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									                                   Digital Library Initiatives Group
                                        Report to the Library

                                               March 6, 2001

  MCA 1: Defining the “UA Digital Library”

Performance Measures and Quality Standards for MCA 1:

1a) PM: Library-wide understanding of the UA Digital Library (output and outcome)
1b) QS: A definition of the UA Digital Library that has been widely discussed and found
        acceptable ("can live with it") by all teams, by January 31, 2001
1c) QS: A set of principles that will guide future work of DLIG that have been widely
        discussed and found acceptable ("can live with it") by all teams, by January 31

2a) PM: Library-wide understanding of knowledge management (output and outcome)
2b) QS: A definition of knowledge management that has been widely discussed and found
        acceptable ("can live with it") by all teams, by January 31, 2001

3a) PM: Data and recommendations provided to COLA (output)
3b) QS: Data and recommendations provided to COLA by August 5, 2000

Projects and Activities for MCA 1:

A. "Defining Our Digital Future." The Access Action Planning Team has charged us with
   developing a definition of “knowledge management” that the library can understand and
   agree upon. The Library has charged us with developing a shared definition of the UA
   Digital Library. We have also perceived the need to create guiding principles that will help
   us select and design future work.

    Progress Since Last Report:
     Research and background reading on knowledge management is ongoing.
     The dialogue with all IS teams originally scheduled for November 30 was moved to
       January 29. Approximately 20 people participated. Another dialogue session is
       scheduled for April 3. .
     The end date on this project has been moved to April 30.

B. "COLA." We will work with the COLA team in an attempt to identify the amount of
   time/FTE needed for core DLIG processes. In working with COLA we will share the
   knowledge we have gained to date and recommendations about how digital library work
   should be carried out in the future.

    Progress Since Last Report:

      Identified milestones for this project were completed in August.
      DLIG met with COLA again on March 2, 2001, to continue providing input.

 MCA 2: Educating and Advocating for Fairness in Scholarly

Performance Measures and Quality Standards for MCA 2:

For FY 2000 / 2001 we will support the performance measures chosen by the Scholarly
Communication Project Team. DLIG contributions will be included in the reports of this
project team.

 MCA 3: Creating Digital Content and Access Tools

Performance Measures and Quality Standards for MCA 3:

1a) PM: Timeliness (type of measure name)
1b: QS: All projects are completed on time and within budget as described in their project

2a) PM: Cost-effectiveness (efficiency)
2b) QS: Digital conversion project costs do not exceed benchmarked costs by 20%
2c) QS: All new projects will be checked for feasibility of obtaining grant funding

3a) PM: Usefulness of projects (outcome/usefulness)
3b) QS: All projects are used and found useful by members of the target audience


A. "Cost study." DLIG knows some, but not all, of our conversion project costs. At the end
   of this project, we will have achieved two goals: all of our direct costs will be known
   including our conversion costs, and we will be able to compare them with benchmarked
   costs. Some of this data will come from the "Ten Books" project (see the project
   description in the Appendix), some from projects for which we have already begun
   tracking costs, and some from projects we will begin this year. We will have sufficient
   confidence in our cost study to be able to use these numbers to calculate costs of future
   projects, and to choose the most cost-effective method of converting materials.

Progress Since Last Report:
 Has been melded with Ten Books Project. Data collection is underway.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3f4f99a5-012c-40ce-af63-3db88b8bca2e.rtf                                2
B. "Producing Digital Content." Digital Projects for the coming year (owner/coordinators
   noted in parentheses):

     Electronic Reserves (Jeremy &                      Journal of Insect Science (Jeanne
      Cheryl; conversion project)                         Pfander)
     Water Rights (Atifa Rawan) and
      Water in the West (Karen)                          Arid Lands Catalog (Jeremy)
     Tree of Life (Jeremy & Travis)                     Oracle database for NADM (Bob &
     Southwest Thesaurus (Tom)                           Cathy)
     Ten Books (Bobbie & Cathy;                         Sitesearch migration (Jeremy & Bob)
      conversion project)                                Sonoran Archives (Tom & Eulalia)
     Documentary Relations of the                       Harvey Project (Bobbie)
      Southwest (Jeremy)                                 Little Cowpuncher (Bobbie)
                                                         Journal of the Southwest (Bob)

  Project activities and milestones: In this MCA, each project of necessity has its own
  outcomes, performance measures, and milestones which are delineated within each
  project plan. Project Plans can be found on the shared drive in f:\teams\dlig\dlig
  shared\projects\ as they are developed.

