4-year-old man's sentiment by fdjerue7eeu


									4-year-old man's sentiment
1. Four-year-old man, if not married, they do not end up with. Whether
you are a bachelor or repeatedly fails, your mind and body have
reached unhealthy proportions, then this unhealthy to other people is
irresponsible. Ascetic, if you can do, walk alone, but also live at
2. 4-year-old man, if nothing, it could become. However, the lower
goal, settle the mind, the days are still able to live in comfort.
3. 4-year-old men, if not been to K room or sauna, the best time for
taking the time to go. If there is beauty, fine wine but still
Zuohuaibuluan current, then you reach middle age, state of the real.
Perplexities is a highly, is a level
4. 4-year-old man, not to like two or three years old, as looked
straight ahead, staring parts exposed women dress. Even if turbulent
heart and pay attention to the image appropriately. Evil, if not to as
the best strabismus.
Five. 4-year-old man does not live happily if it want to relax our
hearts the size of achievement has nothing to do with the money if
scenery do not remember. Remember: all mortal beings, people coming
and going, not who can disdain for the world, of which there is life,
there is transport. Walk, passing through can not bear a grudge, not
6. 4-year-old man, had one or two things success is not easy, nothing
had been made even more difficult. For those who though nothing was
too late, but examples of good time immemorial, things abound across.
As long as still believe in themselves worth a go go.
7. 4-year-old man, do not make a mess of his own body. Tunbuxiachui
and belly bulge is not a four-year-old man's patent. Spare some time
to right some exercise, such as hit play, a run to the body and mind
can play a positive role in aging.
8. 4-year-old man, an official of to clean does not collapse in
business to pay tax law, avoid reaching the employ of chaos to take.
Second, what the three-year-old guilty of a mistake can turn over,
start over, four-year-old Lok Ma may come second slip boundless bitter
sea, beyond resurrection.
9. 4-year-old man, should do more more filial piety, cause no matter
how big, no matter how busy work out have more time with old people to
eat dinner, chat, passing the Chinese nation's fine, but also passed a
family caring tradition, to the younger set an example. Remember: how
you treat your parents, your offspring will be how to treat you.
Of 10. 4-year-old man, living in a moment with the ever changing era
of the great unknown rules in contrast; find yourself in a village
shop after the age vain to assume a dual psychological and
physiological changes in anxiety and inevitably have a lot of trouble.
To pay attention to inner cultivation, to identify the non-choice, to
know how to take care of themselves.
11. 4 years old man, even if the money to the outrageous extent, what
is not going to keeping young mistress Xiao Mi, in this day and age,
as long as you stand side of a glamorous than your wife is not
beautiful woman your wife you become insignificant together, in others
it is not the money appears to the right color color trading is
12. 4-year-old men, most of the father, preferably one or two
wonderful life story to share with your children. These stories do not
earthshaking, Guiku God weep, but let your children know they have a
less vulgar father, who is not unusual blood flowing. This belief in
their future life which will play a crucial role.
13. 4-year-old man several times to take part in the funeral. So far
life has been about to more than half end in the middle can start with
the elimination of fear itself, driving over one day at a paralysis,
to be more appreciative of life, appreciate life and grateful for
14. 4-year-old man, the best examination twice a year. Medical
insurance and life insurance to buy at least one each, to be prepared
to do for his wife and children arrangements. 4-year-old men of high
condition, if an incident needs to go ahead, at least give people the
impression of a pro-exhortations and hope.
15. 4-year-old man, to stay away from two-year-old girl, no matter how
she lovely, no matter how she moths to flame. She is still peaches and
plums for Love, and you know they should be destiny, know right from
wrong. If true joy, not to give her a muddy rough, abnormal hard way.
16. 4-year-old man, have shoulders, to carry storm afford to bear the
burden of life can afford. Even Zaikuzailei, but also to his wife, a
warm quilt, a safe haven for children, the family does not regret a
17. 4-year-old man, should read some of Buddhism, books like the
Bible. To understand the mystery of the mighty dead outside; to
realize that this cycle of life again and again; to see that Red Dust
behind the cause and effect.

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