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									                                                   To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                             LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007

NO. Supervisor          Name of students       Dissertation Topic                        Programme Cohort Supervisors Contact Details
                                               stock market development in economic
  1 Mr. A. Odit         Abdoola Zainah         growth                                       BBIF    FT
                                               Using induction and mentoring as
                                               strategies for school based professional
                        Amita Nobin
                                               development of begginning teachers at
  2 Ms. A. Vagjee                              MGSS                                     BHRM TOP UP PT
                                               Employee development at the companies
  3 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Anista Luchmun         division                                 BHRM TOP UP PT
                        Annatooah Pravesh      The Role & Importance of Customer Care
  4 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Kumar                  & Quality Mgt at the FPS                    BPAM     PT
                                               Assessing the impacts of the growing
                                               number of hotels and tourists on the
  5 Mr. N. Ragoodoo     Applamasamy Christelle Mauritian community                          BTHM    FT

                        Arekion Marie             The role and contribution of the f&b
  6 Mr. D. Mootien      Priscille Sharonne        department in a 4 star hotel a case study      BTHM   FT

                                                  Analysing the training and development
                        Armoogum                  as a key factor in the hospitality industry.
  7 Mr. N. Ramphul      Gobalutchmee              A case study at Heritage hotel.                BTHM   FT
                        Armoogum Marie            The Effectiveness of E-govt Services at
  8 Ms. B. Mahadeo      Christine Michele         the Min. of Housing                            BPAM   PT

                        Arokium Marie             Investigating tourists perception on the
  9 Mrs. T. Chadee      Desirela Carine           services offerred by the spa of a hotel        BTHM   FT
                        Bahadoor Hamza            Towards Developing a Strategic Mgt
 10 Mrs. S. Seenarain   Naushad                   Framework for Local Authorities                BPAM   PT

 11 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Bakurally Bibi Nishraat   TQM at the NTA                                 BPAM   PT

                                                  Assessing the inland means of transport
                        Balladin Faysal           and its impacts on the environment with                    vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
 12 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Mohammad                  the rising rate of tourist                     BTHM   FT   mu
                        Bassawan Shabneeze
 13 Mr. K. Padachi      Bibi                      Funding of SMEs                                BBIF   FT
                                                 To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                          LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                       beebee raaniyah        how can motivation help the public sector
14 Ms. K. Odit         roomakkawa             to perform better                           BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                              Financial leverage and corporate
15 Mr. A. Odit         Boodhoo Roshan         performance                                     BBIF        FT
                                              Managing transport at the tourist                                vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
16 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Boodoo Arvin           destination                                    BTHM         FT   mu
                                              The Role of Local Authorities and its
                                              Contribution in the Development of
17 Mrs. S. Seenarain   Bootun Chinta          Mauritius                                   BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                              macro structure of foreign exchange
18 Mrs. S. Seenarain   Buldawoo Ishmita Pooja market                                          BBIF        FT
                                              A critical analysis of strategic HRM in the
19 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee    Canhye Gavnisha        hospitality industry                           BTHM         FT
                                              multiskilling and training for the front
                       Carpouron Annelise     office department (case study at Les                             vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
20 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Geraldine              Pavillons Hotels)                              BTHM         PT   mu
                                              The use of HR planning and
                       Chandanlall            management as an effective tool to
21 Mr. N. Ragoodoo     Jeewoonarain           enhance success                             BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                              comparing local investment with foreign
                                              direct investment in relation to national
22 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Chetna Radhay          income in mauritius                             BBIF        FT
                                              Corporate Governance and risk
23 Mr. A. Odit         Chiniah Dasshan        management                                      BBIF        FT
                                              The effectiveness of training on
24 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee    Chowtee Sandeep        performance at Indian Resort & Spa          BHRM TOP UP     PT

25 Ms. A. Vagjee       Chuckowree Roshnee      Corporate Governance in Banks                  BBIF        FT
                                               Assessing and Evaluating Customer
                                               Satisfaction at the Municipal Council of
                                               Curepipe - A case Study of the welfare
26 Ms. K. Odit         Chukra Chetty Neesha    dept                                       BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                               The Changing Role of Local Govt. in
27 Mrs. S. Seenarain   Chunnoo Nutan           Mauritius                                  BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                               Role of trade unions in the Mauritian
                       Conhye Tina
28 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee                            Public sector                              BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                                 To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                            LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                            Investigating the Implementation of
                                            Performance Appraisal at the IVTB and
29 Mrs. T. Chadee      Conhyea Ansooya Devi the Hotel School                                  BPAM         PT

