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									                                                                                     Northwoods Association
                                                                                       of REALTORS®, Inc.

                      The Northwood’s REALTOR®
                      The Northwoods REALTOR®                                             Volume 12 Issue 1
                                                                                           December 2007

                                                                                       Inside this issue:
                             President’s Message
                             Cheryl Kelsey
                                                                                    President’s Message         1
                                         Take advantage of Continuing Educa-
                                         tion, Workshops, Designation classes,      Membership Information      2
                                         Exhibits and More!
                                                                                    GAD Report                  3
                                         Of course, we will again be sponsoring
                                         the famous “Chili Cook-Off” from
                                         5:00-7:00 p.m., Monday, January 21.        GNMLS President’s
                                         You can register at           Message                     4

Last month I attended the National       winterconv08. Please call the board
Realtors Convention in Las Vegas,        office if you have additional questions.   Habitat for Humanity        5
and was amazed to find out there
were a record number of attendees,       I want to welcome Cathy Hillyer as my      Winter Convention           6
more than 30,000! I think those are      new Public Relations Chairperson!
impressive numbers when you con-         She has graciously accepted the posi-
                                         tion and looks forward to promoting        November Sales Stats        7
sider all the negative media about our
industry! Outgoing President, Pat        our industry to the public.
Combs encouraged everyone to con-                                                   NWAR Christmas Party        8
tinue to educate the public about the    Please plan on attending our annual
advantages of real estate as a long-     NWAR Holiday GMM on Saturday,              NWAR Board Minutes          9
term investment. There was also a        December 15, at the Northwoods Ban-
huge expo with over 700 vendors          quet Center in Rhinelander. There
presenting the newest in real estate     will be a Silent Auction to benefit the    Tech Line Brochure          10
related tools, software and other        Habitat for Humanity. We’re calling it
items. Please go to      “There’s No Place Like Home”. Let’s
for more info on this years confer-      make this a wonderful holiday for
                                                                                         The next regularly
ence.                                    some of our local families. On that
                                         note, I want to extend to all our mem-               scheduled

Another opportunity to “sharpen          bers a very blessed Holiday season          Board of Directors Meeting
your skills” is coming soon! The         with family and friends, and look for-               Thursday,
2008 Winter Conven-                      ward to a very productive New Year in            January 24, 2008
tion, January 21-23 at                   2008!                                          at the Board Offices.
Lake of the Torches Re-                                                                    NWAR 8:30 am
s       o       r     t
Casino & Convention                      Cheryl Kelsey                                    GNMLS 10:00 am

Center in Lac du Flam-                   Coldwell Banker Mulleady, Inc.             Members are always Wel-
beau, right in our own
backyard!                                                                           If you would like a copy of
                                                                                    the minutes or agenda please
                                                                                    email your request to:
  Continuing Education classes and workshops will be offered at the       
    WRA Winter convention at the Lake of the Torches Casino &                       PARTICIPANTS may also re-
   Convention Center in Lac du Flambeau, January 21-23rd. go to                     quest copies of the GNMLS to download the brochure for class schedules and                     minutes and agenda.
                     registration information.
                     Page 2

