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					Profile of Radhika Srivastava

Name                            Radhika Srivastava
Contact number                  9810552483, 0124 - 2340755
Email Id              
Address                         Sector- 17a, H.No- 483, Gurgaon, Haryana, Pin – 122001.
Qualification                   PGDBA (Human Resources) from SCDL Pune completed in 2005
                                Bachelors in Computer Application from IGNOU completed in 2003
Total Experience                5 years 1 month

Experience Summary:

     Having a post-graduate degree from SCDL, Pune, in Human Resources. I have over 4+ yrs of rich
      experience in End to End Technical and IT recruitments. Worked with the most vibrant
      organizations, performed up to the satisfaction of employers while learned and gained a lot of
      practical knowledge about the functioning of HR concepts.
     Good in Team Handling, building & maintaining strong client/candidate relationship across the
      organization internally and externally.
     Ability to work smartly, manage time and result oriented approach.
     Currently, working as an HR-Executive as part of the recruitment team, my major responsibilities
      include hiring for specific telecom skills, ensuring right start for the new joiners, Coordinating and
      implementing the college recruitment initiatives and maintaining relationship with job and
      management consultants.

Previous Organizations (in reverse chronological order):

        Name of Organization                 Last Held Designation              From               To

                                        HR Executive
Hughes Systique Corporation                                                Dec 2006          Till Date
                                        (Staffing & Acquisition)

New Horizons India Pvt Ltd              HR Executive                       Mar 2006          Dec 2006

Becton Dickinson India Pvt Ltd          HR Consultant                      Aug 2005          Mar 2006

ExxonMobil India Pvt Ltd                HR Consultant                      Jan 2005          Jul 2005

Saffron Global Ltd                      Customer Care Executive            Jan 2004          Dec 2004


        Created, Documented and implemented the complete “Recruitment Process” for HSC.
        Devised a plan for “Making campus hiring more cost effective”.
        Received Appreciation mail from the higher management for turning up the most difficult and dry
        Received appreciations from the management for good performance and timely closure of critical
         positions at client side.

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Profile of Radhika Srivastava
Work Experience (in reverse chronological order):


Company Description             HUGHES Systique Corporation, part of the HUGHES group of companies, is a
                                leading communications Consulting and Software company. Hughes provides
                                Consulting, Systems Architecture, and Software Engineering services to
                                complement our client's in-house capabilities.

Duration                        From: Dec 2006              To: Till Date                24 months

My Role                                         Develop and Execute Recruiting Plans

                                                Work with the hiring managers on recruiting planning meetings
                                                Creating Job Descriptions
                                                Conduct regular follow-up with managers to determine the
                                                 effectiveness of recruiting plans and implementation
                                                Sourcing and initial screening of profiles by using various
                                                 internal as well as external sources.
                                                Develop a pool of qualified candidates in advance of need.
                                                Research and recommend new sources for active and passive
                                                 candidate recruiting.
                                                Build networks to find qualified passive candidates.
                                                Utilize the Internet for recruitment.
                                                 --Post positions to appropriate Internet sources.
                                                 --Improve the company website recruiting page to assist in
                                                 --Research new ways of using the Internet for recruitment.
                                                 --Use social and professional networking sites to identify and
                                                 source candidates.
                                                Prepare the annual HR Budget in consultation with peers in
                                                 HR & budgets for events organized by HR Departments.
                                                Communicate with managers and employees regularly to
                                                 establish rapport, gauge morale, and source new candidate
                                                Maintain regular contact with possible future candidates.
                                                Develop working relationships within colleges to aid in
                                                Coordinate college recruiting initiatives

                                                Empanelling & managing new consultants
                                                Create contacts within industry.
                                                Aid public relations in establishing a recognizable “employer of
                                                 choice” reputation for the company, both internally and
                                                Attend local professional meetings and membership
                                                 development meetings.
                                                Performance evaluation of all consultants after every 6 months
                                                Handling payments against the placement of new hires
                                                 through consultants.

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Profile of Radhika Srivastava

                                                Administrative Duties and Record Keeping

                                                Manage the use of recruiters and headhunters.
                                                Review applicants to evaluate if they meet the position
                                                Conduct prescreening interviews.
                                                Maintain all pertinent applicant and interview data in the
                                                 Human Resources Information System (HRIS).
                                                Assist in performing reference and background checks for
                                                 potential employees.
                                                Assist in writing and forwarding rejection letters.
                                                Assist in interviewing and selecting employee’s onsite.
                                                Assist in preparing and sending offer packages.
                                                Preparing monthly management reports i.e. “Recruitment
                                                 Dashboard”, “Report on Expected Joiners and Offers” etc.
                                                Perform other special projects as assigned.

                                                Employee Relations

                                                Handling and resolving queries from the Employees and
                                                 Managers relating to the employment and HR policies.
                                                Managing the complete joining process for New Joiners which
                                                 is also known as a first step to provide a right start for an
                                                 employee in the organization which involves a gamut of related
                                                Initiating and handling the vendor payments and following up
                                                 with different departments for timely payments.

