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					Prison Outreach Ministry in Western PA

     Program updated by Dorie Heckman 1/9/10
            Who are we?
• Western PA Conference ministry with a
  Conference Missionary
• Supported by Conference, UMW, local
  churches and individuals
• Provide interactive Bible studies in the
  Federal, State and County prisons in
  Western PA
• Provide support for children and youth
  in Detention Centers and Shelters
  Our Mission Statement

   Our mission is to empower
inmates to grow in discipleship
  through an interactive Bible
    study, and to provide the
  opportunity to build healthy
  relationships through God’s
    Word as they prepare to
        re-enter society.
Our Missionary - Director

        Randy Datsko
  commissioned April 27, 2004
Western PA Conference Missionary
How did we get where we are today?
• Johnstown Prison Outreach Ministry - 1999

• Expansion into other Districts – 2001

• Support of the Bishop and District

• Encouragement from volunteers, inmates,
  pastors and chaplains

• Support of many local churches and
…to the pastor with the
vision and determination
to make this ministry
become a reality in the
Western PA Conference.

  Thank You Stan!!

  Rev. Stan Nixon
                  Our Board Members
   Randy Datsko            Rev. Dave Bunnell        Rev. Bob Nagy
      Director                Chairperson          Vice Chairperson
  W PA Missionary         Hill Memorial UMC         Hastings UMC
                              Kane District
   Dorie Heckman          Rev. Dave Heckman,     Rev. David Stains, PhD
  Secretary – Treas.          Eldred UMC         Evans Memorial UMC
    Eldred UMC
   Janice Gearhart        Tom and Clarice Noll      Rev. Stan Nixon
 Johnstown / Indiana        Coalport UMC                Advisor
District Representative
 Rev. Tim McConville        Interested in          All our Volunteers
Brookville Evangelical     becoming a part         are welcome to our
        UMC                of this ministry?         Board meetings
           Our Special Thanks… all the churches and
   individuals in Western
   PA who are sharing in
   the Vision of this
   ministry through their
   financial and prayer
   support and the many
   volunteers committed
   to acting out God’s love
   in the prisons.
What do the inmates say?

Tony: I just want to thank you for the Disciple books and
Bibles. I took the class last year and it was a wonderful
experience. God really knew I needed that class and through
it I have grown spiritually. I now teach the class in Spanish
through the help of the Holy Spirit. I never thought I would
be doing that, but God had other plans! Our group of
brothers here in the prison are very happy with the class.
We enjoy studying and applying the Word in our lives.
Thank you and God bless you always!
… and another

      Albert: Thank you so much for the donated
      books, Bibles, and especially your time. We
      thank God every day for you and the time
      you spend helping us to mature in Christ.
      We also thank you for the prayers for us and
      our families and we want you to know you
      are in our prayers too.
… Thoughts from the Volunteers
        ” How exciting it was to see a man who had
       been through one of our classes working at
       a new job, reunited with his family, and a
       part of a local church in his community. We
       have heard about some of the great things
       the men have become involved in after
       spending some of their time in prison in our
       Bible studies, but it was really neat to
       actually talk to someone who had grown so
            How can we help?
• Volunteers to enter the prisons to assist
  with new classes
• Financial support for our Missionary
• Monthly pledge support to the ministry
• Collect backpacks, etc. for the children
  and youth in shelters and detention
  centers, and women in shelters
• Commitment to PRAY for those inside the
  walls – inmates, officers, & volunteers
Would you like to “adopt” an inmate?
•     For $30.00 you can provide a Disciple study
book so an inmate can attend a Disciple class for a
full year.
•    For $50.00 you can provide a study book and a
Study Bible.

Would you like to covenant to pray for an inmate and have
  him / her pray for you by first name only for 1 year?

    Become a Prayer Partner today!
        Children and Youth Need
          Luggage and More!
             Your church can participate by collecting
             duffle bags, puzzle books, Prayer Bears and
             toiletries for those leaving Detention Centers
             and Shelters to go to a new safe home.

Imagine yourself going to a new home where
you hope you will be accepted and loved…
and walking in the door
with everything you own
in a black garbage bag.

  Would YOU like to be part of this
    gift to these children??
     Churches Who Have Supplied Luggage, etc.
Mt. Zion UMC – DuBois - I     First UMC – Coalport – J      Christ UMC-Bethel Park – P
Youngsville First UMC – K     Eldred UMC – K                Elderton Charge UMC – I
Evans Memorial UMC – K        Duke Center UMC – K           Eldersville UMC – W
Russell UMC – K               Grace UMC – Grove City - F    Lanes Mills UMC – I
Bethany UMC – Latrobe – G     First UMC – Bethel Park – P   The Refuge – EM
Kane District UMW – K         Evangelical UMC –             Kane 1st UMC – K
Star Junction Charge – C          Youngsville – K           Eldred UMC – K
Zion Sarver UMC – B           Murrysville UMC – G           Roaring Springs Church of God –A
Noblestown UMC – W            West Washington UMC – W       Belmont UMC – J
Lander UMC – K                Bradenville UMC – G           Good Shepherd UMC – K
Heritage UMC – Ligonier – G   Mary Ann Palko – Loretto      Rochester UMW – B
Calvary UMC – Johnstown – J   Jefferson Ave. UMC – W        New Paris UMC – J
Point Marion UMC – C          First UCC of Ebensburg        Hill Memorial UMC – K
Armagh UMC – J                Mt. Morris UMC – W            First UMC – Derry – B
Trinity UMC – Ridgeway – K    Tanoma UMC – I                Rochester UMC - B
Fallowfield UMC – F           Beulah UMC – Johnstown – J
Crafton UMC – P               First UMC – DuBois – I           Want to put YOUR
Walnut Hill UMC – C           Mapletown UMC – W                  church here?
First UMC – Derry – G         Community Ministries – C
                                                                       Call US!!
Butler District UMW – B       Montour Presb. Church– Pgh.
Vandergrift UMC - G
We are a Conference Advance Special