                                               Price for Tourism products at Mauritours.
                                               How far is it competitive? Productive?
                                               Table? Effect on demand and supply. Do
                                               customers have value for money? Price
30 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Constant Karen Cathy    strategy in the whole industry.                BTHM         FT

                       Coolen Kadress          An analysis of the Performance
31 Mr. N. Ramphul      Armoogum                Management System at MRA Customs            BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                               Financial developments and economic
32 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Curpanen Shalini        growth                                          BBIF        FT
                                               Public sector reforms - Mauritian Civil
                       Damyantee Takoory
33 Dr. S. Chittoo                              service in an era of globalisation          BHRM TOP UP     PT
34                     Daroga Bhai Inteaz                                                     BPAM         PT
                       Dayanund Koobrawa
35 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee                            Absenteeism at Triolet Bus Service Ltd BHRM TOP UP          PT
                                               Employee development and support
36 Dr. M. Motah        Deeal Tanisha           initiative                               BHRM TOP UP        PT
                                               An evaluation of changes and conflict in
37 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee    Deeal Vijayalaxmee      an organisation                          BHRM TOP UP        PT
                       Diane Anne-Lise         Analyse employees satisfaction and
38 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee    Maugeret                retention in the hospitality industry       BTHM            FT
39 Ms. K. Odit         Domun Shalini Devi      Management of the ZEP project               BPAM            PT
                                               Training and development in the customs
40 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Dooshi Sibnauth         and excise department                    BHRM TOP UP        PT
                                               Training and development at Customs
41 Ms. K. Odit         Duymun Adeel            and Excise department                    BHRM TOP UP        PT
                                               Assessing the brand image of Mauritius
42 Ms. J. Naidoo       Essoo Vishni            among international tourists                BTHM            FT
                                               An Assessment of the Impact of
                                               Organisational Culture on Attitude and
43 Mrs. T. Chadee      Faryan Abdool Assad     Behaviour of Employees                      BPAM            PT
                       Fokeer Zyad             A market analysis of pizzaq hut as a
44 Mr. D. Mootien      Mohammad                brand in the hospitality industry           BTHM            FT
                                                 To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                          LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                               A Strategic Analysis of the Postal
45 Ms. K. Odit         Fokeerchand Deoduth     Services in Mauritius                        BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                               The importance of pay and working
                       Furcy laval james symst
46 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee                            conditions at Air Mauritius Ltd              BHRM TOP UP     PT

47 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Garapati Keerthi Teja   The role of tourism in Mauritian economy        BTHM         FT
48 Mr. K. Padachi      Ghoorah Deepshika       Service quality at airport                      BTHM         FT
                                               Assess the marketing strategies to attract
49 Ms. J. Naidoo       Goindo Sunjeev          2 million tourists by 2010                      BTHM         PT
                                               Recruitment and Selection - A Case
50 Ms. B. Mahadeo      Goorohoo Nina Devi      Study of MRA                                    BPAM         PT
51 Ms. K. Odit         Gopaul Varsha           Chanllenges of the offshore sector: a            BBIF        FT

                                               Identifying the Problems to Addressing
52 Dr. S. Chittoo      Hanumunthadu Vishnu     HIV/AID Prevention and Care in Prisons BPAM (Top Up)         PT
                                               Low cost airlines and their marketing
                                               strategies to increase revenue / a pure                           vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
53 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Hardowar Bhamini        marketing product                          BTHM              FT   mu
                                               Analysing Reward management and its
54 Mr. K. Padachi      Harjan Satyajit         impact on labour turnover                  BTHM              FT
                                               Eco-oturism as a means of sustainable
                                               tourism development. A case study at the
                       HD Futtingun Dev        Marine park and public beach of Blue
55 Ms. R. Ramkissoon   Kumar                   Bay                                        BTHM              FT
                                               The economic impact of tourism in
56 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Hemraz Kounalsing       Mauritius                                  BTHM              FT
                       Huneewooth Chetan       Assessing the effectiveness of training in
57 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Kumar                   a hotel organisation                       BTHM              FT

                       Ip Kiun Chong           Assessing the importance of employee                              vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
58 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Jonathan                satisfaction in the front office.               BTHM         FT   mu

