The Plummer Patient Record at Mayo Clinic 1907 - by badboyben


									 The Plummer Patient
 Record at Mayo Clinic
     1907 - 2007

Richard W. Cleeremans
Masonic Temple Building - 1901
Dr. Henry Plummer
Original Mayo Medical Record Ledgers
             1885 - 1907
    Medical Records At Mayo
• The system was comprised of four parts:
   • A record for each patient
   • A centralized storage area
   • An efficient transportation system to
    move records between offices and
   • An index by diagnosis and surgical
    procedure that physicians could use to
    search the archives for records to
    complete clinical studies
    Medical Records At Mayo
• He hired Mabel Root, a
 Rochester native, to
 assist him
First Mayo Clinic Medical Record
           1910: Mabel Root

• Card catalog
• 5 x 8 inch index cards
• Summary for research
Plummer-Root Original Six Wooden Medical
           Record Cabinets
1914 Building
1914 & 1928 Buildings
Joseph Berkson, M.D.   Leonard T. Kurland, M.D.

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