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                                LEONARD M. ROBINSON
                                            Attorney at Law
Jayhawk Pla711SUite 140                                                     Business      (785) 233-700 I
201 N W Highway 24                                                          FAX           (785) 233-7061
PO Box 8138                                                                 Residence     (785) 862-2475
Topeka, KS 66608-0138

                                           August   9, 2COl

        Ms.    CJuudine     DombrowskJ
        PO Box 984, KS       66505

                 CASE NO. 96-0-217.

        Dear    Claudine:

        I've enclosed     a letter t.hdt I wrote t.o Mcl::lhinney, and 1 dlso want
        t.o answer the questions     you had asked.    I wrote the letter to make
        sure   thi-lt.he   underst.ood   that. we  would   coopecate   in u;"ly way
        possible    t.o see that he hi-lsall the evidence      that he 'leeus.    He
        does   have   two years    fro::-.the eace  or the occureence     t.o bei;"lg

        I   lal:'<ed    w:...:.h Ccn;}ic   Sanc~e2    yes:erday.       S:'1e call(:d    :-:1e .:.n
        reference       to Harry      Moo~e's   request    for   ',,:'orm2cion from hee ln
        regard to the Safe Vlsits.             She lndlcated     that she had 2sked Judge
        Anderson      to tell her whether she should make such a report or not,
        because      she did not. know whether            it wus appropriate;        she 2lso
       'lndic2ted      that she want.ed to make sure t.hat she respected               und did
        r.o: violate         any of your      rights,    1:1 that   YOL: had rot given          a

        It DCco::;,'s guess real I y as to whether
                     a                                Jt wOelld ee help[t;l cle no:
        :0 have u report   ~eom her.    She does i;"ldccat.e t~at she believes    1:
        wOClle be appropriate   for Rikkl to become      lnvolved  i;"lcounseling,
        ane she indlcates    ln her opinion   it wOllld be approprlate.      1 made
        sure that she understood      that-from-my     perspective   you were not -
        paranoid,   that it was a that so often the powers         I.hat be
        had taken actions which were contrary       to the benefit    of Rikkl and
        aeverse' to you.    I bel,ieve she u;"lderstood, and frankly     the te~oc
        of the dlSCUSS10;"l was ;"lot.

        Tr:e 0:11 Y thi:1g   :L cO'J.1.d see   tna:. she might    say   :ha:    wou::"d ee
        negatlve   toward    YOL: wou:d he that she '"elcated         that you wa;-:::ee
        her to be"d the rules tl,ere ln regard to youc Safe Visit.s, 2nd she
        indicated   she is not able to do so and Ilad indicated              the same to
        you.    She also indicated        that from her perspective       that you had
        want.ed to get int.o discussions        with Rikki about thlngs that would
        l;"lvolve [acts    and circumstances        of Rikkl,   Hal Richardson,        a;"ld
        yourself.    As part of that conversation,         Connie Sar.cnez indlca::ed
        t::at she thought      those    issues wou:d   be IT.oce appropriat.e_y      dea::
        wi:~ wilh
Domn:- ~)vJ~ k i
?agc Tl,rJO

        F.:-ai1k.: y,   1 ar1             50m~~what     cor:cerncci    t;'ct     Harry     ~ 11 lndlcdt(;
                                                                                           ..                    to     thE:>
        ,J\...:dgctho:. he               vJas lj!"ldbie   to on:.a':"r. some       in:ormat:..ur:   hec<C.:.Jse (;.:. Lhe
        f-ict yo\.:            wou="d not allovJ      Co,lnic       S~:-lchez Lo ma:'<e a ICr..:ort.            r.t"
        aciv:..cC',   e\.'p.n            tr.ough    tt~c.:c lS    ri~k      .i.nvclved,       .is :0 al in      :"'Ie""    :.()
        !T:,i<f' a repo~t                 ar;d 0: CO;lrse prov:ded              Lr.c;t ~:;(~ ~cn:j 0 copy            c: the
        ,epaI'. to :-" also.        one T think S~IC meg"~:.
                               -:-,'"                                      he
        helpful to ~s In regard to wou~d be my let~p.r of Augu~~ 6, 2001 ~o
        ~ar~j dealirlg with our positio~ that kikki shoG:d beco:-e .i~v(,lved
        h':" trl   (;ou:"'.se=..i!1<j.

        PI~~5~ corSloe~ ~.;,ese at:ers and                                   ="et me    k~ow c:       ycu~ dc~ir~~          l~
        reg~r(i Lc those l~s~es.

                                                            Lr::C~II\RC   i'Z.   ?OB'Nsor-:

        CORH\OOMBROWSKtclaudlfle'        8

                                                     LEONARD M. ROBINSON
                                                                         Attornc\'      ,It
                                                                                                                                     I~U,jJh.'~'"           In,) 2~'.70111
1,,,11;)\\k P~iII~1
                  Sullt   I ~I)
                                                                                                                                     FAX                    PS5) :3~-7()(l1
?O 1 N \\' I hrhw<1Y 2.~
                                                                                                                                     RcsIJt.'ncl:           (7KS) X(,~>2t7~
iI() Hnx Xl3K
'J opd,i1, KS 6hC,OK-UI,K

                                                                                               L. ~, •

           1<:.    l"1i.c::;jc1. _F.    !'-1cF! L_:"r:'2::
           l\~5 ~S l    a~)t lL. s': ric l 1\-:.', orney
           ~;:l.JWlH~C      Counl.y      r;~~;'r.l.Cr A'...torTl("J"~;                        0:'        ,c:e
           ~~t;dwr:cc CUJ.:lll.y!~lSC
           ~'C()   SC1Jt t}('r.1.r;-, :;C'i'.?f""'ii"ll ~):..:rpct.

                       RE:          CASE NO. 01-00307.

            1      ::e:.;roser:;            C_d'.:<:iJ:','       Do:",hLC>',,:SY,.                  A,:         ]   u'lCie:c;l,;:),\           :l       'i'"":    are
            :e"'I(:,yJ~:lCJ         1.1:e:     c:-:::;C',    ;';:)lC~J    :'5   CaS0          I~().       :)i'-(,;()3~rl       II:      :et(:'Ll'i:''':"P        to     0
            cr~;T,.1J)rlL   cG; ;.ar:t dg~in5t                              Hal          ?lc;lL.lrd~:;cn.                  011        behdl.:           c~        my
            c~i{;llt,     Clal..:.o;ne  DumLrowski,                             :   Wrtfll       to        :et      '/o',j kr:o~'"       !h2.:    ~hf-' '''';~:~
            cooperdl.0               1n Whc)':l:-VP:               way      you        df:'c:"'"    r.t.,tpful            ,j:1:.}      arrropr.d'.'2          .r:
            :-i~c;:ard to           ~.ler cOITlp:'ai:lt            r.tga.l:15'':'     rial      ?icl1ord::-;()n.

            This  is () very  ur~IJstlal cusp,    end t.r,us or: llE:'r bc~hcJlf I have spo:,(;n
            wi th two lcJw enfo~cemenl     off:.cers    in Pottd,,:at.o:-rje   County, dS we':' I
            as Det. Jack ~organ In Shawnee County.

            ?leasc let me know                              of    any     assis~an,-e                    I ~:qht          be        acle           0
                                                                                                                                                .....   give          YOu
            in tn:s regard.

                                                                         Sincr:::c} ,
                                              /              ~?n_
                                        .. _------

             cc:          Cldlidine             DOIJlI~ruwski
            CORR\M::;FI   HINNl Yljomb~Il"",!,>k,'