Iredell-Statesville Schools Elementary Battle of the Books – March by badboyben


									   Iredell-Statesville Schools Elementary Battle of the Books –
                          March 27, 2007
All assemble in Room A/B at 8:45, Rounds begin at 9:00
Break – take your break between 10:15 and 10:45 provided by Statesville
Woman’s Club
Lunch – 11:30ish (all teams will end on same round before lunch)
All assemble in Room A/B following last round

A/B                                           Room E
Round 1     Mt. Mourne vs. Woodland Heights   Round 1    Harmony vs. Sharon
Round 2     Mt. Mourne vs. Lakeshore          Round 2    Harmony vs. Shepherd
Round 3     East vs. Troutman                 Round 3    Shepherd vs. Central
Round 4     Troutman vs. Woodland Heights     Round 4    Sharon vs. Central
Round 5     Woodland vs. Lake Norman          Round 5    Sharon vs. Shepherd
Round 6     Lake Norman vs. Mt. Mourne        Round 6    Harmony vs. Central
Round 7     Mt. Mourne vs. Troutman           Round 7    Woodland Heights vs. Central
Round 8     Troutman vs. Lake Norman          Round 8    Woodland Heights vs. Shepherd
Round 9     Harmony vs. Lake Norman           Round 9    Shepherd vs. Lakeshore
Round 10    Harmony vs. Mt. Mourne            Round 10   Lakeshore vs. Central
Round 11    Mt. Mourne vs Sharon              Round 11   Woodland Heights vs. Lakeshore
Round 12    Sharon vs. Lake Norman            Round 12   Woodland Heights vs. Harmony
Round 13    Lake Norman vs. Ebenezer          Round 13   Harmony vs. Troutman
Round 14    Ebenezer vs. Mt. Mourne           Round 14   Troutman vs. Sharon
Round 15    Mt. Mourne vs. Cool Spring        Round 15   Sharon vs. Monticello
Round 16    Cool Spring vs. Central           Round 16   Monticello vs. Troutman
Round 17    Mt. Mourne vs. Central            Round 17   Troutman vs. Lakeshore
Round 18    Cool Spring vs. Lake Norman       Round 18   Lakeshore vs. Sharon
Round 19    Lake Norman vs. Central           Round 19   Troutman vs. Scotts
Round 20    Central vs. Union Grove           Round 20   Scotts vs. Monticello
Round 21    Union Grove vs. Lake Norman       Round 21   Troutman vs. Shepherd
Round 22    Central vs. Scotts                Round 22   Shepherd vs. Cool Spring
Round 23    Scotts vs. Mt. Mourne             Round 23   Cool Spring vs. Troutman
Round 24    Mt. Mourne vs. Shepherd           Round 24   Troutman vs. Central
Round 25    Shepherd vs. Scotts               Round 25   Central vs. Third Creek
Round 26    Mt. Mourne vs Union Grove         Round 26   Third Creek vs. Troutman
Round 27    Mt. Mourne vs. East               Round 27   Third Creek vs. Lake Norman
Round 28    Central vs. Ebenezer              Round 28   Lake Norman vs. Celeste
Round 29    Ebenezer vs. Troutman             Round 29   Celeste vs. Shepherd
Round 30    Troutman vs. Union Grove          Round 30   Lake Norman vs. Shepherd
Round 31    Union Grove vs. Sharon            Round 31   Celeste vs. Central
Round 32    Sharon vs. East                   Round 32   Celeste vs. Troutman
Round 33                                      Round 33   Celeste vs. Harmony
Round 34                                      Round 34   Ebenezer vs. Shepherd
Round 35                                      Round 35   Celeste vs. Lakeshore

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