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the e-inclusion key that by tao16360


									  My Jump, the e-inclusion key that
                           gets absolute beginners online in record time.




                                                                             Cost effective
           Zero footprint
                                                     Smart deployment

 MyJump adds E-inclusion power to recycled -and new - PCs.

 It is the easiest way to start using an online computer without computer experience.

 Plug MyJump into a usb port and boot the computer on it. MyJump will turn the computer into a fool
 proof, ultra simplified communication tool. With its intuitive user interface, MyJump enables absolute
 beginners to browse the Internet, send and receive emails, play music and movies, display pictures,
 create notes, etc.

 Each screen has been designed to avoid confusion and
 frustrations. Anytime, anywhere the user may click the panic
 button to return to the main menu. MyJump uses high
 contrast screens, with large fonts and extra large icons.

 The operating system and the userʼs data are safely stored
 on the key. Nothing is left behind on the host computer
 which is only used as a hardware resource.

 MyJump is a robust, multilingual and highly customizable
 platform which can accommodate many additional features.

 With its different deployment options and utilities, MyJump is a cost effective e-
 inclusion tool that may be used in the most diverse and challenging situations.           Email :             Phone : +32 (0)470 58 81 19

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