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					             MacArthur Communicative Development Inventory
                         Words and Sentences
                          Child Report Form
Child’s Name:        Suzy Bilingual                          Date of Report:    12/12/2000
Id Number:           TOD123                                  Date of CDI:       06/14/1998
Gender:              F                                       Date of Birth:     11/20/1996
Parent/Guardian:     Ms. Bilingual                           Age in months:     18

Words Children Use

  Vocabulary Checklist
    Words Produced:                   Number:        *15 (of 680)        Percentile:     <1th

                                                                    Percent of “yes” answers at
  How children use words                                                 this child’s age
    Past:                                                 No                    39%
    Future:                                               No                    46%
    Absent object (production):                           No                    80%
    Absent object (comprehension):                       Yes                    96%
    Absent owner:                                        Yes                    78%

Sentences and Grammar
                                                                    Percent of “yes” answers at
  Grammatical suffixes                                                   this child’s age
    Plural (-s):                                          No                    29%
    Possessive (-’s):                                     No                    23%
    Progressive (-ing):                                   No                    25%
    Past tense (-ed):                                     No                    1%

  Irregular words                     Number:         0 (of 25)         Percentile:      45th

  Overregularized words               Number:         0 (of 45)

                                                                    Percent of “yes” answers at
                                                                         this child’s age
  Is the child combining words?                        Yes                      68%

  Length of child’s three longest sentences
    1) 2          2) 3       3) 2         Mean: 2.3                     Percentile:      66th

  Sentence complexity
    Number of times the more complex sentence is selected:               0     (of 37)

* At or below the 10th percentile for child's age.
Spanish also spoken in the home.

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