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									                                               Curriculum Vitae
John Jude Burns                                                                                     (520)877-3175

Professional Synopsis
First and foremost, I am a businessman whose experience and leadership abilities allow me to walk into any
organization and make a significant contribution to the bottom line. My thirty years of experience in executive,
management, & technical roles has included an uncommonly broad range of disciplines. This experience, coupled
with my financial analysis, marketing, and accounting skills, are the cornerstones of my professional career. My
business skills are anchored by an MBA completed summa cum laude, with a concentration in finance and
international finance. I have supplemented this with PhD level coursework in finance and economics and continue
work (albeit slowly) toward a degree in law. I have a broad base of management experience in industry, defense,
and science and I have managed and/or played a significant organizational role in projects in aerospace, computing,
medical instrumentation, & communications. I have participated at all levels of management from project and line
management to planning, budgeting, and negotiations. From this experience, I have developed a management training
seminar, which I have taught at organizations ranging from AT&T to small non-profits.
Since 1978, I have been president of a corporation that out-sources management, engineering, and computing
services to companies in the high-tech sector, including IBM, HP, AT&T, NASA, Litton, NCR, Loral, SAIC,
Symbol, Hughes, Beckman Instruments, American Hospital Supply, and others. These contracts have allowed me to
embed and integrate into several dozen of the world’s most successful corporate cultures. My tenure within this
broad range of firms affords me a wealth of associations and insights that few have the opportunity to share. My
international business activities have extended into Japan, Europe, India, and Zaire. My past entrepreneurial
endeavors act as a natural extension to my corporate experience. These include international trade in scrap metals,
circuit board design, computer manufacturing, professional placement services, and property management.
While my focus has shifted to that of chief economist, I pride myself on being a generalist. I have a breadth and
depth of experience in technical and scientific areas that can be equaled by only a handful of people. I have helped
design and develop some of the most sophisticated systems built by man, including satellite systems, sonar systems,
the Stealth Bomber, computer operating systems, high-resolution digital imagery, geophysical exploration, medical
instrumentation, high-end graphics accelerators, and industrial instrumentation. I have held faculty positions in
Systems Engineering and Computer Science and, as a student, participated in research in astronomy, business,
chemistry, ecology, remote sensing, preventive medicine, anthropology, and political science. My academic
background includes graduate work in business, law, and genetics, as well as undergraduate work in biological
sciences, chemistry, physics, math, geophysics, and computer science.
I consider the following aspects of my background to be my greatest strengths:

Leadership. Focus on clarity of vision, enforcing individual organizational skills, and team building define my
style of leadership. It is paramount for an organization to have a universally shared vision. Ensuring that everyone
aligns their goals and activities to this vision is a responsibility that I consider fundamental to leadership.
Additionally, I take pride in my ability to bring together disparate groups of people from very diverse disciplines and,
occasionally, even different countries. Experience as a cognizant/systems engineer on complex engineering projects
over several decades has honed my skills at getting people with differing priorities to work toward a common goal.
Responsibility. I have managed projects, or parts of projects, in which the fate of hundreds of lives might hang in the
balance, in which hundreds of millions of dollars would be won or lost, and where national security was said to be
at stake. While these types of projects require a special type of dedication, I have come to a point in my life where I
believe that all jobs worth doing deserve the same degree of seriousness.
Experience. In my 30+ year professional career, I have accumulated an unparalleled breadth of experience. The
broad range of industries, as well as diversity in nature and size of companies, has left me with a unique
understanding of how business gets business done. I have also had the opportunity to learn and employ many of the
most popular process disciplines that enable companies to improve execution, such as Lakein, DoD 2167A, TQM,
ISO 9000, Balanced Scorecard, and Six-column Analysis. A healthy mix of large corporate business experience and
entrepreneurial experience confers the advantage of being able to apply the right approach to the right situation.
Analytical skills. Over my career, I have demonstrated the ability to tackle complex problems for which I have
minimal prior experience. A lifetime of analytical training as a scientist and systems engineer, combined with a
broad academic background in science, technology, and business, provides me the confidence to tackle any problem.