                                        First Notice of Orientation
                                        Michelle Van Berkel –Headwaters,           Second Notice of Installation
 A publication of the Northwoods
                                        Real Estate, Presque Isle                  Keith Devos-Lakeshore Realty,
    Association of REALTORS®
                                        Second Notice of Orientation               Land O’Lakes
                                        Orientation is a National Associa-         Karl Pippenger –RE/Max New Horizons,
       2007-2008 NWAR                   tion and local requirement of mem-         Phillips
    Officers of the Association         bership and contains the requisite
                                        NWAR® ethics and fair housing              Joe Reid-Century 21 Burkett,
Cheryl Kelsey- President – 356-9897     training. New members are given            Sugar Camp
  Aprelle Rawski- Pres-Elect –482-      two consecutive opportunities to
                                                                                   Joe Warnacut-Coldwell Banker Bartels,
              0521                      attend. Failure to attend will result in
                                        a reassessment of association dues
 Rick Zoerb- Sec/Treas– 365-3000        and fees.                                  Sam Skobel –Century 21 Pierce,
 Duane Swift- Past Pres - 358-9490                                                 Mercer
                                        First Notice of Installation
             Directors                                                             Installation is the final step to becoming a REAL-
                                        John Brown—Birchland Realty,               TOR®. Applicants have two consecutive opportu-
   Nancy Kuczmarski– 365-3000           Phillips                                   nities to attend a GMM and complete installation.
                                                                                   Failure to attend will result in a reassessment of
      Anita Wilde- 356-9897                                                        association dues and fees with the continued
    Adam Redman –356-3207
       Jim Klaric-356-4457
  Denise Goldsworthy –479-4431
                                                                 Oneida Title & Abstract, Inc.
           Ex– Officios
                                                       Cordially invites you to their 120th Anniversary
     Mike Mulleady, 356-4457
                                                                           & Holiday Party
     Joan Seramur, 356-9521
                                             Date: Friday, December 14
                                             Place: The Waters of Minocqua
                                             Time: 4:30 pm—7:30 pm
                                             Hors d’ oeuvres, complimentary beer and wine—Cash Bar

The Northwoods REALTOR® is
a monthly publication intended
to inform members of events
and REALTOR® requirements,
                                      Membership Transfers and Releases
educate members as to
important issues, and provide a       NAME                             FROM                                       TO
forum for communication.           Richard Parrins               Coldwell Banker-Bartels/Lakewood         Released
                                   Clint Berry                   Re/Max New Horizons/Medford              Released
If you would like to submit an     Sharon Nelson                 C21 Hilgart Realty/Park Falls            Released
article or purchase advertising to Rebecca Sanderson             Coldwell Banker/MW               Vacationland Properties
be published in the newsletter     Jessica Prien                 C21-Burkett/Sugar Camp                   Released
please contact us at               Colyn Bruss                   C21-Burkett/Three Lakes                  Released or at              Joshua Bellin              Coldwell Banker/ER                          Released
715-356-3400.                         Dale Borowski              Coldwell Banker/ER                          Released
                                      Claudia Schmit             Vacationland Prop/Tomahawk                  Released
Editorial Staff                       Victor Granada             C21-Northside/Elcho                         Released
                                      John Mistele               Coldwell Banker/Wdrf                 Northwoods Realty
                                      Robert Kern                Vacationland Properties/MQA          Northwoods Realty
                                      Dennis Walker              Coldwell Banker/Wdrf                 Northwoods Realty
                                      Judith Kuepper             WhiteWater North/Antigo                     Released
                                      Lacy Doleshal              Eliason Realty/ER                           Released
                                      Robert Blohm               Minocqua Real Estate Store                  Released
                             Page 3

                                                                                               taking advantage of the property inspec-
                                          GAD REPORT– Kevin Jenkins                            tion service offered by Oneida County
                                                                                               can save prospective property owners
                                                                                               significant headaches in the future.
                                                 The members of the Vilas County
                                                                                               For a fee of $75, Oneida County Plan-
                                                 Board clearly see the need for the
                                                                                               ning & Zoning staff will conduct an in-
                                                 position, and I commend them for
                                                                                               spection of a property. This inspection
                                                 their support.
                                                                                               can be done for either a property
                                                 On the State level, Representative            owner or a prospective owner. Exam-
                                                 Dan Meyer (R – Eagle River), was              ples of items covered in the inspection
                                                 successful in adding $7.1 million to          include ordinary high water mark
AIS Battle continues                             the State budget for AIS management           (OHWM) measurements and lot line
                                                 funding over the next two years.              setback measurements. At the comple-
It’s that time of the year when our              This request was $4.1 million above           tion of the inspection, a report will be
lakes begin to freeze over (hopefully).          the $3 million budget request by the          prepared by the inspector which will be
The thought of aquatic invasive spe-             DNR. The increase was in the As-              in the property file. If any work is done
cies (AIS) continuing to infest our              sembly version of the budget, which           on the property within one year of the
lakes in the Northwoods may not be               through negotiations, was ultimately          inspection, the $75 fee that was initially
on the top of our mind, but it contin-           approved by the Governor.                     paid for the inspection will be applied to
ues to be a major topic of discussion                                                          any applicable permit fees.
in our area. The discussion has been             These efforts will clearly help fight
quite positive too!                              the AIS battle, and hopefully help to         For more information on this service,
                                                 protect our lakes for many years to           please contact Oneida County Planning
You may recall this past July,                   come.                                         & Zoning at (715) 369-6130 or e-mail
NWAR® took a position of support                                                     
with regard to Vilas County continu-
ing the AIS Coordinator position,                Zoning Inspections
despite the ending of DNR grant fund-            Recently, I became aware of a                 Happy Holidays!!
ing in December 2007. After many                 program that Oneida County has for            Kevin Jenkins
months of budget discussions both at             both prospective and current prop-
the committee level and ultimately the           erty owners. Zoning regulations can           Government Affairs Director
Vilas County Board, the board voted              be confusing at times,              
unanimously to fully fund an AIS
Coordinator for 2008.

