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					Fall Season Issue                                                 September 10, 2007                                       “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

 Three Wins Start Off the 2007 Season
Following a disappointing opening day                 duo up front of Clair Conner and Courtney Cosley       bones in her leg at the end of her senior year in
                                                      could not finish and that left the door open for       high school. Freshman Emily Bristol earned the
defeat to Mount Union College at home,                Mount. Hiram dominated possession in the match         first shutout of her career by sharing the last few
the Terriers have rallied for three-                  66% - 34% and in all other categories, but Mount       minutes of the clean sheet with fellow frosh keeper
consecutive victories to conclude their               scored a fluke goal in the 62nd minute off a deflec-   Hannah Mirzakhani.
first two full weeks of the 2007 season               tion and followed up with a well earned one in the
                                                      68th. Again, Hiram dominated but left themselves
with a 3-1-0 record.                                  exposed when Mount closed the door in the 77th.
                                                                                                             9.8.07 Tri-State 0: Hiram 4
                                                                                                           Week #2 ended in fine and exhausting fashion as
                                                      The Terriers showed great resolve though, scoring
                                                                                                           the Terriers hosted Tri-State at the Soccer Com-
“Mandi and I were simply left with the                two goals in the 90th minute on a PK emphatically
                                                                                                           plex and brought a convincing 4:0 home for the
thought of ‘what if’ we had finished dur-             put home by freshman Kendra Dean which was
                                                                                                           friends and families to watch. Again, Cosley deliv-
                                                      immediately followed by a well-earned goal by
ing the first 15 minutes against Mount,”              Conner from a possession change on the ensuing
                                                                                                           ered to Conner in the 7th minute to open things up
said Head Coach Bob Dean. “We real-                                                                        for Hiram. Then, Conner herself delivered service
                                                                                                           to Sasha Davidson who buried her first of the
istically could be 4-0-0 at this point be-                                                                 season in the 16th minute. Freshman keeper
cause we have truly dominated all four     9.2.07 Ursuline 1: Hiram 3 @ Mount                              Emily Bristol came up with a huge save late in the
opponents,” he added. But, Dean            Union College                                                   1st half to preserve the lead. But, the Terriers
added, “it is even more revealing to       On the second day of the NCAC/OAC Classic this                  were just getting started. Conner opened things
                                                                                                           up in the 49th minute taking her own rebound off
know that our players know we have not time at Mount Union College Stadium on turf, the                    the near post and slotting home. From that point
played nearly as well as we are capable Terriers quickly turned opportunity into results                   on, it became a passing and possession clinic as
                                           when freshman Courtney Cosley found fellow
of because it is early and we have a       frosh Claire Conner inside the 6 in the 4th minute              the exhausted Terriers let the ball do the work and
great deal of work to do.”                 to begin the way to a 3:1 win over the Arrows.                  masterfully dissected the Thunder possession
                                                      The sting of a bizarre 3:4 defeat to Ursuline in the after possession. That led to a fantastic combina-
                                                      opening match of the 2006 campaign was still         tion play goal with Davidson connecting with fresh-
The Terriers have out shot their oppo-                fresh for the nine returning players and they were   man Melissa Sharpe in the 77th minute as she
nents 66-33 in the first four matches and             on a mission. Again, possession was the optimum      drilled it into the back of the net. Again, Bristol did
have found the frame 48 times to their                word for the match, but the door could not be        the lion’s share and allowed Mirzakhani to share in
opponents 21. They hold the edge in                   slammed shut early. The Arrows drew even in the the clean sheet.
                                                      65th minute on a very well-designed set piece from
corners taken 27-8 at this point and
have tallied 13 goals in four matches to
                                                      22 yards out. But, Hiram sophomore Captain
                                                      Ashley Ellsworth put her own stamp on a tremen-        Preseason Trip to Elkins,
lead the North Coast Athletic Confer-
ence in goals scored.
                                                      dous start to the season in her own rights on a set
                                                      piece goal from 35 yards out the very next minute.     WV
                                                      The best news of all was seeing the door finally     The Terriers Women’s and Men’s Soc-
                                                      slammed on the Arrows when freshman Natalie
“Finding the back the net is always a                                                                      cer Teams trained for one day and then
                                                      Green drove home an exclamation point goal
great thing and we are very pleased                   served up by Cosley in the 77th minute to give the packed up for an overnight trip to Davis
with the two clean sheets to close out                Terriers their first win of 2007.                    & Elkins College (the alma mater of our
the week,” Dean stated. “Our tests be-                                                                       Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach
gin this week as we host Adrian and         9.7.07 Hiram 4: Hilbert 0                                        Mandi Chadwick) to play two scrimmage
                                            The Terriers traveled to Buffalo, N.Y. to hand Hil-              matches against the D-II Senators. “It
then move onto our face our rival con-      bert College a resounding 4:0 defeat on a windy
ference schools from the OAC like John and hard Friday afternoon. The pitch had not                          was an incredibly successful experience
Carroll, B-W, and Muskingum. We re-         seen water in a month and it was a huge adjust-                  to jump in iand compete against a
cruit well with them and now have to        ment for the players to make. But, the frosh com-                school that had been training for 10
                                                                                      in the 8th             days,” said Coach Dean. “That provided
play well with them...it is time to grow up bination of Cosley to Conner connected stunned
                                            and 15th minutes having opened up the
quickly and I know we are more than                                                                          us with a wake up and welcome to col-
                                            backline of the Hawks to give Hiram College a 2:0
capable.”                                   advantage at the half. Cosley then got into the                  lege soccer for all of our young players
                                                      score line herself following a tremendous assist       that we will be able to build upon and
                                                      from combination play with fellow freshman Sasha       call upon for the rest of the year. I am
Match Summaries:                                      Davidson in the 52nd minute near the top of the
9.1.07 Hiram 2: Mount Union 4                                                                                so grateful to Mandi for making all the
                                                      Hilbert penalty area. The final tally came from
After giving up a soft goal in the 5th minute, the    sophomore defender Lacey Eisenberg who struck          arrangements and for the wonderful
Terriers settled in to dominate possession in the     a thunderous ball from 30 yards to end the scoring     hospitality we were shown by the coach-
first half only to come up empty in the first match   in the 88th minute. Eisenberg has been in great        ing and athletic staff at D&E. We would
of the NCAC/OAC Classic Hiram College was co-         form this fall since recovering from breaking both
hosting with Mount Union College. The freshman                                                               like to make this an annual event.”
Coach’s Note: Each week, our players will        nominate Whitney. Whitney ALWAYS                 team played a 6v6 demonstration
nominate a member of the team for their own
                                                 gives 100%. She is a team player and             match in which sophomore captain
“Player of the Week” honors. Following
nominations, the captains and coaches will       pushes everyone to work their hardest;           Ashley Ellsworth (of course) scored the
vote on all nominated players and make a         I would like to nominate Whitney be-             winner in added time to bring the youth
selection on a weekly basis. This is the high-   cause she always works hard in every-            and parents to their feet (actually, it
est form of recognition a player can receive
                                                 thing she does on and off the field.             was time to go anyways...). The
for their contributions on and off the field
during a week of training and competition.                                                        Women’s Team also provides referees
                                                 Terriers Provide Clinic for                      for the G-W club games on Sundays.
                                                                                                  We are very grateful for their support
Player of the Week #1:                           the G-W Soccer Club                              and involvement with us.
Tricia Kline                              For the fourth consecutive year, the
                                          Terrier Women’s Soccer Team con-
Freshman, Defender,                       ducted a preseason clinic for the
Akron, Ohio                               Garrettsville-Windham Soccer Club
                                          at Brosius Road Park in Garretts-
Her teammates wrote about her: I want ville on Sunday, August 26th. Over
to nominate Tricia. She has been          130 youth players, age 4 through
completely positive these last couple     14 participated in the clinic that was
weeks. On top of that she has worked coordinated through the efforts of
hard, played extremely well, and never the G-W soccer club president and
given up. For these reasons I feel that Ravenna attorney Melissa Roubic
she deserves to be player of the week; and her husband Dave. The play-
Tricia- She led in the back and was       ers were actively engaged in help-
able to keep the defense organ-           ing the kids with skills, small games
ized. Tricia was also able to consis-     and competitions, and cooperative
tently keep possession coming out of      activities designed to help them not
the back and distribute the ball          only learn the game, but also to
well. Most importantly she was a flip-    have fun and laugh with each other.
ping beast and made girls look like ba- At the conclusion of the clinic, the
bies when she went in for tackles; Tri-
cia....played extremely well both Satur-                                     Schedule & Results
day and Sunday while she was on the
                                                   Day    Date                 Opponent                        Score         Record
field. She put forth the necessary effort
and pushed herself. She did this and               Sat.    9/1    Mount Union (OH)                               2:4          0-1-0
she was really smart about the deci-               Sun.    9/2    Ursuline College (OH)                          3:1          1-1-0
sions that she made as a defender; I
think that Tricia should get player of             Fri.    9/7    @ Hilbert College (NY)                         4:0          2-1-0
the week because she was a leader
                                                   Sat.    9/8    Tri-State University (IN)                      4:0          3-1-0
and never gave up on any balls.
                                                        Wed.    9/12    Adrian College (MI)                     Hiram        3:30 p.m.
Player of the Week #2:                                  Mon.    9/17    Geneva College (PA)                     Hiram        4:00 p.m.

