League Rules
              UPDATED MARCH 2008

1. GRACE PERIOD: There shall be a 10 minute grace period for the first scheduled
   game of the night. After 10 minutes has passed, if a team cannot field 9 players they
   must forfeit.

2. MINIMUM LINEUP: A team may not play with less than 9 players. A 10th player
   can be added if the player is an original player from your team and you are playing
   with 9 players from your original team.

3. MAXIMUM LINEUP: A team may have a maximum of 15 players in the batting
   lineup with 10 of those playing defense.

4. SQUISH RULE: Any player, not ejected for unsportsmanlike like conduct, may be
   removed from the lineup without substitution, and her batting position shall be
   “squished”. The “squished” batting position is eliminated for the remainder of the
   game. The “squished” player may not re-enter the game.

5. AUTOMATIC OUT: If a player is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct and cannot
   be substituted for, an automatic out will be declared each time that ejected player
   comes to bat in the lineup.

6. TIME LIMITS: Time limit is 1 hour and 15 minutes, except on triple header nights
   time limit is 1 hour and 10 minutes. No new inning shall begin after the time limit
   has elapsed. Curfew for lights out shall be 10:30 p.m.

7. TIED GAMES: League games that are tied due to weather or time limit will be
   recorded as “regulation tied games” and entered in the standings as such.

8. TIE BREAKER: The Kansas City tie breaker will be used in all games after the 7th
   inning. The last out from the previous inning will begin each new inning as a runner
   at 2nd base. This will continue until someone wins or time has elapsed.

9. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: There shall be no alcoholic beverages in the bench
   area. The offending player or coach can be ejected. Park rules state “no alcoholic

10. MERCY RULE: 15 runs after 4 innings, and 10 runs after 5 innings.

11. HOME TEAM: The home team shall provide a new game ball and a good used
   backup ball. Home team maintains the official scorebook and official time.

12. COURTESY RUNNERS: Courtesy runners will be allowed under these guidelines.
       a.) A maximum of 2 players per team can have a courtesy runner.
       b.) Once a player uses a courtesy runner they must continue to use the
           courtesy runner for the remainder of the game.
       c.) The courtesy runner will be the player that made the last out. In the
           event that an out has not been made, the player closest to the injured
           player in reverse order not currently on base will be the runner.
       d.) If the last out is currently on base the second to last out will be the runner.
       e.) An illegal courtesy runner is an appeal situation. The appeal must be made
           before the next legal or illegal pitch.
       f.) The successful appeal of a courtesy runner will result in the runner being
           removed from the base and an out being recorded for the player for whom the
           substitution was made.

13. PICK UP PLAYER: Up to 3 players for any position may be picked up to make 10.
    “Rec” league cannot pick up “upper division” players (for second half of season
    only). Team picking up players cannot sit their own players and still use pick-ups.
    Pick-ups may not sub for present able-bodied team members. If a team member
    shows up late, that person will bump the pick-up out of the game and enter the game
    in their place.

14. AGE LIMITS: Players must be at least 16 years of age. Players under 18 must have
    written consent from a parent/guardian.

15. SAFETY BAG: The umpire will automatically call a runner out when the runner
    steps on the white bag at 1st base. The only exception is if the player is attempting
    extra bases and there is no play being made at 1st base. There is no appeal on the call.

16. BASE PATH AND PITCHING DISTANCES: The pitching distance will be 50-55
    feet. The base path will be 65 feet.

17. APPROVED EQUIPMENT: All equipment used must be on the NSA approved
    equipment list. Umpires have the right to check equipment at any time during the

18. FIELDS: Both teams are responsible for maintaining a legal and safe playing field.
    Both teams MUST clean up their respective dugout and spectator areas after each

19. REPORTING SCORES: Winning teams please report scores to Lori Lewis either
    in person, by phone 679-1385 or by email to Please report scores
    on a weekly basis, including date of game and team name.

20. TEN RUN RULE: No more than ten (10) runs per inning will be allowed except for
    last inning of game. This rule applies to first half of season only.
21. LATE FEE: A $50 late fee is to be added to a team sponsor fee if sponsor fee is not
    received on time. Late fee is implemented one (1) day after sponsor fee is due.
    Teams are given a seven (7) day grace period to pay fees in total (sponsor fee + late

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