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         Rules governing

 the restricted call for proposals

Information session
Brussels, 10.12.2007
  DEFINITION: what is a grant?

• a payment of a non-commercial nature to a
  specific recipient
• for the achievement of an objective forming
 part of a European Union policy
• to support the implementation of an action
  DEFINITION: what is a grant?

Therefore a GRANT is:
• a project proposed by a potential Beneficiary
• with a co-financing from the Beneficiary of
 min. 20% of the total eligible costs
• the EC contribution is for the reimbursement
 of the actual eligible costs incurred
• the Grant Beneficiary is autonomous and
 owner of the action & its results
• No retroactivity
DEFINITION: what is a “beneficiary”?            EuropeAid

The term “BENEFICIARY” is used with
 different meanings:
• the recipient of an awarded grant
 (from Applicant to Beneficiary)
• to identify the Beneficiary country with
 which the EC has an agreed programme of
 co-operation for the benefit of its population
• to identify the final beneficiaries, i.e. those
 who will benefit from the project in the long
 term at the level of the society or sector at
Changes adopted in EC practice to
promote better quality projects

o    Attitudes and approaches to „ownership‟,
    „control‟ and „visibility‟
o    Focus on results over longer term
o    Knowledge and skills of staff
o    Working relationships with partners and other
o    Streamlining of procedures
    (increased flexibility)
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CALL FOR                                            EuropeAid

      GRANT                                         PROCUREMENT
  (SUBVENTION)                                     (SERVICES,SUPPLIES
                                                       & WORKS)
     supporting an
 initiative by giving a         purpose               buying things
financial contribution

     Beneficiary          ownership of results     Contracting Authority

   % shared costs         financial contribution       agreed price

  call for proposals           procedure              call for tenders

  grant agreement              legal form                contract

  NON-PROFIT                                          FOR PROFIT

• Verify the general and specific objectives of Euromed
  Heritage IV in article 1.2 of the guidelines

  Are these objectives in line with your project?

• Verify the eligibility of proposed actions of Euromed Heritage
  IV in article 2.1.3 of the guidelines

  Is the scope of your proposed activities in line with the
 eligible actions defined in the guidelines?
BUDGET and SIZE OF GRANTS                                   EuropeAid

     The overall indicative amount is EUR 13.500.000
            (ENPI-South regional action plan).

 EUR 500.000 ≤ requested EC grant ≥ EUR 1.500.000

Maximum EC co-financing: 80% of the total eligible costs

No double financing: the balance must be financed from the
applicant's or partners' own resources, or from sources other
than the European Community budget or the European
Development Fund.
LOCATION and DURATION                                              EuropeAid

Euromed Heritage is a regional programme: the majority of
project activities must take place in at least two of the
Mediterranean partner countries and territories (corresponding
to minimum 40% of the budgeted costs).

Within the projects, punctual actions, such as meetings, seminars, or
training sessions, etc. may nevertheless be carried out in the EU, as
well as in other Mediterranean countries.

        The planned duration of an action must be
                between 24 to 48 months.

• Verify the eligibility criteria of the Applicant in article 2.1.1 of
  the guidelines

  Can you be the applicant?

• and those of the partners in article 2.1.2 of the guidelines

  Can you be a partner?
  Do your partners fulfil the eligibility criteria?
 PARTNERSHIPS: requirements                                      EuropeAid

In article 2.1.2 of the guidelines:
“Partnerships must be composed of at least one organisation
from a EU Member State and at least one organisation from a
Mediterranean partner country or territory.”

 Partnerships are mandatory, with the minimum requirement:
                       1 EU + 1 Med.
  A same entity cannot participate more than once, either as
                    leader or as partner.

The partners participate in designing and implementing
the action, and the costs they incur are eligible in the same
way as those incurred by the grant Beneficiary. They must
therefore satisfy the same eligibility criteria as the applicants.
ELIGIBILITY of applicants and partners                         EuropeAid

 Applicants and partners must :
 • be legal persons, and
 • be non profit making, and
 • be organisations such as: non-governmental organisations,
   cultural associations, private or public sector operators,
   research institutes, universities, relevant local or regional
   public administrations, international (inter-governmental)
   organisations as defined by Article 43 of the Implementing
   Rules to the EC Financial Regulation, and
 • work in the field of culture, and
 • be directly responsible for the preparation and management
   of the action, not acting as intermediaries, and
ELIGIBILITY of applicants and partners                                                                                    EuropeAid

