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									Premier Assistive Technology

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              Premier Programs

Talking Word Processor   Talking Checkbook
E-text Reader            Talking Calculator
PDF Equalizer            Talking Dictionary
PDF Magic                Text to Audio
Premier Predictor Pro    Universal Reader
Premier Tools            Scan and Read Pro
Premier Test Builder     Scan and View
                 About Premier

Premier is a suite of
software that was created
for PC based computers
It is made to be
accessible to many users
It provides many
accommodations to users
including: text to

speech, text reader, and
word prediction

Premier does have
manuals built into its
program. The are
available under your
programs menu.
They are opened in
Microsoft Word
                 Premier Tools

The toolbar floats on your screen and allows the user
to access many of the programs while using your
Voice and rate
may be
changed to

                 Premier Options
                Talking Calculator

The talking calculator
allows students to hear
each button pressed and
the answers given

It also allows students to
keep a visual map to each
Talking Checkbook

           Talking checkbook
           allows you to
           electronically enter your

           It will also keep a ledger
           of your balance

           Great tool for visually
Talking Dictionary

            Talking dictionary allows
            students to access the
            It will read the definition
            of each word if desired
            Allows users to copy and
            paste definition into
            word processor for
            vocabulary assignments
          Talking Word Processor

Provides the user with a word processing program
similar to Word
Provides a multi-sensory approach to writing
Can read each key, word, or sentence
Text can be typed in for students and program can
read passages aloud
              Premier Predictor Pro
                               Microsoft Office: Including MS
Predictor Pro is a tool bar    Word, Power Point, Excel and
that allows the user to have   Access – all versions
                               Microsoft Outlook and Outlook
word prediction in the         express
following programs:            Word Perfect
                               Note Pad
                               Word Pad
                               Microsoft Works
                               Internet Explore
                               Web based Email: Including Hot
                               Mail, GMail, Yahoo Mail
                               Premier Test Builder
                               E-Text Reader
                               Web Based Forms and search
                               engines: Including MSN, Google,
                               Yahoo, and AOL
    Universal Reader and U Reader Plus
Universal Reader is a
toolbar that allows the user
to choose the text it wants
to read. It is not a screen

U Reader Plus allows the
user to have the auto
summarize feature

U Reader also has a feature
called Talk Pointer. This
allows you to put your
cursor in the area you want
               Scan and Read

Scan and Read allows you to scan in documents then
uses Optical Character Recognition to read the
While holding F5 click the scan button
E-text Reader

         This program is used
         with electronic books
         Such as: Bookshare,
         RFB&D, or Guttenberg

         Also has auto-summarize
         and highlighting features
                  Text to Audio

Text to Audio allows you
to import documents to
be read.
It is a simple way to
access documents you
already have saved and
have them read aloud
Press F6 to see the
document in its own
window and hear it read
                   PDF Magic

“PDF Magic Pro is a utility designed to convert
normally ‘inaccessible’ PDF Files into one of 11
different accessible formats. It can even support 155
                PDF Equalizer

PDF Equalizer allows you to have the document read
It also allows you to take notes as you read
             Premier Test Builder

Premier Test Builder allows you to create tests that
can be distributed electronically to your students.
This allows them to use the other Premier tools to
have it read to them, allow them to highlight, etc.
It is opened in Word, but has an additional toolbar
called Add-ins

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