Working With Cut-up Sentences by haz48108


									     Working With Cut-up

       Each day during literacy lesson, Jacob writes a sentence.
You’ll notice that I copy it onto a strip of paper and cut it apart.
Sometimes I cut words apart to develop his ability to see
“chunks” in words. He then works to put the sentence back
together again before rereading it.

           I    like        to        go        to school.

       I       like    to        go        to      school    .

 Each evening, you can help Jacob at home by doing the following:
       1. Listen to him read the complete sentence from the
          envelope. If he has forgotten the sentence, read it to
          him and have him repeat it.
       2. Watch him put the cut-up pieces in the correct
          order. He may do this with or without the
          envelope as a guide.
       3. After the sentence is put back together, ask him to
          check against the sentence on the envelope and reread
       4. Please do not use the words as flashcards or expect him
          to read them without the entire sentence.

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