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                                             Curriculum Vitae
John Jude Burns                                                                                   (520)877-3175
Summary of Executive and Management Experience
   Founder and president of an engineering firm offering management and technical services since 1978.
   Development of various business plans, including a one year $550M business plan for Loral Defense C3I.
   Key role in the development of successful proposals, incl. contract awards of $680M to SAIC & $33M to Loral.
   Referred to by Steven Permut (a marketing world icon) as “the most intuitive marketing man” he knows.
   Direct marketing to top US military command officers with budgetary authority as well as representatives of
    foreign governments for Loral Defense. Presentations at AFCEA, military posts, & Washington, D.C. facilities.
   Direct marketing of engineering services to the president of Gecamines (formerly the world’s wealthiest
    company) including contacts with the Vice President and Head of Parliament of Zaire.
   Visits to major financial institutions based in London (Lloyd’s, Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, London
    Metals Exchange, Sotheby’s, Bloomberg, Bank of New York, Silver Vaults) and others in the US (MERC, etc..)
   Contract negotiations between Space Systems/Loral and Toshiba, resulting in savings of a half million dollars.
   Implementation of technology transfer regulations in a foreign contract, as dictated by the US Dept. of State.
   Developed and taught a management training discipline (ViPER) that isolates and focuses on the four
    fundamental legs necessary to ensure performance and efficiency: Vision, Planning, Execution, and Review.
   Facilitation of strategic business alliances (such as one between IBM and Megatek.)
   Manager of an international team of software engineers (Toshiba, Tokyo; Logica, London; Raytheon, Santa
    Barbara; SS/L, Palo Alto) for the development of a satellite ground station.
   Manager of the software development group for Loral Defense Systems, C 3I division.
   Project manager for software development of a Stealth bomber subsystem under 2167A controls.
   Project manager for the development of telescopes for the 2 Micron All Sky Survey.
   Project manager for the development of an ethernet based server management interface, AT&T.
   Cost and resource estimation on major software/hardware development projects.
   Scheduling, cost control, and financial analysis on numerous projects.
   Strong process & configuration controls background, incl. ViPER, Lakein, DoD 2167A, ISO 9000, TQM, BSC.
   Participation in formal design reviews (PDR, CDR) for satellite and defense subsystems.
   Development of a financial accounting system in accordance with federal (HUD) guidelines.
   Founder & director of non-profit organization to develop campgrounds for the homeless; Incorporated 1996.
   Former member of the board of directors of the Tucson Community Food Bank.
Summary of Technical Experience
   Breadth and depth of experience in software and hardware development that is unparalleled. Experience spans a
    broad range of sectors including industry, defense, space, and science. Software experience includes embedded
    firmware, real-time multi-tasking operating systems, system internals, middle-ware, and high level applications.
    Hardware experience includes the design of two board level products and aid in the design and debugging of
    numerous hardware projects at both the board and ASIC levels.
   System design and architectural specification of numerous complex software and hardware subsystems.
   Development and maintenance of hundreds of thousands of lines of software using several dozen languages and
    instruction sets, on several dozen different platforms, provided for a broad range of applications.
   Development experience with systems software, real-time embedded software, drivers, medical instrumentation,
    control & automation, data acquisition, communications, wireless communications, signal processing, image
    processing, and graphics. Client/server experience includes X windows apps & internals, wireless remote
    support, & database applications. Have developed three real-time multi-tasking operating systems from scratch.
   Industry projects including blacktop plant automation, development of a blood screener, blood chemistry
    analyzer, medical laser interface, server management products, X windows internals, satellite instrumentation,
    ground station development, geophysical exploration sonar system, and the manufacture of telescopes.
   Defense projects including real-time firmware for the signal processing used for the sonar system of the US
    Navy’s latest attack submarine; real-time processing of high-resolution digital imagery for a tactical, mobile,
    C3I command center; real-time, multi-tasking operating system for the Stealth bomber’s power distribution
    subsystem; design and development of the Lightweight Computer Unit (LCU) for the Department of Defense;
    production controls for radar/microwave systems and missile hybrids.
   Scientific projects incl. spectroscopy, photometry, statistics, linear programming, modeling, and data reduction.
   PC based applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, DreamWeaver, databases, SPSS, CAD…

