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									What is brandit?
Laddawn will display your company name and logo on every order you place, stock or custom- for FREE! The high-
resolution brandit label ensures that every case looks as though you made it yourself. Once your brandit label is
established, you can order as little as one case and have your private label affixed instantly at any of our five regional
distribution centers. Look inside to find out more and put the power of branding to work for you.

Who is Laddawn?
For over 25 years, Laddawn has been a customer-focused, dependable and innovative manufacturer of plastic bags. We
combine ISO 9001:2000 quality manufacturing with five regional warehouses full of stock packaging items, so we can fill
your orders quickly at competitive prices. Whether you order via the Internet, through our customer service teams or by
fax, our internal systems ensure accurate and on-time delivery of your order. brandit is part of our mission to provide
distributors the premier plastic bag via unsurpassed systems.

Building Loyalty
brandit is a Laddawn original, and all of the programming is customized to serve packaging distributors' particular needs.
It is a one-of-a-kind application designed to help you build loyalty within your customer base. By displaying your brand
and identity prominently, Laddawn helps make sure your customer thinks of you when they place their next order. And
because your label includes order specifics along with contact information, you simplify the job of reordering for both you
and your customer.

To help you grow your sales and be more profitable, we have made brandit free. As your loyal partner, we think the
brandit program is an exciting way to show our commitment to making you look good and building your business.

How it Works
brandit is a specialized labeling system that features your logo, address and other customized information boldly on every
carton you order from Laddawn. With the brandit program, you have the opportunity to include service or re-order
information, descriptions, phone numbers, order specifics and a customized message up to 50 characters long on each

The system uses a series of barcodes to match every detail of your order with each case of our products and generates a
high-resolution label to affix at the time of your order. Once we have established your label template and created a digital
file, we'll send it to you for approval. From there forward, your label can appear on every case of material you buy from
Laddawn. As you'll see when you set up the label, you even have options to customize the presentation on a per order

Why Is brandit Important?
When you're selling commodities like plastic bags, branding has special significance. Your customer needs to remember
what was unique about buying from you or they will buy their product somewhere else. Reinforcing your name and your
identity on each carton you order from Laddawn will make sure that you are remembered.

Because your order is barcode controlled from the time it is generated until the time it ships, we have eliminated the
opportunity for most shipping mistakes. Our computer will not allow short-shipments, over-shipments, or the shipment of
the wrong product. This helps ensure that you receive the right order.

                                Two Northeast Boulevard P.O. Box 910 Sterling, MA 01564-0910
                                    www/laddawn.com 1-800-446-3639 FAX: 800-253-5246
brandit makes solving problems easy, because every action we carry out with your order is recorded in detail on a
shipping log. Barcode technology makes this comprehensive record possible. With more information available on all your
orders, brandit helps you give and receive better service.

The benefits of brandit add up to measurable savings by ensuring that you receive orders that are accurate,
delivered on-time and to the right location. Just as importantly, brandit helps to establish and support your company's
brand identity, directly to your customers, every time you order from Laddawn. This gives you an unprecedented level of
buying power.

Format Your Label
Call us at 800-446-3639 for assistance in setting up your custom label, or follow these 6 simple steps. If you already have
a label you affix to your products, you can send us a digital file of the artwork. We'll do the formatting on a 5x3 template
and send you a proof for your approval. If you do not already have a label, or you would like to take advantage of some of
the custom features Laddawn can provide, creating a format is very easy.

1) Logo
If you have a design logo made up of symbols or stylized type, you will probably want to include it prominently on your
label. Mark the template on the facing page with an "L" in the spot you would like to place your logo. Be sure to provide us
a black & white digital file of your logo (in tif, jpg, bmp, pct, wmf, eps, or ai form in a resolution of 150 - 300dpi.) or black
& white camera-ready artwork. We cannot process requests for grayscale or color graphics.

2) Address
To include an address on your labels, write it below as you would like it to appear and mark its place on the template with
a capital "A". Consider how this address will be used. If you have multiple addresses, remember that this address is likely
to be used by shippers and warehouse personnel as well as purchasing.

3) Phone
We recommend you provide a phone number for easy reordering. Below, write the phone number you would like to feature
along with any accompanying text. For instance, you may want to say "Reorder at 1-888-555-1212", or "Call 1-800-555-
1212 For Service." Write the letter "P" on your label template where you would like it to appear.

4) Description
A. Our standard label lists four levels of description. We display an item number like "Item 10270", a corresponding
abreviation for gusseted bags, the size "58 x 46 x 108 x .0015", and finally a case quantity of "50". This set of descriptions
will appear just as it does on the labels you currently receive from Laddawn. If you would like your description to appear
                                 Two Northeast Boulevard P.O. Box 910 Sterling, MA 01564-0910
                                     www/laddawn.com 1-800-446-3639 FAX: 800-253-5246
this way, write "D" next to the lines on the template.

B. Alternately, we can print your labels with your item numbers. To do this, all we need is a tab delimited ASCII file that
lists your item numbers as they correspond to Laddawn's. Please create this file with your number first, then our item
number, followed by your description if desired. You can also include your own descriptions on the ASCII file to print in
place of Laddawn's. If you would like to feature your own data, write "M" next to the lines on the template.

5) Barcodes
Our thermal printers are capable of producing high quality barcodes of a variety of types. Laddawn's default bar code is
printed in "3 of 9" style and includes an item number and description. If you would like to print a different type of barcode,
please write the style you prefer and the elements you would like your barcode to include below.

6) Order Specifics
When provided, your customer's purchase order # will print automatically on your label. Laddawn also provides an
additional comment line to be used on an order-by-order basis. At the time of order, you will be asked if you would like to
use the standard label you have just established, or whether you'd like to add a 50-character line of comment. These
options will also be available on the Internet, and should be listed clearly on any fax orders.

   Follow the steps on the previous page to create your own label in actual size. Don't Your Template worry
         about making mistakes, because we'll send you a proof for approval before we start labeling.

Your label is complete. Once we have received your package, you can receive a proof by:
[ ] fax [ ] emailed pdf file or [ ] mail.

Please provide the appropriate contact information to which you would like your proof sent:

[ ] Fill out order template.
[ ] Provide information for receiving proof.
[ ] Fax this page along with a large version of your black & white logo to 1.800.253.5246. You may also email your logo
to branditadmin@laddawn.com, or mail it to Laddawn Manufacturing, PO Box 910, Sterling, MA. 01564.
                                Two Northeast Boulevard P.O. Box 910 Sterling, MA 01564-0910
                                     www/laddawn.com 1-800-446-3639 FAX: 800-253-5246
[ ] Email or mail an ASCII format file of item numbers if desired. You may also include your descriptions in this file (See #
4 in "Format")

                                Two Northeast Boulevard P.O. Box 910 Sterling, MA 01564-0910
                                    www/laddawn.com 1-800-446-3639 FAX: 800-253-5246
X: 800-253-5246

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