                                               Complaining customers, service recovery
                                               and continuous improvement in a
                                               particular organisation in the tourism and
59 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Ittoo Renoo             hospitality industry                            BTHM         FT
                                               The impact of Monetary Policy on
60 Mr. A. Odit         Jahajeeah Varuna        Economic growth and stock Market                 BBIF        FT
                                                 To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                            LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                               Recruitment and Selection & Human
                                               Resource Challenges in the Banking
61 Dr. S. Chittoo      Jangi Rajni Devi        Sector                                      BPAM          PT

                                               An Analysis of Leadership &
62 Mr. N. Ragoodoo     Jeelall Ratna Devi      Management Styles in the Civil Service      BPAM          PT
63 Ms. K. Odit         Mohammad Ajmal          Determinants of Banking failures               BBIF       FT
                                               Service quality at Development Bank of
64 Ms. A. Vagjee       Jhukoree Simla          Mauritius                                      BBIF       FT
65 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Joshan Ramessur         Human Resource policy and practice          BHRM TOP UP   PT
                                               the corporate financial management in
66 Mr. B. Seetanah     Joymungul Ratna         the financial sector of mauritius              BBIF       FT
                                               The importance of positioning the
                                               marketing mix of attractions in Mauritius.
                                               "The case of robert Edward Hart Garden
67 Mr. A. Odit         Jughdharree Gurudev     at les Salines"                                BTHM       PT
                                               the contribution of the offshore sector to
68 Mr. A. Odit         Jugnauth Ajay           the economy of mauritius                       BBIF       FT
                                               the impact of foreign direct
                                               investment(fdi) on economic growth in
69 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Kadeev Sameer Javed     mauritius                                      BBIF       FT
70 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Kallaram Oodithnarain   Impact of tourist arrival on FDI               BTHM       PT
                                               An analysis on the effectiveness of
                                               training at the Municipal council of Quatre
71 Dr. M. Motah        Khadijch Ramjan         Bornes                                      BHRM TOP UP   PT
                                               Assessing how far proper managerial
                                               training could lead to managerial
                                               satisfaction. A case study of an
72 Mr. N. Ramphul      Khedarun Ainahbee       organisation.                                  BTHM       FT

                                               the effectiveness of the mauritian
                                               economy pillars to face challenges
73 Ms. A. Vagjee       kholeegan               emanating from a highly globalised world     BBIF         FT
                                               An Assessment and Evaluation of Job
                                               Satisfaction among Clerical Officers at
74 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Kishtoo Sajan           the Mauritius Civil Service                 BPAM          PT
                                                 To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                           LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007

                                                A Study of Organisation & Management
75 Ms. B. Mahadeo      Kishtoo Seewanand        of the Mauritius Police Force                  BPAM         PT
                                                How to tap the Creative Aspect of Human
                                                Intelligence through Training Facilities at
76 Dr. M. Motah        Kokil Amreeta            the MGI                                        BPAM         PT
                       Koosram Teluchina        Procedure of minimum wages
77 Mrs. S. Seenarain   Appadu                   determination in the Mauritian context      BHRM TOP UP     PT
                       Kripalinee Devi          Human resource planning in the tourism
78 Mr. D. Mootien      Ramsurun                 sector                                      BHRM TOP UP     PT

                                                Assessing Mauritius as a Tourism
                                                Destination - The brand image,
79 Ms. J. Naidoo       Ladsawut Jeynakshi       destination loyalty and tourist satisfaction.    BTHM       PT
                                                An analysis of the health and safety
                       Lallmahomed Irshaad      aspect in either a construction or hotel
80 Dr. M. Motah                                 sector                                        BHRM TOP UP   PT
                                                Customer Satisfaction - A Case Study of
81 Ms. K. Odit         Larka Kamlesh            Dr. Jeetoo Hospital                              BPAM       PT
                                                Assessing the implications of social
82 Mrs. T. Chadee      L'Assiette Gilwyn Brunel responsibility in Hotels                         BTHM       PT
                                                Effectiveness of Health and safety
83 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee    Latchoomamma Appaya measures                                           BHRM TOP UP   PT

84 Mr. N. Ramphul      Leelreea Preetee Malini Motivation in the General services      BHRM TOP UP          PT
                                               Franchising is good! To what extent are
                                               the products and services provided by
                       Lefort Kevin            MacDonald in Mauritius the same as that
85 Mrs. T. Chadee      Denis Claude            in Singapore                               BTHM              FT