                                                      DECEMBER 2007
                                      S           M                T              W               T                F                S


                               2            3              4                5 New         6                7                 8
                               9            10             11               12            13               14                15NWAR
                               16           17             18               19            20               21                22

                               23           24 Board      25 Merry          26            27               28                29
                                            Office closed Christmas

                               30           31
                                     The Northwoods REALTOR®                                             Page 4

                           MLS NEWS
                           GNMLS PRESIDENT
                           KATHY DOLCH                                                    2007-2008 GNMLS
                                            Meetings are held the 3 Thursday        President– Kathy Dolch, Century
                                           of each month at the Board offices       21 Pine Point 365-6000
                                           and are open to the membership.          President– Elect – Bill Fricke
                                           Please feel free to join us or if you    Minocqua Real Estate Store
                                           have a desire to help with a commit-     356-9200
                                           tee, please let myself, or the commit-
                                                                                    Sec/Treasurer—Carolyn Cwik
                                           tee chair know.                          Re/Max Properties North
                                           The NWAR Christmas party is being
                                                                                    Past President—Jim Gabrielsen
Reis Technology system is up and run-      held Saturday, December 15th at the      Birchland Realty 339-2181
ning for all MLS members. This is a        Northwoods Banquet Center. Please
                                           register ahead and join us for an eve-   DIRECTORS
free service offered through the MLS to
help with technology questions and         ning of food, friends, and fun as we     Jim Mulleady Jr- Coldwell Banker
                                           celebrate the holidays and look for-     Mulleady, 479-1774
problems. If you need help with a com-
puter program, digital camera, PDA,        ward to a prosperous 2008.               Connie Brayton- Lake Country
etc., please call them. Their informa-                                              Realty- 275-5222
tion can be accessed through north-        Merry Christmas &                        Erik Johnson– RE/MAX First–, click on the Tech                                                356-3207
                                           Happy New Year to all!
Helpline at the left. Realty Server and    Kathy Dolch                              Mark Wagner—Century 21
the Board office will continue to handle                                            Hilgart 762-3291
                                           Century 21 Pine-Point
all Interface questions.

At our recent meeting, we received
several updates in regard to forward       Happy Holidays to all!
issues. The committee reviewing Inter-
                                           My name is Pam Hoffman; I am the new Associate Executive for the
face and other MLS providers, chaired
                                           Northwoods Association of Realtors® and the Greater Northwoods
by Carolyn Cwik, has received informa-     MLS.
tional packets and will be going forward
with meeting and reviewing these so        My first day on the job was November 5 and with so much to learn
                                           it feels like each day is my first day.
they can make an informed recommen-
dation to the MLS Board.                   Fortunately I have been given the best foundation for this job, a
                                           GREAT STAFF. Pat, Cathy and Kevin are all professionals and know
Data sharing has been offered to our       their jobs well.
surrounding MLS neighbors and is an
                                           I have come to realize that I will always be involved with real es-
ongoing discussion. The Board voted        tate some how. I went from selling real estate to valuing real estate
to set up a lockbox committee to re-       and now management for a Realtor® Board. My door will always
view any and all new information and       be open to all of you. I want to talk to you about tools that may
technology that is currently being of-     help you in your industry, what classes you would like to see more
fered.                                     of locally. I want to do all I can to help you find your success in
The Policies & Procedures committee is
in the process of being formed under        I am truly excited about the opportunities and the challenges that
the direction of Connie Brayton, and       lie ahead. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you.
they will review and make recommen-        Happy Holidays,
dations for changes as necessary to the    Pam Hoffman

