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									 Statistical Analysis of Data of DNA microarray and Protein array experiments: problems
                                   and consultation issues

                                          Javier Cabrera

                               Dept of Statistics Rutgers University
DNA and protein microarrays represent the latest challenge in applied statistics and statistical
consulting. This area is the fastest growing source of inquiry in the statistical consulting
environments, especially at universities and at biomedical and pharmaceutical research centers.
At the same time our community is relatively unprepared to deal with this new challenge and
needs to adopt new strategies that our consulting center models to be successful with the new
More specifically I will start with an overview of the questions and the statistical methods that
are available. I will also discuss issues related to consulting environments such us:
   (i)     The interdisciplinary nature of the problems and the need to educate the scientists
           about the statistical methods they will use for their analysis.
   (ii)    The need to provide education to the statisticians in the areas of genetics and
   (iii)   The nature of the new data requires advanced computational resources. Most
           microarray experiments produce around ten thousand variables and potentially they
           will produce hundreds of thousands of variables.
   (iv)    In order to cope with the large number of projects in this area I propose that the
           centers develop web base data analysis procedures that will be used by the scientists
           to do the basic analysis of their data and consult the statisticians in the more complex
           issues. This creates the need for more computational expertise and support for the
           statistical consulting center.
Finally I will use this opportunity to introduce a new book that I coauthor with D. Amarartunga
from J&J Pharmaceutical Research and Development with the title: “Exploration and Analysis
of DNA Microarray and Protein Array Data” J Wiley & Sons June 2003.

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