                                                Assessing and analysing the relationship
                                                that exist between the housekeeping and
86 Mr. D. Mootien      Leon Christophe          front office department of a 4 star hotel     BTHM          FT
                       Leste Marie                                                                               vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
87 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Suzie Chrsitelle         Factors influencing travel demand             BTHM          FT   mu
                                                Tourism studies and its importance in the
88 Dr. M. Motah        Lollchand Khavi          secondary school education                    BTHM          PT
                                                  To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                            LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                        Louise Philippe          Assessing employee satisfaction and                            vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
 89 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Nicolas Stephane         retention in the hospitality industry       BTHM          FT   mu
                                                 Impact of Basel 2 proposals on the
 90 Mr. B. Seetanah     Lucknauth Preetum        financial market                            BBIF          FT
                                                 Human resource Management and
 91 Dr. S. Chittoo      Manawta Parthyneviko     outsourcing                              BHRM TOP UP      PT
 92 Ms. B. Mahadeo      Mangatha Deoraj          Training at Customs Dept.                BPAM (Top Up)    PT
                        Marie Marjorie Kristel   The Corporate social responsibility from
 93 Mr. N. Ragoodoo     Fanfan                   the employees perspective                BHRM TOP UP      PT

                        Marie nadine antoinette relation of inequality and feminisation of
 94 Mrs. S. Seenarain   kim mee ho chin sun     poverty in La Tour Koening                 BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                                The Social Impact of Free Travel Scheme
 95 Mr. N. Ragoodoo     Maumoondee Saroja       in Mauritius                                  BPAM         PT
                                                An Analysis of Training & Development at
 96 Dr. S. Chittoo      Maywah Devanand         the MHC                                    BPAM (Top Up)   PT

 97                     Mohuddy Bibi Reshma                                                   BPAM         PT

                                                 An evaluation of employee satisfaction in
 98 Ms. A. Vagjee       Mohun Bhavnah            any Mauritian organisation.               BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                                 Strategic management and information
 99 Ms. B. Mahadeo      Momple Chris Yannic      system                                       BTHM         PT
                                                 Revalorising heritage tourism (Cultural
                                                 and heritage landscape) in mauritius: a
100 Ms. R. Ramkissoon   Mukool Dharmendra        critical review                              BTHM         PT

101 Mr. K. Padachi      Nagawah Priyadarshini    the impact of ict in the banking sector      BBIF         FT

                                                 promoting the brand image of Mauritius
                                                 as a destination wherby ecotourism and
102 Ms. J. Naidoo       Neelen Amasay            cultural tourism prevails                    BTHM         FT

                                                 Assessing the effectiveness of the MICE
                                                 Market in the development of the event
                        Niclair Myriam           industry in Mauritius to make the 2million                     vanessa.seebaluck@utm.intnet.
103 Mrs NV Rengasamy    Isabelle Aurelie         visitors target attainable                   BTHM         FT   mu
                                                To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                           LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                              Do information technology tools ensure
                                              customer satisfaction and increse
                                              competition in the banking sector of
104 Ms. B. Mahadeo      Nilmadhub Yashita     Mauritius?                                   BBIF        FT
                                              Adenture tourism:n Prospects and
105 Ms. J. Naidoo       Noor Janoo            challenges in Mauritius                     BTHM         PT
                                              The Importance of ICT in Enhancing
                                              HRM - A case study of the Min. of Social
106 Mrs. T. Chadee      Nowbuth Neeroopa Devi Security                                    BPAM         PT
                                              Assessing international tourists
                        Pallanny Marie Prisca perceptions of service quality at Air
107 Ms. J. Naidoo       Chrystele             Mauritius                                   BTHM         FT
                        Pitchamootoo Joseph   A Study of Management Role and
108 Ms. A. Vagjee       Benjamin              Functions in Parastatals                 BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                              Assessing the environmental impacts
                        Puchooa Keevraj       following the implementation of the IRS
109 Ms. R. Ramkissoon   Kumar                 project in Mauritius                        BTHM         FT
                        Purmessur Rajshree    Money laundering: scourge of modern
110 Dr. M. Motah        Deptee                society                                      BBIF        FT
111 Mr. K. Padachi      Rabot Connie          Cost Control                                BTHM         PT

112 Mr. A. Odit         Rajcoomar Ashvini Devi Efficient Market Hypothesis                  BBIF       FT
                                               An evaluation of the training programmes
                        Rajneesh Deeal
113 Mr. N. Ramphul                             offered                                  BHRM TOP UP    PT
                                               Analysing tourist expectations v/s
                        Ramchurrun Maneesha management's perceptions using the
114 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Kumari                 servqual instrument: a case study           BTHM        FT
115 Ms. J. Naidoo       Priyadarshini          Repositioning the brand image at DLP        BTHM        FT