  Progress Since Last Report:

  Electronic Reserves
   Continued to improve the features of the e-reserves system. Made improvements in
     the sorting of article lists. We have also made other improvements to the staff
     interface, such as allowing MAT staff to delete courses.
   When students go through student link, they can now access e-reserves materials
     by clicking on the appropriate course and selecting the e-reserves link.
   Paul Bracke has developed code to integrate e-reserves with traditional reserves.

  Fred Harvey Project
  Through collaborative efforts of many staff and students the Fred Harvey Project is
  finally complete! The Web site is finally ready to go up for public viewing. Minor fixes
  have been completed and we are in the process of burning archival CD's for storage.
  Gene Spesard has been notified and a link from the Library Exhibits page will be
  created and staff will be notified when they can link to the site. As always, we welcome
  any comments from visitors to the web site, feel free to send them to us by clicking on
  the 'Contact us' link on the Index page.

  Little Cowpuncher
  Working with Stuart Glogoff and Joan Sandin, this project is nearing completion. Due to
  staff turnovers in DLIG we got a bit behind and have now assessed details about this
  project and we are nearing completion of fixing minor details such as formatting
  problems, and completing other Quality Control measures. We project it will be
  completed and up in May.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3f4f99a5-012c-40ce-af63-3db88b8bca2e.rtf                                 3
Tree of Life
We are nearing the 1.0 release of the Tree of Life. Our initial release will replicate the
current static view of the Tree - however, behind the scenes the Tree pages are being
built dynamically via a database-driven system. Additionally, we will include some
enhancements (such as a graphical view of the Tree, as well as a more refined
navigation system). We are well ahead of schedule on the project. Our current next
steps are to release a 1.0 beta version, go through a period of controlled testing, and
then to release the official version of the Tree.

Ten Books
 We have substantially changed the workflow from the original plan. For example,
   instead of converting book pages to PDF documents, we are going to be
   experimenting with various ways of presenting these titles by converting the books to
   electronic text then marking them up in XML. XML will give us greater flexibility for
   the future as technological enhancements allow us to do more with this text and to
   do more with the images.
 Some of this work will be done in-house, and some of it will be vended out.
 We solicited input on title selection from University faculty and from the library
   membership, and were able to take many of the suggestions

 Working with entire books is new territory for DLIG. We are learning as much as we
   can from other libraries who are doing similar work so we don't have to reinvent
   what's already known.
 Some of the issues involved in working with whole books and with these
   technologies include, for us:
    layout: how do we manage the relationship between the text and the images for
       maximum readability by the user on the web? do we need to provide printable
       versions as well?
    what image size and resolution presents the "best" image balanced with ease-of-
       use (e.g., loading time) for users? when are multiple versions of images
    how does the chosen size and resolution translate to specific scanner settings?
    what is involved in marking a complete text up in XML -- what expertise is needed,
       and what amount of time?
    what is appropriate work for our student assistants and what decisions must be
       made by staff?
 Not yet knowing the complete details of the work makes it difficult to plan, but it's not
   stopping us.
 We will be ordering a scanner and some software for this project, to be coordinated
   with DLIG and LIST. We relied for a few hours on the public scanner in the ILC.
 The project slowed as it changed hands and as the technology choices were
   changed. We were granted an extension by the State Library and must finish this
   work August (the final report is due to the State Library on September 1).

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3f4f99a5-012c-40ce-af63-3db88b8bca2e.rtf                              4
Sonoran Archives (AGES)
 Membership for this group has been settled and a team building session was held.
  Some good news on the AGES front. The international memorandum of agreement
  was signed by President Likins last week and as of Wednesday February 28, is in
  the hands of government officials in Sonora. When they sign it will be official.
 Three computer workstations have been purchased for the project. They have been
  tested but we are waiting on an international version of Microsoft Access to load on
  them. We did try to transport one of the workstations across the border, but were
  unsuccessful because of customs regulations--so, we have some details to work out
 Indexing standards and procedures have been developed and put into practice.
  Indexing is ahead of schedule, but we have yet to purchase the scanner so scanning
  has not begun.
 David Block (Ibero-American Bibliographer, Head Bibliographer, Cornell University
  Library) has consented to serve as our evaluation consultant.
 We are in the process of trying to hire a graduate student to help with the database
  and Web front end planning.

