The Essential e-Discovery Course What Every Lawyer Should Know

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                 The Essential e-Discovery Course: What Every
                 Lawyer Should Know
                 LawNet Training Centre, Supreme Court Level 4
                 (Please refer to the schedule for course dates)

                 What Will Be Covered In This Course?
                     1.    Why you can’t ignore PD3 of 2009
                     2.    The impact of PD3 0f 2009 and e-Discovery on how you manage your case
                     3.    Special characteristics of electronically stored data (ESD)
                               a. Metadata
                               b. Delete does not mean deleted
                               c. Digital file formats
                     4.    An analysis of PD3 of 2009
                     5.    Opt in or opt out – considerations of Relevance and Proportionality
                     6.    How should you prepare for e-Discovery
                     7.    Legal issues and cases on e-Discovery
                     8.    Drafting the e-Discovery Protocol
                     9.    Understanding the e-Discovery process
                               a. Identifying, preserving and collecting ESD
                               b. Processing and reviewing ESD
                                     •   Culling to the relevant
                                     •   Searching, sampling and reviewing
                               c. Production and Inspection
                     10.   Software tools to help you with the review (Hands On)
                     11.   New Skillsets and Challenges
                     12.   Issues of Privilege and Inadvertent Disclosure
                     13.   e-Discovery Costs and Budgets
                     14.   e-Discovery Best Practices, Checklists and Methodologies
                     15.   e-Discovery resources

                 Who Should Attend This Course
                 This course is developed for legal professionals of all levels including in-house counsel, law firm
                 attorneys, litigation support professionals and paralegals. Upon completion of the course,
                 participants will be able to identify the issues in electronic evidence and discovery, understand their
                 obligations and options in relation to electronic evidence, and make better decisions in relation to
                 electronic evidence and the e-Discovery aspects of their cases.

                 Attendees will also have a competitive edge in the marketplace and be a vital legal and technical
                 resource to their clients and colleagues. The course is intended to provide a holistic approach to e-
                 Discovery, and attendees are encouraged to attend all sessions. Teaching methodology: an
                 interactive mix of scenario based training, guided discussions and exercises and, hands on
                 workshops. In the spirit of the course, course materials will be made available electronically.

                 Jointly organised by:
About The Speakers                                   Registration Form
Serena Lim is the CEO of Bizibody                     • Registration for the event may be made:
Technology, a company that provides legal                 a) By email to
                                                          b) by fax to: (65) 6336 5142
technology, outsourcing and marketing services            c) by mail to: LawNet Training Centre, Singapore Academy of Law, 1
to law firms in Singapore. Prior to starting                    Supreme Court Lane, Level 6 Singapore 178879
                                                      • Cancellation or postponement will have to be in writing at least 3 working days
Bizibody in 2000, Serena was the managing               before the scheduled session. .All sessions are subjected to confirmation
partner of Khattar Wong’s Hong Kong office.           • A S$40 penalty will be imposed on absentees for each session, except for
Serena specializes in providing law firms with          medical reasons, in which case a Medical Certificate (MC) would be required.
                                                      • If for any reason a participant is unable to attend any session, he/she can
consulting services on the strategic use of             arrange for another person to attend without additional charges.
technology and process. She also provides             • All registration will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.
                                                      • You will receive a Confirmation Slip before the commencement of the session
technology training services to lawyers and             you registered.
paralegals on a regular basis. Serena’s e-            • Please be punctual so that the course can start promptly.
                                                      • For enquiries, please call Tel: (65) 6332 4256 or email
discovery consulting group includes Seamus
                                                      • SAL’s usual terms and conditions apply. See
Byrne, an Australian e-discovery practitioner, for more details
Singapore lawyer, Mark Goh, from Mark Goh &          The Essential e-Discovery Course: What Every Lawyer Should Know
                                                     Time: 12.00pm to 2.30pm
Co, and Asian litigation support specialist, Lim
                                                     Course Fee: S$107 per session (Inclusive of 7% GST)
Kean Chye from Data Management                       Venue: LawNet Training Centre, Supreme Court, L4
Corporation. In the essential e-discovery            Please Tick Where Appropriate
course, Serena will focus on the legal and                 Date            Session
strategic aspects of e-discovery, and the impact           17/02/2010      Overview, Framework and Scenarios (mandatory)
of e-discovery on case preparations.                       23/02/2010      Identification, Preservation & Collection of ESD
Rodney Hay is an Executive Director, Forensic              25/02/2010      Processing and Review of ESD
Services of Deloitte Singapore & Southeast                 01/03/2010      Production & Inspection of ESD
Asia. Prior to joining Deloitte, Rodney was the            05/03/2010      Detailed study of PD3 of 2009
leader of PwC Forensic Services division in                19/03/2010      E-Discovery Plan, Protocols & Best Practices
                                                     *Sign up for all 6 sessions to enjoy a 40% discount.
Indonesia. Rodney has performed Forensic
Technology assignments in many countries in          Company ________________________________________
the APAC region including Australia, Indonesia,      Address _________________________________________
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, India
                                                     Contact Person ___________________________________
and Pakistan. He served for 11 years with the
New South Wales Police Service including 5           Tel: _________________ Fax: _______________________
years with NSW Police Commercial Crime               Email: __________________________________________
Agency where he investigated many large and
complex fraud cases. Rodney has assisted law         Payment Options
enforcement, regulators and large MNC in the         Please register the following person for the above seminar. A
execution of Anton Pillar Orders to seize and        cheque (no.________________) for S$______________ made
                                                     payable to “Singapore Academy of Law” is enclosed. Please write
examine electronic evidence in Australia and
                                                     the title of the event on the back of the cheque.
throughout Asia.                                         Bill to Individual        Bill to Firm/Organisation
Michael Lew is a Manager, Forensic Services
of Deloitte Singapore. Michael has 7 years of         Delegate 1:
litigation support experience in electronic           Name: Mr / Ms / Mrs / Dr:________________________________
                                                      Designation: _________________________________________
evidence and information management to
                                                      SAL No. (e.g.:A0012): _________________________________
barrister’s chambers, law firms, corporations         Non-Member NRIC No.: ________________________________
and judiciary that include eCourt for a murder        Tel: ______________ Email: ___________________________
trial in Australia, Judicial Reform project in Sri
Lanka supported by the World Bank and the             Delegate 2:
deployment of a case management system for            Name: Mr / Ms / Mrs / Dr:________________________________
Singapore International Arbitration Centre            Designation: _________________________________________
                                                      SAL No. (e.g.:A0012): _________________________________
(SIAC). Michael started his legal technology
                                                      Non-Member NRIC No.: ________________________________
career with 11 Stone Buildings, Lincoln’s Inn         Tel: ________________ Email: _________________________
and later with Rajah & Tann in Singapore. He
has extensive experience managing e-
                                                                 Confirmed by / Date / Signature / Company Stamp
Discovery projects that includes litigation
readiness advisory.