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									National Security Associates, Inc
NSA Mission

 National Security Associates, Inc., can
 provide the right people, the right
 experience and the right approach to
 deliver integrated training support in
 executing the Military & Law Enforcement
 training missions and warrior readiness

NSA Objectives

 Support Military worldwide GWOT training efforts

 Support the Military training mission

 Support National Guard and Reserve Component

 Support Special Operations Units

 Support local/state/federal law enforcement

 Support All Facets Of Public Safety and Homeland Security Preparation

NSA Overview

 Ability to provide integrated training, training support and a facility to the
  military and to law enforcement agencies

 Ability to support our clients with proven, current and relevant experience
  across all training requirements

 Ability to equip the Warfighter

 Ability to provide real world training facilities

 Ability to help mitigate the reduction/loss of training areas

NSA Overview

• Work force of over 250 operators and consultants in international

• “Theater Presents ” in Iraq and Afghanistan

• Ability to conduct worldwide MTTs

• World renown breaching and explosives expertise

• Ability to rapidly respond to unique requirements

NSA Federal Clients
•   Air National Guard
                                                  •    Federal Bureau of Investigation
•   National Guard Bureau
                                                  •    Federal Emergency Management Agency
•   Nuclear Regulatory Commission
                                                  •    General Services Administration
•   Office of the Secretary of Defense
                                                  •    Immigration and Naturalization Service
•   Patent and Trademark Office
                                                  •    Internal Revenue Service
•   U.S. Air Force
                                                  •    U.S. Department of
•   U.S. Army                                          Energy
•   U.S. Census Bureau                            •    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
•   U.S. Coast Guard                              •    U.S. Department of Justice
•   U.S. Department of Agriculture                •    U.S. Department of State
•   U.S. Department of Defense                    •    USASOF Command
•   Centers for Disease Control                   •    U.S. Department of Transportation
                                                  •    U.S. Department of the Treasury
•   Defense Logistics Agency
                                                  •    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
•   Defense Threat Reduction Agency               •    U.S. Marine Corps
•   Drug Enforcement Agency                       •    U.S. Navy
•   Federal Aviation Administration               •    U.S. Postal Service
•   U.S. Marshal Service                          •    U.S. Secret Service
                                                  •    * Others Classified

NSA Training Complex
 NSA’s training complex is a state of the art technical and tactical
 training facility adjacent to Ft Benning, GA on 692 acres. The complex
 is designed to support Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and
 Homeland security.

              Beach Landing Site                                         Sunshine Rd.
                                                                       FORT BENNING
                                    LZ/Halo DZ
                         MOUT Site                                                            F
                                                                              Fort Benning Bound
                          AAR Theater                Shoot House                              R
          Heavy                                                                               T
                        Hill Top                 Classrooms                                   E
EOD Site
                                                        Field Office                          N
                                      Vehicle Park                                           G
                                                            Admin Site


                                   RIVERBEND ROAD
Training Sites
•   6000 Square Foot Live Fire 360 Degree Shoot House
•   Force On Force Simunition/UTM Areas w/Structures, Obstacles, & Special Lighting
•   Integrated MOUT Sites with Breaching Structure Attachment & Fast Rope Training
•   Live Fire Vehicle Assault Range
•   Counter Ambush Range
•   EOD/Demolition Range
•   Live Fire Exercise Range
•   300 Yard Squad Assault Range W/Obstacles, Trench Lines, Bunkers
•   100 Yard Dual Purpose Range
•   125 Yard Dual Purpose Range
•   50 Yard Pistol, Shotgun, SMG Range
•   Live Fire Vehicle Counter Ambush Range
•   Boat Landing Site For Waterborne Insertion
•   4 Surveyed Landing Zones
•   Surveyed HALO Drop Zone
•   40 Person Classrooms w/Latrine & Shower Facilities
•   Earthen block machine capable of making over 450 adobe bricks per hour
Shoot House

Shoot House Capabilities

• 6,000 square feet
• Rated for pistol and sub-machine gun
• Rated for 5.56 and 7.62 ammunition. (All ammunition must be approved
  by NSA Range Safety)
• Interior and exterior walls are AR500 ballistic steel (with the exception of
  the interior doorways)
• 5 exterior entrances, and 9 rooms
• Fully ventilated for shooter health and safety
• Lighting controls for lighted and low light scenarios
• Vehicle and waterside approachable
• Able to support helicopter operations with multiple fast rope areas

MOUT Site Capabilities
•   Two story structure that includes a “basement container”
•   Three story structure with multiple rooms
•   All rooms are reconfigurable
•   Structures are fitted with audio/video instrumentation
•   Instrumentation used for exercise control and monitoring After Action Review
•   The system allows realistic battlefield effects and provides audios and video of soldiers being trained
•   Units can use explosives to breach doors
•   Smoke and other distractions devices may be used
•   MOUT training is monitored by fixed camera platforms
•   Instrumentation can generate multiple battlefield smells
•   IED scenarios

After Action Review Facility

After Action Review Capability
•   The NSA MOUT complex offers a field-ready training solution that equips the military, law enforcement
    and first responders with realistic unit training and comprehensive, immediate evaluation.