• be nationals of:
- a Member State of the European Union                                 (27 countries)

- a country or a territory beneficiary of the European Neighbourhood
 and Partnership instrument                       (Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan,

 Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, Palestinian Authority of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Russian Federation, Syria,

 Tunisia, Ukraine)

- a country that is a beneficiary of an Instrument for Pre-Accession
 Assistance          (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, including

 Kosovo, Turkey)

- a Member State of the European Economic Area                                          (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway)

- any other country than those referred to above, where the reciprocal
 access to external assistance has been established                                         (no country for the time being)  .
ASSOCIATES                                                         EuropeAid

Other organisations may be involved in the action. Such
associates play a real role in the action but may not receive
funding from the grant with the exception of per diems
or travel costs.
Associates do not have to meet the eligibility criteria referred
to in article 2.1.1.

Subcontractors are subject to the procurement rules set out in
Annex IV to the standard grant contract.

    Associates and Sub-contractors are not partners
  and do not have to sign the “partnership statement”.
  HOW TO APPLY: administrative info                       EuropeAid

     Applications must be submitted using the
   “Euromed Heritage IV Grant Application Form”
             annexed to the Guidelines
           (to be published in the coming days on:

At this stage, fill in and submit ONLY PART A:
- Concept note (max. 4 pages)
- Checklist for concept note
- Declaration by the applicant for concept note (to be
HOW TO APPLY: administrative info                          EuropeAid

• Language: English or French

• 1 original and 3 copies + electronic format
(The electronic format must contain exactly the same proposal
 as the paper version enclosed. Do not use PDF format)

• Prior registration in PADOR is not obligatory.
HOW TO APPLY: deadline                              EuropeAid

 The deadline for the receipt of applications is:

     Friday 15 February 2008, 16:00 CET

 Any application received after the deadline will
  automatically be rejected even if the postmark
 indicates a date preceding the deadline or if the
    delay is due to the private courier service.

            No submission via e-mail!

The Concept Note must answer the 4 sections in a maximum
of 4 pages (each section must be answered on maximum 1
page - the font size cannot be smaller than Arial 10)

Any Concept Note not meeting those basic requirements will
be rejected without appraisal...
CONCEPT NOTE                                                                EuropeAid

1. Summary of the action
Brief description of the proposed action (and the following questions)

2. Relevance:
2.1     How relevant is your proposal to the needs and constraints of the
        target country(ies) or region?
2.2     What are the problems to be resolved and the needs to be met?
2.3     Who are the actors involved (final beneficiaries, target groups)?
2.4     What are the objectives and expected results?
2.5     What is the added value of the action (what adds the action by
        reference to (central or local) government action and actions
        implemented by non state actors)?

3. Methodology and Sustainability:
3.1    What are the main project activities?
3.2    Who will be your main implementing partners, what is the length of
  your relationship with them and how will they be involved in the project?
3.3    How will the project achieve sustainability?
3.4    Will it have multiplier effects?

4. Operational capacity and expertise:
4.1     What is the experience of your organisation in project management?
4.2     What is the experience of your organisation and your partner(s) of
        the issues to be addressed?
STEP 1: Opening session and                        EuropeAid

administrative check

Use the checklist!!!

If any of the requested information is missing or is
incorrect, the proposal may be rejected on that
sole basis and the proposal will not be evaluated
STEP 2: evaluation of the Concept Note EuropeAid
1. Relevance:
1.1 Relevance of the problems to needs and constraints of the
   country/region to be addressed in general, and to those of the target        5
   groups and final beneficiaries in particular

1.2 Relevance to the priorities and objectives mentioned in the Guidelines     10

2. Effectiveness and Feasibility of the action:                               (25)

2.1 Assessment of the problem identification and analysis                       5

2.2 Assessment of the proposed activities (practicality and consistency in     10
   relation to the objectives, purpose and expected results).

2.3 Assessment of the role and involvement of all stakeholders and             10
   proposed partners.
3. Sustainability of the action:                                              (10)
3.1 Assessment of the identification of the main assumptions and risks,
   before the start up and throughout the implementation period.
3.2 Assessment of the identification of long-term sustainable impact on the
   target groups and final beneficiaries.