116 Mr. D. Mootien      Ramdewor Aruna         Training analysis at le Palmercie Hotel   BHRM TOP UP   PT
                                               Understanding the wine production and
117 Mr. D. Mootien      Ramdhean Hoodish       its importance                               BTHM       FT
                                               Evaluating the importance of TQM in
                        Ramessur Baboo         enhancing service delivery. A focus on
118 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Bhoopendrasingh        strategies used by employers                 BTHM       FT
                                                 To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                            LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                                Value of pricing v/s discounting: a case
                                                study of business traveller in a 4 star
119 Mr. K. Padachi      Ramjing Kamveer         hotel                                         BTHM          FT

                                                The impact of Monetary Policy on
120 Mrs. S. Seenarain   Ramnatsing Minakshi     Economic growth in the mauritian contet       BBIF          FT
                                                Assessing the success of customers
121 Mrs. T. Chadee      Ramroop Hansheela       loyalty in a hotel                            BTHM          FT
                                                Analyse the factors affecting service
                                                encounters to effectively manage
122 Mrs. T. Chadee      Ramsurrun Geerish       customer satisfaction and loyalty             BTHM          FT

                                              Effects of inflation and rate of interest on
123 Mr. B. Seetanah     Ramtohul Meshina Devi foreign direct investment in Mauitius           BBIF          FT
                                              Assessing the economic impacts of the
124 Mr. K. Nowbutsing   Roodradeo Muniah      tourism industry in Mauritius                   BTHM          FT
                                              The career prospect of women in the
125 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Ruhomaully Shaheen    private sector                               BHRM TOP UP      PT

                                                A Critical Assessment of the Contribution
                                                of the AID unit at the Min. of Health in
                        Saint Paul Christophe   HIV/AID Prevention with regards to
126 Mr. N. Ragoodoo     Olivier                 Strategic Management                           BPAM         PT
                                                Training and empowerment in local
                        Salonee Boojhowon
127 Mr. A. Odit                                 authorities                                 BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                                New form of leisure activities for tourists
                        Sandapa Yasoo           in Mauritius: The case of under sea
128 Ms. J. Naidoo       Pascal Stephan          Safari (blue Safari)                           BTHM         PT
                                                Occupational health and safety in the civil
                        Seebaluck Soobass
129 Mrs. S. Bhiwajee                            service                                     BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                                An Analysis of the Infringement of
                                                Intellectual Property Rights by Mauritian
130 Ms. B. Mahadeo      Seechurn Rajkishore     Customs                                     BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                                Managing quality in the F&Bdepartment
131 Mr. D. Mootien      Seechurn Rina Roy       of a first class hotel.                        BTHM         FT
132 Mr. N. Ragoodoo     Seereekissoon Nishi     HRM                                         BHRM TOP UP     PT
                                                 To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                            LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                                Assessing whether the actual policies laid
                                                by the govt are efficient in themselves to
                                                attain the objectives of 2million tourists by
133 Dr. S. Chittoo      Seernaum Deepti         2010                                               BTHM       PT
                                                Service quality as a key to success in the
                                                hospitality industry: a case study at the
134 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Seesurrun Diana Devi    Hilton resort and Spa                              BTHM       FT

                        Seetaram Navneet        An emperial analysis of the determinants
135 Mr. B. Seetanah     Kumar                   of the interest rate spreads in Mauritius     BBIF            FT
                                                Assessing the customer service in an
136 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Seetul Hansee           organisation.                                BTHM             FT
                                                performance appraisal at Textile lama
                        Seewoolall Swishtah
137 Mr. N. Ramphul                              Manufacturing Ltd                         BHRM TOP UP         PT
                                                The Need for Strategic Management in
                                                Tertiary Education Institutions - A Case
138 Ms. A. Vagjee       Sewpal Kishore Kumar    Study of MIE                                 BPAM             PT

