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   Real-time database of sales comparables for all commercial and
   land property, ownership and rental database for apartments and
   shopping centers in Harris and surrounding counties. Search,
   Map, and Review sales and ownership information for Harris and
   other Texas counties.

  CID SourceNet is proud to unveil the New Datastar
  online service for Commercial Real Estate
  Comparable Sales and Rents for Houston and
  surrounding areas

   • Up-to-Date Sales Information and More Sales Prices
   •Map Multiple Properties on the Same Map
   •Aerial and Street View of the Property (where available)
   •Ownership Information
   •Historical Sales and Rents
   •Direct Access to HCAD Plat Maps and Records
   •And More…

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                        Ownership Searches
Search Screen

                                               View Sales
                You can search by different
                                              View Ownership
        Comparable Sales Searches

Get Comps for as little as $2.00 per record
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        Sales Searches – Menu Search

Enter Search Parameters
*City       *State        *County      *Date Range     *Property Type
*Land Size *Building SF *# of Units *Map Area          *Land Use Codes
*Include as many or as little search parameters as you need Then Click Start Search.
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Codes.                                          select from a
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*Key Map Search point    *Number of steps (each step = ¾ mile) *And More
*Enter as many or as little search parameters, but must enter in Map Grid and #Steps for Radius Search
 Film Code & Tax ID Searches
                                         Type in one or
                                         multiple film code or
                                         county clerk numbers

Type in one or           4512162100009
multiple Tax ID
            Grantor/Grantee Search
                                                 Enter Search
                                                 Parameters and
                                                 Grantor Company
                                                 Name and/or First
                                                 or Last Name
                123 Main St, LP

Enter Search
Parameters and
Grantee Company
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or Last Name

                                  Smith   John
                         Search Results
  After selecting comps choose which
  type of report                       Filter to narrow   Sort Results
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View 10 –
All Comps
on Screen

Summary Report                       Map all selected
                                     comps on one
     Create Customized Heading       map         Go to
     for Customized Reports                    Map All Feature

        Map It (Includes Aerial
                                      Go to
        and Street View) or Plat   Map It Feature
        It (HCAD Plat Maps)
                   Short Report
See all pertinent information regarding sale in short summary report.

                                View Comp on Map (Includes Aerial
View/Purchase Warranty
                                and Street View where available or see
 Deed and/or Deed of
                                HCAD plat map
Download Warranty Deed/Deed of
       Trust Documents
Map All Properties on
One Map, Print All with
HCAD Plat Maps, Print
All Without Plat Maps     Detailed Report
                                       Map and Plat
                                       Individual Comp

                                    Detailed View allows you to see
                                    all information regarding the
                                    sale of the property,
                                    information regarding the
                                    property including unit mixes,
                                    tenant mix, etc, as well as sales
      Statistical Report

Statistical Report gives a summary of all selected comps
including median price, price range, median acres, median
price per unit.
Mapping Feature – Map All
  Map All Button maps all selected comps on one map.
       Mapping Feature – Map IT

Map View                    Aerial View

Street View
(Only available
where blue lines
are shown)
           Ownership Searches

Get Comps for as little as $2.00 per record
           281-496-2388 Ext 105
                Ownership Searches
Search Apartment, Shopping Center or Office Building Ownership Information

                        Find the Information in Multiple Ways
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include Area Search
                           Menu Search

    Enter Search Parameters:
    *# of Units *NRA *Year Built *Survey Date (for historical information)
            Area Search

                 Click Here to      Hold down CTL
                 View Map or        Key to select
                 manually type in   multiple key
                 area               maps

                       Radius Search

Click Here to
 Select from

  Enter Search Parameters:
  *# of Units *NRA *Year Built *Survey Date (for historical information)
  *Put in MAP GRID page and number of steps for radius. 1 step = ¾ mile
ID Search, Tax ID Search, Name
  Search (Apt, Shp Ctr, Office)
                      Search by Revac ID
                                           Search by Names

       Search by Tax IDs
         Address Search &
      Owner/Manager Searches

                           Search by addresses,
                           Enter one or multiple

Search by Owner names or
Manager Names
                           Search Results
         After selecting the properties choose the   You can Filter to
         report type.                                narrow down search
                                                     or sort results

Select the
Properties you
                           Short Report
   View Summary information of selected comps     Headings for
                                                  Custom Reports        Map All
                                                                         on one

Go to Appraisal                                 Map It (Aerial and Streetview)
District Tax Record                             Individual properties and Plat
                                                   IT (HCAD Plat Maps)
Tax Analysis Report

 Compare tax values for selected properties
Detailed Report
           Detailed Reports include:

                  Owner Information
               Managers/Leasing Agents
                 Property Description
                    Occupancy Rate
                       Rent Rages
                 Tenant Mix/Unit Mix
                    Tax Assessment
                      Sales History
                Map All Selected Comps
                       Aerial Map
        Direct access to HCAD records and plat
              Statistical Report

Statistical Report gives totals and averages for all selected properties -
                    NRA, Land Size, Age, Rent, etc.
    Mailing List
Download Owner Mailing Lists to Excel
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