           Habitat for Humanity Silent Auction
              Saturday, January 11, 2008
                         at the
       Northwoods Association of REALTORS®
    Christmas Party & General Membership Meeting
           Northwoods Banquet Center in Rhinelander
                      (formerly The Taj Mahall)

         Cocktails 5:30 pm    Buffet Dinner 6:30 pm
              New Member Installation 7:15 pm
     Live Music by Deepwater Reunion 7:30 pm—11:30 pm

ALL NWAR® Member Offices are encouraged to attend and DONATE!

                   Gift Basket/Package Donations
                     Be Creative! Make it Fun!
               Make it “There’s No Place Like Home”!
                  Suggested Minimum Value - $35.00

               Please call or email Aprelle to confirm your
           “There’s No Place Like Home” Gift Package Donation
         Donation pick-ups can be arranged – call or email Aprelle

                   Aprelle Rawski -- Back Roads Realty
             715-482-0521 or
               Page 6                        VOL 12 Issue 1

                                     LAKE OF THE TORCHES CASINO
                                        CONVENTION CENTER
                                          Lac du Flambeau, WI

                                            JANUARY 21 – 23, 2008

Dreading another long Wisconsin winter? Avoid the January doldrums by using your time for
learning and business planning ... with a bit of skiing, snowmobiling and chili-eating on the
side! January is the time to warm up at the Lake of the Torches Resort Casino and
Convention Center in Lac du Flambeau, the location of the WRA's 2008 Winter Convention.

This year at Winter Convention you can attend workshops or choose to complete your CE
courses. If workshops grab your interest, attend several and learn from the best!

           Get more information and a downloadable winter convention brochure
                                 online at

                                           Sponsored by
                        Minocqua Arbor Vitae—Woodruff Chamber of Commerce
                                   Great Outdoors Sport’s Shop
                                 SATURDAY JANUARY 26, 2008
                                    BIG ARBOR VITAE LAKE
                           7AM Registration—Event runs from 8 am to 3 pm
           Youth and Adult Category Prizes, Raffles, Cook-Out on the Ice and a Bon Fire!!
              Kitty Cat snowmobile races in front of Slo’s Pub on Big Arbor Vitae Lake

            If you would like to be a Sponsor or make a Donation to this great event
                                Contact the Chamber at 715-356-5266
                 Check out their website a for more information
                     Page 7

November 2007 Oneida                       November 2007 Vilas County            November 2007 Price County
County Sales– All Offices                  Sales– All Offices                    Sales– All Offices

Average Sale Price: $194,978              Average Sale Price: $243,148           Average Sale Price: $62,692

Average Days On Market: 165               Average Days On Market: 197            Average Days On Market: 234

Total Cash Value                          Total Cash Value                       Total Cash Value
(Residential): $13,873,245                (Residential): $9,610,375              (Residential): $1,191,150
                                                                                 Total Cash Value
Total Cash Value                          Total Cash Value
                                                                                 (Commercial): $0
(Commercial): $550,200                    (Commercial): $845,000
                                                                                 Total Cash Value
Total Cash Value                          Total Cash Value                       Overall): $1,191.150
(Overall): $14,428,445                    (Overall): $10,455,375

                                             Units Sold 43                       Units Sold 19
Units Sold 74

                                                                                 November 2007 Iron County
 November 2007 Forest                      November 2007 Lincoln
                                                                                 Sales– All Offices
 County Sales– All Offices                 County Sales—All Offices