•   From an integrated control center, trainers observe and manipulate audio, video, motion detection, and
    target technology in real time.

•   The system captures every second of a training exercise using multiple video and audio detectors
    located throughout the MOUT complex.

•   In the minutes following a training exercise, trainers can edit and screen digital footage within the
    facility for immediate and highly detailed After Action Reviews (AAR) of individual and group actions,
    strategies, maneuver and tactics.

MOUT Complex Benefits

• Train with realism
• Obtain close-in training for small units
• Learn what does and does not work
• Optimize small and special units training time to gain higher
  levels of skill in mission essential tasks
• Improve leadership proficiency
• Receive immediate high quality feedback using AAR
• Train with changing configurations and key terrain for
  maximum challenges.

Range Complex

50 Yard Range

• Up to 20 firing lanes           • Magazine change
• Pistol, shotgun,                • Transition drills
  submachine gun                  • Failure drills
• Training on this range          • M4/M16 10/25 m zero
  can include but not             • SMG, Shotgun
  limited to:                     • Portable targets that can
• Load/unload/clear                 be set up based on
• Malfunction drill                 training needs
• Reduce stoppage                 • Vehicle targets
                                  • Combat Pistol
100 Yard Range

•   Up to 20 firing lanes               • Electric targets-pop-ups &
•   Overhead shelter                      swing-ups
•   Control tower                       • Portable targets that can be
                                          arrayed based on training
•   5.56                                  needs
•   7.62                                • Training on this range can
•   Pistol                                include but not limited to:
•   Shotgun                                • Shoot and move
•   SRM                                    • Transition drills
•   Squad Movement Techniques              • Team Immediate Action
•   Vehicle targets can be placed             Drills/Battle Drills
    on the range                           • Stress shooting events
                                        • Target discrimination
125 Yard Range

• Up to 20 firing lanes               • Portable targets that can be
• 5.56                                  arrayed based on training
• 7.62
                                      • Training on this range can
• Pistol                                include but not limited to:
• Shotgun                                • Shoot and move
• SRM                                    • Transition drills
• Squad Movement Techniques              • Team Immediate Action
• Vehicle targets can be placed             Drills/Battle Drills
  on the range                           • Stress shooting events
• Electric targets-pop-ups &          • Target discrimination
  running man

300 Yard Range

• Up top 20 firing lanes           • Training on this range can
• Ammo-5.56,7.62,40mm, Carl          include but not limited to:
  Gustav 84, AT4,                     • Squad Assault Live Fire
  Fragmentation Grenade               • Sniper stalking/live fire
• Sniper Live Fire Stalking        • Bunker/trench line clearing

Range Complex

Class Room Facilities

• 40 person classrooms with latrine and shower facilities.
• Additional 400 person auditorium is available

Explosive Research and Development

• In support of Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical
  Counterterrorist Operations and E.O.D. Units
• Enemy TTPs change quickly; we stay on top of the
  changes, and adjust training as required.

Structural Explosive Breaching

• Military
• Police
• Fire Departments

                                       Snipers On
NSA Training Methodologies

• NSA instructors conduct training

• Client rents part of the site or the entire site and conducts
  their own training

• Rent the site and do your own training technically supported
  by NSA personnel

• Rent the site, give part of the training, and task NSA to
  provide specific specialty training and/or equipment

Equipment Sales

• A ready supply of clothing, protective gear, weapons, and life
  support needs.
• Outfit the warfighter or law enforcement personnel from head
  to toe.
• NSA maintains good relationships with vendors of non-
  standard items.
• Maintaining its philosophy of innovation and excellence, NSA
  works with suppliers who believe in finding the most cost-
  effective solutions for the customer.
• NSA has built its reputation on providing time critical, cost
  effective, efficient solutions that meet or exceed the
  requirements of the customer.

NSA Guarantee

National Security Associates, Inc. is dedicated
to providing unparalleled training, facilities and
equipment support to Law Enforcement, Public
Safety and Military Units.
                Steven Mattoon
                National Security Associates

Company Contacts For Training and Products
• Training Contacts:
• Steve Mattoon –Director of Training
  Cell 404-307-0349
• Steve McCool – Senior Vice President / Chief Operations Officer
  Cell: 706-580-0939
• Marilyn Mattoon – Training Administrator
  Cell 478-731-2925

• Products Sales
• Tony Oxford – Vice President / Law Enforcement Business
• 478-335-6486
                                             NSA Contact Information :
                                                   Tel. 877-832-6672
                                                   Fax 866-455-3798

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