                                                                   TOTAL       50
STEP 2: evaluation of the Concept Note EuropeAid

1. Assessment by HQ and delegations:
Minimum of 12 points in the category "Relevance”, and
minimum total score of 30 points to be considered for pre-

2. Ranking: according to the total average score
The list of Concept Notes will be reduced in accordance to the
ranking to those whose sum of requested contributions
amounts to twice the available budget for this Call for

3. Information: invitation of pre-selected applicants to submit
full proposals and information of non-selected applicants
STEP 3: Evaluation of full proposal

   Euromed Heritage IV Grant Application Form,
                    PART B
      (not to be submitted at this stage)
  1. DESCRIPTION (including logical framework)
  2. BUDGET FOR THE ACTION (including expected sources of

II. THE APPLICANT: identity, profile, capacity to manage and
implement actions, list of the management board/committee of the
STEP 3: Evaluation of full proposal

   Euromed Heritage IV Grant Application Form,
                    PART B

description of the partners, Partnership Statement




BUDGET: eligibility of costs

  Only “eligible costs” can be taken into
            account for a grant.

It is therefore in the Beneficiary's interest
                 to provide a
     realistic and cost-effective budget.
  BUDGET: eligibility of costs

Costs must:

- be necessary for carrying out the action
- have actually been incurred during the
  implementation period
- be recorded in the Beneficiary's or the Beneficiary's
   partners' accounts or tax documents
- be identifiable and verifiable, and be backed up by
   originals of supporting documents
- and be paid for before final report verification
BUDGET: eligibility of costs                         EuropeAid

Make sure that your budget is readable and in line
with the proposed action

Delete all budget lines which are not used

Lump sums are not acceptable (indicate provisions)
BUDGET: 15% flexibility rule

Variations in the budget are allowed provided that they:

- they do not affect the basic purpose of the action; and

- the financial impact is limited to a transfer between items within
the same main budget heading including cancellation or
introduction of an item, or a transfer between main budget
headings involving a variation of 15% or less of the amount
originally entered in relation to each concerned main heading for
eligible costs.

 inform the EC in writing and without any delay (no addendum).

 not for administrative costs or contingency reserve.
BUDGET: item 1: Human resources

• indicate whether unit rates are maximum or average

• indicate full or part-time utilisation (and its percentage)

• indicate if staff are in-house, external collaborators or
  external contractor expertise/sub-contracted (if sub-
  contracted move to item 5)

• verify ratio between administrative staff and item 10

• per-diem: clarify that these are average and how web-site
  applicable rates will be utilised for reporting

• reduce number of budget lines based on similar
  activities/unit rates (both for per-diem and travels)
BUDGET: item 1: Human resources

In budget item 1, only staff recruited by the Beneficiary and
its partners with an employment contract (and related
payment of salaries) is eligible.

Staff recruited with a service contract (and related invoices)
is to be considered as “sub-contractors”. Procurement
rules apply. They should be included in budget item 5.

Salaries are not in-kind contributions, provided they are
paid by the Beneficiary and/or its partners, and they are
supported by appropriate proves of payment.
BUDGET: item 2: Travel

Flights only in economy class
• clarify if unit rates are maximum or average

• clarify modalities for local transport
BUDGET: item 3: Equipment and                                     EuropeAid

                  Type of expenditure eligible
              only if deemed necessary by the EC
            for the Euromed Heritage IV Programme.

    No reinforcement of the capacities of the beneficiary /
                partners unless duly justified.

• Indicate/clarify procurement planning and procedures
  (remember art 7 of GC)
  3.1 if just rental (delete purchase)
  3.5 Other (please specify) means they have to specify!

• Transfer to local partners and/or the final recipients at the
  latest by the end of the implementation of the Action

• Certificates of origin
BUDGET: item 4: Local office

           Type of expenditure eligible
       only if deemed necessary by the EC
    for the Euromed Heritage IV Programme.

 No need to set-up a specific office for a project,
              unless duly justified.

               (cf. 7% for overheads)
BUDGET: item 5: Other costs,
• do you have a procurement planning?
and procedures to follow?

5.2 modalities of such studies and their related
5.3 Expenditure verification: the only sub-contract
  without procedures
5.4 external evaluations, if included clarify
  modalities/ procedures
5.6 no need for bank guarantee = no bank charges
5.7 seminars, etc.: clarify link with 1.3.3
5.8 visibility action: no lump sum, modalities should
  be provided in the action description
BUDGET: item 6: Other

                 Please detail
 and, if related to other items, move these
        costs to correct budget lines
BUDGET: item 8: contingency reserve                                      EuropeAid

A contingency reserve not exceeding 5% of the direct eligible costs
may be included in the Budget of the Action. It can only be used
with the prior written authorisation of the Contracting Authority.

