2007 Throughout the southern Rhône, 2007 is the greatest by badboyben


									2007: Throughout the southern Rhône, 2007 is the greatest vintage I have tasted in my thirty
years working in that region. In a future issue, my enthusiastic notes about Gigondas,
Vacqueyras, and the other Côtes du Rhônes will be published. Nearly every producer has
attained largely unprecedented levels of quality. Moreover, the vintage is remarkably consistent
from top to bottom.

As for Châteauneuf du Pape, that appellation has had an unprecedented succession of
superlative vintages. Forgetting the historic washout in 2002, every vintage between 1998 and
2007 has had both high quality and something different to offer stylistically. Where does 2007 fit.
Think of 2007 as a hypothetical blend of an opulent, powerful, sumptuous year such as 1990, and
a cooler drought vintage such as 2001. The cool weather and the remarkable three weeks of
Mistral in September that concentrated the grapes without any spikes of high heat appears to
have given the 2007s an aromatic dimension and freshness that I have rarely witnessed.
Combine that with wines that are substantial, powerful, and relatively high in alcohol, with super
depth of fruit! These are very aromatic wines of great concentration, freshness, laser-like focus,
and amazing purity as well as depth. It is the vintage of my lifetime for this region, and I don’t
say that lightly. These 2007s will also be very long-lived given their extraordinary
balance…..Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate, Issue 179, 10-30-08

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Domaine Albin Jacumin, La Begude des Papes 89-91 WA             $41.99    $47.99           ______

Bosquet des Papes, Tradition 90-92WA, 90-93IWC                 $43.99     $49.99           ______

B. d Papes, A la Gloire de Mon Grand-Pere 91-93WA, 91-94IWC $59.99          $67.99         ______

Bosquet des Papes, Chante le Merle 92-95WA, 91-94 IWC          $75.99     $85.99           ______

Bosquet des Papes, La Folie 88-90+WA, 91-94IWC                 $48.99     $54.99           ______

Clos des Brusquieres 88-90WA, 91-94IWC                         $38.99     $43.99           ______

Domaine de la Cote de l’Ange VV 90-93WA, 90-93IWC              $59.99     $67.99           ______

Domaine Olivier Hillaire, Cuvee Classic 91-93WA, 90-93IWC $56.99          $63.99           ______

D. Olivier Hillaire, Les Petits Pieds d’Armand 94-96WA,        $106.99    $120.99          ______

Chateau Fortia, Cuvee Tradition 85-87+WA, 90-93IWC             $35.99     $40.99           ______

Chateau Fortia Cuvee du Baron 85-87+WA, 91-94IWC               $38.99     $43.99           ______

Domaine Lafond, Tradition 90-92WA, 86-89IWC                    $46.99     $52.99           ______

Domaine Moulin-Tacussel, Tradition 89-91WA                     $44.99     $50.99           ______

D. Moulin-Tacussel, Hommage a Henry Tacussel 90-93WA $64.99               $73.99           ______

Mas de Boislauzon, Tradition 90-92WA, 88-91IWC                 $43.99     $49.99           ______

Mas de Boislauzon, Cuvee de Quet 92-94WA, 91-94IWC             $82.99     $93.99           ______
Mas de Boislauzon, Tinto (100% Mourvedre) 93-95WA, 91-94IWC $85.99                 $96.99    _____

Domaine Tour Saint Michel, Cuvee des Deux Soeurs 90-92WA             $40.99        $45.99    _____

D. Tour Saint Michel, Feminessance 89-91+WA                         $51.99         $57.99    _____

Cuvee du Vatican, Tradition 89-91WA, 89-92IWC                       $40.99         $45.99    _____

Cuvee du Vatican, Reserve Sixtine 91-94WA, 91-94IWC                 $63.99         $72.99    _____

Domaine Pierre Usseglio, Tradition 90-93WA, 89-92IWC                $54.99         $61.99    _____

D. Pierre Usseglio, Cuvee de Mon Aieul 96-99WA, 93-96IWC            $113.99        $128.99 ____

Domaine La Milliere, Cuvee Unique 92-94WA, 90-93IWC                 $44.99         $50.99    _____

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