139 Mr. D. Mootien      Shailendra Jeerakun     An analysis of HRM at le Canonier Hotel BHRM TOP UP           PT
                                                Light rail transit system and its impacts to
                        Shipkolye Ebrahim       the travel and tourism industry in
140 Mr. B. Seetanah     Nazirulla Jooma         Mauritius                                    BTHM             FT
                                                Assessing job satisfaction among count
                        Gopynauth Premila
141 Mr. N. Ragoodoo                             officers in the judicial department             BHRM TOP UP   PT
                                                A Cursus of the Companies Division in
                                                Financial Services - Assessment of
142 Mr. K. Padachi      Sobha Joshila           Business Climate                                   BPAM       PT

                        Somasundiram            A critical evaluation of Human resource
143 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Raugasamy               development in an organisation           BHRM TOP UP          PT
                                                Training and development at the ministry
144 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Soondur Suma            of local government                      BHRM TOP UP          PT
                                                assessing the socio-cultural impacts of
                                                tourism on the host commmunity in
145 Ms. R. Ramkissoon   Soonoo Khareshmabai     Mauritius                                   BTHM              FT
                        Sungaren Jean Patrice
146 Mr. B. Seetanah     Michael                 Central Bank independence                          BBIF       FT
                                                   To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                              LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                                 Assessing the roles and functions of the
                                                 food and beverage department in a Hotel
147 Mr. D. Mootien      Sungkur Rakesh           organisation                                   BTHM         FT
                                                 A Post Implementation Assessment of
148 Mrs. V. Munhurrun   Surdha Jayranee          ISO at SBEH                                 BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                                 the importance of dissemination of labour
                                                 market information by the employment
149 Dr. M. Motah        Surujdev Mohun Surat     service                                     BHRM TOP UP     PT
                        Sylvie Laval Barlo       Promoting Mauritius as an ecotourism
150 Ms. R. Ramkissoon   Steven Kurt              destination                                    BTHM         FT
                                                 Assessing training and leadership skills in
151 Mrs. D. Faugoo      Tacouri Malika Devi      the hospitality industry                       BTHM         FT
                                                     To All Final Year Students - Sopspam

                                              LIST OF DISSERTATION ALLOCATION - AUGUST 2007
                                                  The prospects and challenges of heritage
152 Ms. R. Ramkissoon      Teelock Hoshila Lovena tourism in Mauritius                         BTHM            PT
                                                  implementation of islamic banking in
153 Mr. B. Seetanah        Teelucky Devi Busawah mauritius                                      BBIF           FT
                                                  internet banking in mauritius: success or
154 Ms. B. Mahadeo         Texier Joanne          failure?                                      BBIF           FT
155 Dr. S. Chittoo         Thacoor Dharanand      HRP Challenges at the WMA                 BPAM (Top Up)      PT
                                                  E-govt and its Implementation in the
156 Mrs. S. Seenarain      Thavitigadu Sujata     Public Sector                                BPAM            PT

157 Mr. B. Seetanah        Toshmal Mohit           the effect of inflation on banking sector    BBIF           FT
                                                   Environmental policy in the hotel sector
158 Ms. R. Ramkissoon      Tulloo Vandana          (green strategy)                             BTHM           PT
                                                   A study of employee motivation at La
159 Mr. N. Ramphul         Varsha Mungur           Pirogue or le Meridien Hotel              BHRM TOP UP       PT
                                                   An analysis of performance management
                           Varuna Seesurrun
160 Mr. N. Ramphul                                 in the civil service                      BHRM TOP UP       PT

                                                   An evaluation of how human resources
161 Dr. S. Chittoo         Veerapen Ariane         are managed in the service sectors      BHRM TOP UP         PT
                                                   Managing cost control of the purchasing
162 Mr. K. Padachi         Veerappa Hansini        department of a hotel                      BTHM             FT
                                                   Management of Solid Waste - Focus on
163 Ms. R. Ramkissoon      Veerasamy Vidyasagar    Green Waste/Composting                  BPAM (Top Up)       PT
                           Vyapooree Iven          analyse the social responsibilities of
164 Ms. A. Vagjee          Modeliar                banks in mauritius                         BBIF             FT

                                                   A Critical Analysis of the Implementation
                                                   of Methadone Substitution Therapy as a
                                                   Harm-Reduction Strategy among Drug
165 Dr. M. Motah           Woottum Bharatee        Addicts                                     BPAM (Top Up)   PT
                                                   Assess the importance of the concept of
                                                   environmental sustainability for locals and
166 Ms. R. Ramkissoon      Zhuel Jean Christophe   tourist in Mauritius                           BTHM         FT

The Deadline for submission of final draft of the dissertation is 5th of May, 2008
Students are strongly advised to make regular contact with their respective supervisors

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