BUDGET: item 10: overheads
 The indirect costs incurred in carrying out the action may be
 eligible for flat-rate funding fixed at not more than 7% of the total
 eligible direct costs.

The provisions of Annex IV to standard
grant contracts apply mutatis mutandis to
contracts to be concluded by the
Beneficiary’s partners

Tender documents must be drafted in
accordance with best international
practice. If you do not have your own set
of documents, you may use EuropeAid
  PROCUREMENT: thresholds
  Artificial slicing in order to avoid threshold for publication is NOT

           >200.000 euro       > 10.000 euro , < 200.000 euro
           International                                                      < 10.000 euro
Services                       Rule: Competitive Negotiated Procedure                         in addition, other
           Restricted                                                         Single offer
           Procedure           Exception: your Framework Contract                             procedures:

           >150.000 euro                              10.000, < 60.000 euro
           International      > 60.000, < 150.000     Competitive             < 10.000 euro   and
Supplies   Open               euro                    Negotiated              Single offer
           Procedure          Local Open Procedure    Procedure                               dynamic

           > 5.000.000                                                                        before utilisation
           euro                                                                               of above
           1. International                           10.000, < 300.000                       procedures,
           Open               > 300.000, <            euro                                    make sure you
                                                                              < 10.000 euro
           Procedure          5.000.000 euro          Competitive                             get the prior
Works                                                                         Single offer    approval of the
           2. International   Local Open Procedure    Negotiated
           Restricted                                 Procedure                               EC

All the public contracts funded (co-funded) by the
Commission have to respect the principles of transparency,
proportionality, equal treatment and non-discrimination.

Negotiated procedure: the cases where the contracting
authority addresses itself to an operator of its choice without
proceeding to competition are exceptional, and reserved for
well-defined, specific situations that require the prior written
approval of the Commission.

              always fair competition
RE-GRANTING                                                               EuropeAid

The Applicant may propose awarding “sub-grants”.
To be included in the proposal:
- justification for re-granting,
- types of activities which may be eligible for sub-grants
- total budget used for awarding sub-grants,
- minimum and maximum amount which may be paid to third parties,
- criteria for determining the exact amount for the sub-grant.
The maximum amount of sub-grant is limited to EUR 10.000
per third party of the while the total amount which can be
awarded as sub-grants to third parties is limited to EUR
The Beneficiary shall remain the only counterpart of the EC
regarding the management of the sub-granted funds,
particularly as far as the eligibility of expenditure occurred by third
parties is concerned.

In addition, pay attention to:

Annex II – General Conditions !!!!!!

Annex VI - Model narrative and financial report

Annex VII- Model report of factual findings and terms
of reference for an expenditure verification of an EC
financed grant contract for external actions
                          to check regularly
Additional information:   until the deadline!   EuropeAid
EC contract procedures   EuropeAid
Standard documents   EuropeAid
  Provisional timeline

                                                                                           Contract finalisation
                                                                                             and signature
                                                               Second phase
                                                           of project preparation
         First phase of project

                                                                                                             BEGINNING OF PROJECTS...
                                                                                        Final evaluation
                                                                                        in HQ & EC Dels
 Publication                                            Invitation of best concept
of guidelines                Deadline for                 notes to submit a full
                              receipt of                         proposal
                            concept notes

      INFO DAYS in Brussels on 10.12.07         Evaluation of
      (EN) and on 15.01.08 (FR)                 concept notes
      + in Damascus on 17.01.08 (EN)
      + in Rabat on 25.01.08 (FR)

     October      December 07     Deadline 15.02.08                                   May-      JULY 2008
                                                      March 08   April 08
       07          -January 08                                                       June 08
 ANY QUESTIONS?                                                 EuropeAid

1) Questions & answers session of this afternoon (14:30)

2) Questions may be sent by e-mail or by fax no later than
26/01/2008 to:
            Fax: +32 2 29 21 002
            Ref.: Euromed Heritage IV

Please, regularly check the EuropeAid website (search with reference
n° 126266) in order to be informed of the latest news related to
this call as well as the published Q&A

  N.B.: In the interest of equal treatment of applicants, the EC
 cannot give a prior opinion on the eligibility of an applicant, a
                 partner or a proposed activities.

    Thank you for your attention

Please note that this document has been prepared for information
 purposes only, official instructions are provided in the published
       Guidelines and their related official documentation.

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