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                                            Automated Enrollment System

Driver’s Licenses, Military Ids, Credit Cards, Foreign Worker Cards, Customizable Cards, Windows GUIs, Terminal Emulators, Web Screens, etc...

                           Automatically Populate your screen by swiping a card!

 Simple “One Swipe” Technology
 SmartReg 2005, an advanced card macro builder designed
 to take data from any card with machine readable data, and
 populate it into your enrollment form or forms by simply swiping
 the card through a reader. The SmartReg system does this
 automatically, with no added interaction from the user. Simply
 swipe the card, and your form is filled out.

 Supports All Card Types
 SmartReg 2005, now has built-in support for most cards with
 machine readable data such as: Driver’s Licenses, Credit Cards,
 Military Ids, and the new Foreign Workers Identification Card.
 The SmartReg system also has a customizable library that
 allows you to add cards that are not included with the standard

 Supports All Screen Types
 SmartReg 2005 can populate virtually any Windows 2000/XP
 screen or form. We now offer advanced support for: Web
 Based, Terminal Emulator, and Windows GUI screens. This
 flexibility allows you the ability to hide the mechanics of
 SmartReg from the user. They simply swipe the card and data
 appears on the screen.

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