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                                           Curriculum Vitae
John Jude Burns                                                                                 (520)877-3175

Summary of Professional Activities
                                   Definia, Incorporated (1978-Present)
Space Systems/Loral (Palo Alto, CA)                Satellite ground systems
Hewlett-Packard (Cupertino, CA)                    Kernel internals; High-end server hot-swap implementation
Symbol Technologies (San Jose, CA)                 2Mbps wireless LAN adapter firmware
Litton Guidance and Control Systems (LA)           Signal processing for USN attack submarine sonar system,
                                                   geophysical exploration sonar system
M3 Engr. (Tucson)/Univ. of Mass. (Amherst)         2 Micron All Sky Survey telescopes project manager
AT&T, GIS (San Diego, CA)                          Ethernet Diagnostic Interconnect Module project manager;
                                                   device driver and DMI development
Symbol Technologies (Costa Mesa, CA)               Client/Server support software for wireless remote networks,
                                                   streams drivers, advanced troubleshooting
Megatek Corporation (San Diego, CA)                X/PEX/PHIGS internals, graphics accelerator device drivers,
                                                   80186 firmware, configuration management
Scientific Appl. Intl., Corp. (SAIC) (San Diego)   Lightweight Computer Unit (LCU) development
IBM, Adv. Workstation Div. (Austin, TX)            AIX v3.1 OS; OSF DEcorum Implementation
Loral Defense Systems (Litchfield Park, AZ)        Imagery & Intelligence Ground Station; C3I software manager
Ocean Scientific (Garden Grove, CA)                MainScreen Blood Screening Unit for Abbott Laboratories
Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) (Pasadena, CA)            NASA Scatterometer
American Edwards (Irvine, CA)                      YAG 100A Medical Laser interface
Beckman Instruments (Brea, CA)                     ASTRA 3000 Blood Chemistry Analyzer
Resdel Engineering (Arcadia, CA)                   B-2 (Stealth) Bomber Power Distribution Subsystem
Hughes Aircraft Company (Fullerton, CA)            Ground Systems Radar production facility LAN software
Desert Technologies (Tucson, AZ)                   Digital hardware design, device driver
International Anasazi (Phoenix, AZ)                Real-time multi-tasking operating system; LAN software
Jack Ellis Sporting Goods (Tucson, AZ)             Business Systems Evaluation / Analysis
Tri-Tech Systems (Tucson, AZ)                      PBX Switching Device software
Peckham Industries (White Plains, NY)              Blacktop plant automation
Santa Cruz County (Nogales, AZ)                    Expert observer - election investigation
                                                Prior Positions
Hughes Aircraft Company (Tucson, AZ)               Automated hybrid manufacturing workstations
University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
   Systems and Industrial Engineering              Faculty member (part time)
   Steward Observatory                             Real-time data acquisition, telescope control, data reduction,
                                                   graphics, systems software
    Department of Remote Sensing                   Linear programming, ecosystem & medical data modeling
    Arizona State Museum                           Tree Ring Lab topo mapping, archaeology statistical analysis
    Administrative Data Processing                 Accounting and business systems
    Electrical Engineering                         Electromagnetic interference modeling, APEX society model
Pima Community College (Tucson, AZ)
    Department of Computer Science                 Faculty member (part time)
United States Army                                 Honorably discharged (17 December 1971)

Summary of Academic Accomplishments
University of Arizona: Master of Business Administration, summa cum laude
British-American University School of Law: Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law
University of Arizona: Bachelor of Arts

Foreign Travel
Extensive foreign travel: Japan, Western Europe, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Nepal, Tibet/China, Thailand, Taiwan,
Korea, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Sudan, UAE, Kenya, Congo, Zaire, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Bolivia…

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