Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Direct by wgv13363


									                                     Tier 1                                 Tier 2                                Tier 3                                  Tier 4                      Direct Attached Storage

Size                          45 TB x 2 = 90 TB                 100-500 TB x 2 = 200 TB - 1 PB             55 TB x 2 = 110 TB                                                                 Variable

Equipment                      EMC Symmetrix                                 NAS                          Left Hand Networks                             Archiver                         IBM, Dell, Other

Performance                          High                                  Medium                             Low/Medium                                   Low                                Variable
Level of internal
redundancy                           High                                  Medium                                Low                                     Medium                                 Low
                                                                File services (users, groups);        Test/development servers;
                        Mainframe, Exchange, high                  research data, database            research data, applications,
                     performance databases, research           applications, Web CT, and web          WebCT, and web servers as            Archival for Exchange, File Services,
Applications         data, and WebCT as appropriate                 servers as appropriate;                  appropriate                                SharePoint                            Anything

Interface options               Fiber channel                   Fiber channel, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI                   iSCSI                                   TCP/IP                                N/A

                                                               De-duplication, replication, thin          Replication, Storage              Deduplication, multiple copies of
Features                         Replication                            provisioning?                       virtualization?                      data, data validation

                                                                                                           LH Appliances,
Backups             Deduplication/backup appliance, VTL        Deduplication/backup appliance      Deduplication/backup appliance           Deduplication/backup appliance         Deduplication/backup appliance

                                                               Microsoft Management Console,
                       Symmetrix Management Console,           NAS management tools, Storage
                    Brocade Fabric Manager, Individual host    virtualization management tools
                     based management tools (i.e. Vmware        (Hopefully the same as the NAS
                       Virtual Center, Linux disk utilities,   management tools), Would like to       LH management tools, Vmware
                       Microsoft Management Console,            minimize individual host based     Virtual Center, Individual host based       EMC SourceOne, Symantec              None (Could look at licensing
Management Tools           Mainframe resource pak)                     management tools               management tools (see Tier 1)              Enterprise Vault, etc…                      TreeSize)

Status                             Current                         RFP (Closing 12/4/2009)               On order (11/6/2009)                           Proposed                              Current

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