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Bank Calls Business Loans document sample

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									                                                           11. Legal/Professional Services
         1. Gross Receipts or Sales
                                                       Payments to accountants, lawyers and other                          21. Wages
 Sales tickets from sales of Mary Kay product
                                                      professionals for services related to your Mary    Hourly wages or salary paid for office assistance
             and bank deposit slips
                                                                       Kay business

                                                                                                             22. Other Expenses/Bank Service
        2. Returns and Allowances                                12. Office Expenses                                     Charges
Receipts of product returned to you for refund or      Business-related office supplies and postage      Service charges on business bank and credit card
                   exchange                                              stamps                              accounts, money order fees, credit card
                                                                                                                         processing fees

           3. Cost of Goods Sold                       13. Rent on Vehicles, Machinery and
 Receipts to support purchase of product (i.e.
                                                                                                                23. Other Expenses - Freight
  packing slip), shipping/handling paid to the                                                           Charges for shipping product to customers, team
                                                     Business portion of auto lease expenses plus any
 Company, record of personal use and product                                                                              members, etc.
                                                                leased office equipment
             given as hostess gifts

              4. Other Income
   Monthly commission statements, Income
                                                                                                         24. Other Expenses – Gifts-with-Purchase
  Advisory Statement & Form 1099-MISC for              14. Rent on Other Business Property
                                                                                                            Cost of most Preferred Customer Program
commissions, prizes and awards earned from the        Rent or lease on office, if separate from home
   Company and fair market value of prizes
             received from others.

                5. Advertising                                                                           25. Other Expenses – Hostess Gifts Other
  Company-produced sales literature, business                 15. Repairs/Maintenance
cards, newspaper ads, Mary Kay® Personal Web         Cost of repairing equipment used in your Mary
                                                                                                                than Mary Kay® Products
                                                                                                          Cost of Section 2 items given as hostess gifts
  Site program, names submitted for Preferred                         Kay business
                                                                                                                     (limited to $25 or less)
            Customer Program, etc.

        6. Car and Truck Expenses
                                                                      16. Supplies
 Mileage log, business portion of gas receipts,                                                                26. Other Expenses– Bad Debt
                                                      Cost of sales aids, Section 2 items, and other
   repairs, maintenance, insurance, tires, oil,                                                          Returned customer checks or refused credit card
                                                      supplies used during sales appointments (i.e.
interest on car loan, parking fees, tolls and auto                                                        payments you are completely unable to collect
                                                              cotton balls), Starter Kit, etc.
                   property tax

                                                               17. Taxes and Licenses
         7. Commissions and Fees                                                                                      27. Other Expenses
                                                        Business & occupation taxes, gross receipt
  Dovetail commissions and amount of prizes                                                               Any other expense category not already listed
                                                     taxes, local business licenses and non-recovered
              awarded to others                                                                                           elsewhere
                                                                          sales tax

                                                                       18. Travel
               8. Depreciation                                                                            28. Expenses for Business Use of Home
                                                     Datebook or daily planner for documentation,
  Depreciation on automobile, equipment and                                                               Maintenance, repairs, utilities, taxes, mortgage
                                                     business travel expenses such as transportation,
portion of home used in your Mary Kay business                                                                            interest, etc.
                                                           lodging, tips, convention fees, etc.

                                                                                                                    Documentation for
                                                            19. Meals and Entertainment
                 9. Insurance
                                                      Datebook or daily planner for documentation,
 Mary Kay® product protection insurance and
general liability. Does not include homeowner’s
                                                        meals from business travel and meals and                        ___________
                                                     entertainment directly related to your Mary Kay
    insurance, life, auto or health insurance
                                                                                                                           Tax Year
                                                                      20. Utilities
            10. Other Interest                       Long distance business calls, business portion of
  Interest on business loans and business             additional phone features such as call waiting,
                credit cards                          cost of a second phone, if dedicated solely for
                                                                       business use

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