Whitney Dropsey                                         Wed.    9/19    @ Baldwin Wallace College (OH)       Berea, OH       7:00 p.m.

Sophomore, Defender, Ash-                               Sat.    9/22    @ John Carroll University (OH)      Cleveland, OH    1:00 p.m.

land, Ohio                                              Sun.    9/23    Muskingum College (OH)                  Hiram        1:00 p.m.
Her teammates wrote about her: I                       Thurs.   9/27    @ Thiel College (PA)                Greenville, PA   5:00 p.m.
would like to nominate Whitney. She
has been playing consistently since the                 Sun.    9/30    Franciscan University (OH)              Hiram         Noon
season began. She has been reading                      Wed.    10/3    College of Wooster* (OH)                Hiram        4:30 p.m.
the game well, making important tack-
les, and winning balls in the air. Whit                 Sat.    10/6    Wittenberg University* (OH)             Hiram         Noon
has also been getting into the attack                  Tues.    10/9    @ Ohio Wesleyan University* (OH)    Delaware, OH     7:00 p.m.
and making great runs up the side-
lines. Her hustle has also been out of                  Sat.    10/13   Kenyon College* (OH)                    Hiram        1:00 p.m.
control as well; I would like to nominate
                                                       Tues.    10/16   @ Allegheny College* (PA)           Meadville, PA    4:30 p.m.
Whitney because she has played
amazing in every game that we've                        Sat.    10/20   @ Earlham College* (IN)             Richmond, IN     1:00 p.m.
played up to this point. She works her
hardest and lasts a long time on the                    Wed.    10/24   Oberlin College* (OH)                   Hiram        4:30 p.m.
field with no complaints!; I would like to              Sat.    10/27   @ Denison University* (OH)          Granville, OH    1:00 p.m.