           W PA Annual Conference
              Advance Special
           Prison Outreach Ministry

   We are an official ministry of the Western PA
   Conference. Your church can contribute to
         this ministry and receive credit.

            Our # is CC003300-J
     So… How can I get involved?

What background or training do I need?

   How can my church learn more?

      Where are these prisons?
       Is there one near me?

Call us for answers…814-225-3381
 *We are present in the
  underlined prisons            Western PA Prisons
Federal Prisons & Camps
  McKean , Loretto

State Prisons
  Somerset, Cresson,
  Pine Grove, Greene,
  Laurel Highlands, Forest,
  Houtzdale, Greensburg,
 Albion, Waynesburg, Mercer

County Prisons (all counties)

Women’s Prisons
 Cambria County,
 Cambridge Springs

Youth Facilities
 Cambria County, Erie,
  Westmoreland County,
  Pittsburgh, Grove City,
  Beaver County, Blair County
                    Missionary Schedule
             all invitations are welcome!! Contact us!
                      Schedule for 2010 Visits!!
•   1/18/09   St. Luke Lutheran - Lilly
•   1/30/09   WPAPOM Board meeting – Brookville Evangelical UMC
•   2/1/09    Ebensburg UCC
•   3/1/09    Trinity UMC - Johnstown
•   3/15/09   Ebensburg Ministerium Lenten Service
•   3/17/09   Rochester First UMC
•   3/21/09   VIM Leader Training – Conference Center
•   3/26/09   Iceland                       What date do you want to
•   3/31/09   Lanes Mills UMC
•   4/5/09    Ebensburg UCC                 hear about this ministry?
•   4/17-5/3 Randy’s vacation
•   4/26/09   Zion Sarver UMC Mission Festival (DLH)
•   5/3/09    Kane District Conference (DLH)
•   6/7/09    Millport UMC Charge (DLH)
•   6/11-13/09 Annual Conference at Grove City
•   6/21/09   McMasters UMC – Turtle Creek
          The schedule is open beyond the last date at this time.
                              Please call!
                Missionary Schedule              (continued)
                             Contact us!
                       Schedule for 2010 Visits!!
•   6/28/09     Marienville and Greenwood UMCs (Dorie)
•   6/28/09     Johnstown Trinity UMC (Randy)
•   7/9/09      Armagh UMC
•   7/19/09     Hastings and Bakerton UMC
•   7/23/09     Grove Ave. UMC
•   8/25/09     POM Board Meeting – Brookville
•   9/5-6/09    Bethany Portage UMC
•   10/18/09    Millport Charge
•   10/25/09    Wheatland-Farrell UMC (DLH)
•   11/1/09     Parade St. Union City and Spartansbrug UMCs
•   11/8/09     Asbury UMC and Calvary UMC Uniontown *Connellsville Festival
•   11/8/09     Pleasant Hill Somerset UMC
•   1/24/10     Barren Run and Acme UMCs        What date do you want to
•   6/9-12/10   Annual Conference – Grove City
                                               hear about this ministry?
          The schedule is open beyond the last date at this time.
                              Please call!
            Contact us:
         Prison Outreach Ministry
              P.O. Box 322
         Eldred, PA 16731-0322
  Phone: 814-659-7562 or 814-225-3381
Web site: http:/
                      Our Vision
1. To provide interactive prison ministry in 16 classes in
    at least 5 Districts in Western PA in the fall of 2009.
2. To help come against the detrimental forces that the
    men, women and youth in prison have to deal with,
    and to help them grow spiritually and socially.
3. To continue working on designing shorter term
    programs for the County, State and Youth prisons.
4. To gain access to even more facilities for Women,
    Juveniles and Hispanics in Western PA.
5. To involve trained laity, pastors and inmates as
    Volunteers Leaders in the prisons.
6. To address the literacy and language issues in choice
    of Bibles and study materials.
7. To involve the Districts, local churches, and individuals in
    prayer, financial support, and in providing volunteers to
    enter the prisons on a weekly basis who will study and
    pray together with the inmates.
8. To continue to assist in providing relational after-care and
   clothing and information about churches for inmates
   preparing for release.
9. To train inmates in leadership skills to lead Bible studies
   in their prisons.
10. To collect luggage, games, clothing, stuffed animals and
    toiletries for women and children in shelters and prisons.
    Our Special Celebration

                   Please help us
     our           continue this
                   vital ministry

    10th             with your
                    prayers and
anniversary           generous

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