return on the time that you invest in any activity.

If you’re not budgeting your time, you’re wasting it! The following tips can help
you make the most of every minute.

Tip #1 – Before you schedule your time, prioritize it. Most guides on managing
your time effectively will tell you that the first step is the creation of a schedule.
While a schedule is important, before you can get to it, you need to create a time
strategy. Your time strategy lists all the activities that you engage in, ranked
according to their impact on increasing profits.

Then, when your schedule your weeks and days, you can make sure that your
plans have an appropriate amount of time devoted to “master list” concerns –
what we call strategic time priorities -- and that your days aren’t swallowed up
by less meaningful activities.


                             TIPS ON SCHEDULING
Tip #2 - Start your day the smart way – with a good breakfast and a “to do” list!
Each week you should create a detailed time plan, but each morning you should
make modifications that reflect progress you’ve made or unexpected new short-
term priorities.

       Tip within a tip: A “master li st” i s everything you must take action on, while a
       “to do list” i s task s you will take action on today. "

Tip #3 - Don’t optimistically over-schedule. If you pack too many deadlines into
one day, you’ll find it impossible to stay on track and your schedule becomes

Tip #4 - Except in times of crisis, try to make sure day-to-day issues don't push
your strategic time priorities off your schedule. Perhaps you’ve decided to make
growing your West Coast client base a top priority and want to spend 8 hours
each week making cold calls, 2 hours at the end of each day. On the day-to-day
front, you want to serve existing clients. So, if a client wants to speak with you at
4PM – unless it’s am emergency that demands immediate attention – see if you
can fold your client’s needs into YOUR schedule, not the other way around.

      Tip within a tip: Every sales professional must identify a personal
      balance between enough customers to profit from and too many customers
      to service effectively.
Tip #5 - Strategic time priorities require more than just time for doing…they
require time for planning, thinking, and developing ideas. Be sure your schedule
gives these key activities big blocks of uninterrupted time.

Tip #6 – Your schedule must include time behind closed doors. Nothing kills a
time management schedule quicker than interruptions and distractions. Make it
clear that they are times when you are definitely “Do Not Disturb.” Soften the
blow my scheduling regular meetings with staff or clients so that they have their
time just as much as you have yours.

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