Journal of Insect Science
 Web site for JIS is almost complete.
 We have one article that has been completely through the peer review process and
   is available from the Web site.
 Twelve more articles have been submitted and are at varying stages of the review
 We rented exhibit space at the annual meeting of the Entomological Society of
   America. Henry Hagedorn debuted the journal there with great success.
 We are a SPARC Leading Edge Partner, which will be absolutely official when we
   get the Memorandum of Understanding through the various university offices.
 We are working with PubMed Central and will be a part of this project. We need to
   have ten articles before being included in their database.
 We are talking with BioOne about being a part of that project and looking into Cross-
 Henry was a panelist at the campus Scholarly Communication program in February.
   His talk was well received and we have had two campus requests to work with us on
   creating other electronic journals as a result of this talk.
 Henry has been invited to be a panelist at session on Creating Change, ACRL 10th
   National Conference, Denver, March.

Southwest Thesaurus
We are continuing to work with thesaurus data created by a library school class last
semester. A library school student who was in the class, Tatyana Konstantinova, has
been hired to do data entry and later some text editing. Garry Forger and Tom Marshall
will be working on the public interface and user documentation during March and April.
The prototype will be up and running by the first week in May, as scheduled.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3f4f99a5-012c-40ce-af63-3db88b8bca2e.rtf                          5
Finished migrating the ALIC (Arid Lands Information Center) Catalog to the new version
of Sitesearch ( Also finished migrating the DRSW
(Documentary Relations of the Southwest) Master and BIOFILE indexes to the new
Sitesearch. Upgraded Sitesearch to the 4.12 version so that it would work better with
Netscape 6.

C. "Documenting Standards." Develop standards for conversion and other projects
   and make them available centrally.

Progress Since Last Report:
 Ongoing.

 MCA 4: Coordinating and Integrating Access to Digital Resources

Performance Measures and Quality Standards

1a) PM: Access to information resources through SABIO gateway is perceived as
        rational and easy by our customers
1b) QS:Customer satisfaction relating to SABIO, as measured in the Library Report
    Card, will be ranked at a level of 4 or higher.

2a) PM: Library-wide understanding of SABIO organization, policies and procedures
2b) QS: All staff with responsibilities for adding content to SABIO and for maintaining
        the organization and structure of SABIO understand the elements,
        procedures, and policies for those activities


A.    "Documenting the Landscape." Create an inventory of who is doing what to
      provide access to digital resources and share widely to develop understanding.
      Archive and promote the inventory so it is accessible and known.

     Progress Since Last Report:
      Charge for Access + for this year was completed and handed off.
      While this work has moved beyond Access +, we will report progress here. A
        small group with people from LIST, TST, Special Collections and DLIG is working
        to begin drafting a common architecture that will help in defining digital library

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3f4f99a5-012c-40ce-af63-3db88b8bca2e.rtf                           6
       work. The first full meeting of this group is scheduled for March 26. Our drafts
       will be shared with the Library for input.

Other Updates

   Adele Edwards joined DLIG as Database Development Officer in February.
   Pending Affirmative Action Approval, Lou Daly will join DLIG as Applications
    Systems Analyst in early May. He is currently living in Manchester, England and we
    conducted a videoconference interview with him.
   Bob Grunloh attended an Oracle workshop.
   Eulalia Roel and Cathy Larson are attending a Perl class on Saturday mornings at
    Pima Community College.
   Eulalia Roel attended an XML workshop.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3f4f99a5-012c-40ce-af63-3db88b8bca2e.rtf                           7
                       Ten Books Project -- Title List

Hornaday, William            Campfires on desert and lava (in production)

Van Dyke, John C.            The Desert: Further Studies in Natural Appearances.     (in

Davis, Carlyle Channing,     The True Story of Ramona: Its Facts and Fictions,
and William Alderson         Inspiration and Purpose (in production)

Lummis, Charles F.           Some Strange Corners of Our Country: The Wonderland of
                             the Southwest (in production)

James, George Wharton        The Wonders of the Colorado Desert (Southern California)
                             (in production)

James, George Wharton        Indian Blankets and Their Makers (in production)

Hendricks, David             Arizona Soils      (in production)

Emory, William H.            Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey

Dobyns, Henry              Spanish colonial Tucson: a demographic history (seeking
UA College of Architecture Barrio historico Tucson (seeking permissions)

Writer Program of the       Arizona: A State Guide (seeking permissions)
Works Project               (aka, Arizona, A Guide to the Youngest State)
Administration in the State
of Arizona
Ball, Phyllis               The Photographic history of the University of Arizona, 1885-
                             (seeking permissions)
Unknown Jesuit Priest       Rudo ensayo (in queue)

Status as of March 2, 2001

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\3f4f99a5-012c-40ce-af63-3db88b8bca2e.rtf                            8

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