Average Sale Price: $137,160                                                     Average Sale Price: $98,133
                                      Average Sale Price: $194,111
Average Days On Market: 160                                                      Average Days On Market: 250
                                      Average Days On Market: 131
Total Cash Value                                                                 Total Cash Value
(Residential): $1,775,350             Total Cash Value
                                      (Residential): $3,494,000                  (Residential): $1,472,000
Total Cash Value
                                      Total Cash Value                           Total Cash Value
(Commercial): $144,900
                                      (Commercial): $0                           (Commercial): $0
Total Cash Value                      Total Cash Value                           Total Cash Value
                                      (Overall): $3,494,000                      (Overall): $1,472,000

                                          Units Sold 18                           Units Sold 15
  Units Sold 14

                               November 2007 Langlade County Sales– All Offices

 Average Sale Price: $112,791
                                                              Total Cash Value (Commercial): $55,006
 Average Days On Market: 193
                                                              Total Cash Value (Overall): $2,707,006
 Total Cash Value
 (Residential): $2,652,000                                       UNITS SOLD 24

                   2007            All Sales– All Counties– All Offices                     2006
Average Sale Price: $172,310                                      Average Sale Price: $132,810
Average Days On Market: 184                                       Average Days On Market: 193
Total Cash Value (Residential): $34,068,120                       Total Cash Value (Residential): $29,325,156
Total Cash Value (Commercial): $1,600,106                         Total Cash Value (Commercial): $690,000
Total Cash Value (Overall): $35,668,226                           Total Cash Value (Overall): $30,015,156

     Units Sold 207                                                      Units Sold 226
                      PO Box 377, 320 Oak St
                      Woodruff, Wisconsin 54568
                      Phone: (715) 356-3400
                      Fax: (715) 358-2338

               “Promoting and preserving the quality of life in the Northwoods through affordable housing and governmental advocacy”

                                                                   Meeting Minutes
                                                                 November 29, 2007
                                                              Board Office, Woodruff, WI

     President Cheryl Kelsey called the meeting to order at 8:35 followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

     Board Members present: Cheryl Kelsey, Aprelle Rawski, Rick Zoerb, and Duanne Swift
     Jim Klaric, Nancy Kuczmarski, Adam Redman, Denise Goldsworthy, Joan Seramur
     Others Present: Kevin Jenkins GAD, Pam Hoffman Association Executive
     Absent: Anita Wilde, Mike Mulleady


     Consent Agenda: Motion to accept by Nancy Kuczmarski, seconded by Aprelle Rawski
     All in favor, motion passed.

     Treasurer’s report: Rick Zoreb, October treasurers report was tabled.

     Communication: Deb Duncan was given approval to host classes for Realtors in regards to the mortgage
     industry. This will be at no cost to NWAR . Check with MLS board before we use the pop up for this.
     Wayne Berthin from Realty Server will meet with both boards on January 24, 2008 at 9:30

     Associates Forum: None present

     Finance Committee: Rick Zoreb, the budget was reviewed.
     A motion was made by Jim K. and seconded by Rick Zoreb to hold ones years operating expenses for
     NWAR in reserve. All in favor, motion passed.
     A motion was made by Joan Seramur to have Pam reallocate the budget line items and have it to the board
     by January 10, 2008.

     AE report: Attached to agenda
     GAD report: Attached to agenda

     New Business: It was agreed to notice the membership with the request from Minocqua Chamber regarding
     the Chill out Family Ice Fishing Tournament.

     Old Business: Budget review. Pam will get the Boards questions answered and report back.
         1) Can we spend out of last year’s budget? Food Pantries?
         2) Copy of check register
         3) Reserve funds
         4) Statement of Activities, what do the columns represent?

     Meeting adjourned 10:10 am

     Respectfully submitted,
     Pam Hoffman
     Associate Executive NWAR

             REALTOR® is a registered mark which identifies a professional in real estate who subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics as a member of the National Assn. of REALTORS®

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