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									Introduction to Carbon Management
           and Offsetting
      The NTA Carbon Calculator

                Ted Martens
    Director of Outreach & Development

            December 3rd, 2009
          Presentation Outline
 Addressing Global Climate Change
 The Role of CO2 Offsets
 Carbon Offsetting Demystified
    Definitions
    How it works
    Benefits
 Your Sustainable Tourism Strategy
 Tools for Carbon Management
 Questions
                Who is STI?
Non-profit whose mission is to help travelers and
 tourism providers protect the places they visit,
            and the planet at large.
           Sustainability Partner of the NTA
   Addressing Global Climate Change

 Sustainable Energy
 Political Will
 First Best & Second Best Solutions
 Travelling More Thoughtfully
Offsets are Part of the Solution
            Controversy and Confusion
            CO2 Reduction
              Individual Efforts
              Cap & Trade Legislation
              Energy Efficiency
              Renewable Energy
              High Quality CO2 Offsets
          What Defines an Offset

 Carbon Offset: A mechanism by which the impact of
  emitting a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) can be negated or
 diminished by avoiding the release of a ton elsewhere, or
 absorbing a ton of CO2 from the air that otherwise
 would have remained in the atmosphere.
How do Offset Projects Work?

                   Renewable Energy
                   Energy Efficiency
                   Forestry
Quality is Paramount
        Independent 3rd party
          verification ensures:
            Transparency
            Integrity
            Accountability
            Additionality
 Benefits to Society and the Planet
Quality CO2 Offsets:
 Diversify our power supply
 Reduce dependency on imported fuel
 Reduce air and water pollution
 Contribute to sustainable development
 Create “green collar” jobs
 Increase demand for renewable energy
Benefits to Your Business
        Travelers are looking for a deeper
         Green experience
        Proactive participation in
         sustainability solutions with a
         relatively simple measure
        Help generate awareness and
         momentum for changes necessary
         to avoid the most serious future
         effects of drastic climate change
        Benefits to Your Business
 Showing a leadership role to your
  clients in educating on climate
 Creating another touch point with
  your travelers
 Taking green programs and
  sustainable strategies to the next
 Reduce. Reuse. Offset. Carbon
  Offsets as the last piece in a
  complete program of minimizing
  the carbon footprint of travel.
Your Sustainable Tourism Strategy
            Obtain buy-in from management
            Assess your carbon footprint
            Set goals and objectives
            Measure and monitor
            Get everyone involved
            Focus on continuous improvement
            Utilize the tools available to you
 Using the NTA Carbon Calculator
 Add a carbon offset graphic and
 Train your sales staff to introduce
 Promote the calculator on your
  Responsible Travel page
 Educate your clients
 Lead by example
               Best Practices
 Measure Your Company’s CO2 Footprint
 Reduce your CO2 Footprint
 Go beyond the calculator
   Voluntary Opt-in
   Voluntary Opt-out
   Matching Program
   Carbon Neutral
            Above and Beyond
 Carbon Footprint Analysis
 Custom CO2 Calculators
 Energy Audits
 Renewable Energy
 Sustainability Management
 Education & Training
        Thank You
              Visit STI:
        Call: 800-276-7764

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