                                                Events @ HSC

                                                Active member of team “PARIVARTAN” a corporate social
                                                 responsibility forum.
                                                Member of team “CELEBRITEE” responsible for organizing fun
                                                 and cultural events.


Company Description             New Horizons is the world’s largest independent IT training company, It
                                delivers a full range of technology and business skills training from basic
                                application and desktop productivity tools to complex and integrated business

Duration                        From: Mar 2006              To: Dec 2006                  9 months

My Role                                         Client Interaction

                                                In process of recruitment to understand the requirements more
                                                To schedule the interviews of candidates.

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Last Update On: Nov 2008
Profile of Radhika Srivastava
                                                Working as per the feedback received on profiles.
                                                Interacting with various reputed clients in IT Industry.
                                                Extensively working on the requirements of IT and Telecom
                                                 sector (and handled a few positions in the application sector)

                                                Sourcing across all the spectrum of skills
                                                      o   Constantly reviewing and monitoring the resource
                                                          pool with Partners and add new partners for any
                                                          required skills.
                                                      o   Interacting with all tech panels, Scheduling Interview,
                                                          getting the feedback
                                                      o   Reference Check and follow up of their joining.
                                                      o   Extensively working on the requirements of Telecom
                                                          sector & IT (and handled a few positions in the
                                                          application sector)

                                        Since the responses from candidates/databases are in huge numbers,
                                        so in order to screen the maximum resumes in optimum time, I trust on
                                        my knowledge of various technologies/domain and keep myself ready
                                        and open to learn about new developments/changes in
                                In order to receive the profiles regularly from potential suitable candidates,
                                                Headhunting is the key of success, where we focus on a
                                                 company working on similar technology/domain as per the
                                                 client requirements.
                                                Interaction with the employees of focused company while
                                                 hunting, which is the most complex part where one need to be
                                                 very brief to make a candidate convinced enough about the
                                                 client and the role.
                                                Accessing the leads and appropriate numbers require good
                                                 amount of smartness and ability to talk as per the comfort level
                                                 of next person.
                                                Building resume database for upcoming/highly potential
                                                Advertising of openings and searching of online database is
                                                 another major responsibility.
                                                Providing maximum information about company and position
                                                 on various job sites in optimum words is the target of every job
                                                 posting. We are managing various job postings and also with
                                                 the help of keywords of the description of the job profile,
                                                 searching the suitable profiles from databases of few of these

                                                Achievement:-
                                                Received mails of Appreciation from the clients for
                                                 understanding and meeting the targeted requirements within
                                                 the required framework of time.

                                BD is a medical technology company that serves healthcare institutions, life
Company Description             science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public. BD
                                manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory

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Profile of Radhika Srivastava
                                equipment and diagnostic products. BD is headquartered in the United States.

Duration                        From: Aug 2005              To: Mar 2006                8 months

My Role                                         Key Responsibilities

                                                Analyzing and chalking out Individual Development Plan
                                                 outlining to fill skill gap, assessing Training and development
                                                 need, aspiration gaps and communication gaps.
                                                Preparing and maintaining various employee related MIS
                                                 reports on weekly & monthly basis.(For Ex : Experience Sheet,
                                                 Family details, etc)
                                                Preparing Joining announcements for the new joiners to be
                                                 published on the intranet.
                                                Organize Get-togethers, Birthday bash, Fun, Picnics, sports,
                                                 cultural programmes and associated in corporate social
                                                 service activities.
                                                Conducting the induction program to the new incumbents.
                                                Accountable for coordinating workshops and in house
                                                 trainings, right from the start of organizing, sourcing and
                                                 preparing for training material, certificates, venue bookings and
                                                 coordination with the trainer before and during the training
                                                 session. etc.

                                                Recruitment
                                                Involved directly in interaction with the Group heads for getting
                                                 clarity on the requirement.
                                                Sourcing CV’s through different sources i.e. Consultants,
                                                 Employee Referrals etc.
                                                Complete coordination with the search agencies for timely
                                                 feedbacks, follow ups and requirement updates.
                                                Responsible for the follow up with the selected candidates for
                                                 joining and resolving their pre joining queries.
                                                Handling reference check during the selection process.
                                                Facilitating new joiner updating, relocation facility, cab
                                                 arrangement, etc for new employee.

                                Exxon Mobil is the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas
Company Description             company, providing energy that helps underpin growing economies and
                                improve living standards around the world.

Duration                        From: Jan 2005              To: Jul 2005                7 Months

My Role                                         Key Responsibilities
                                                Developing & maintaining new employee’s personal files.
                                                Ensure timely updating of the exit information and notification
                                                 to all depts. and sharing the same with the management team
                                                 through exit dashboards.
                                                Tracking and preparing reports on the Loans and other
                                                 benefits availed by employees.
                                                Support in Conducting & apprehending performance
                                                Handling end-to-end medi-claim activities & queries.
                                                Conveying and interpreting Human Resource policies,
                                                 practices and procedures applicable organization wide to

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Profile of Radhika Srivastava
                                                 functional heads, managers and employees.

                                Saffron caters an exhaustive range of high quality BPO solutions. From voice
Company Description             services and web enabled services to back office processing, from knowledge
                                management to CRM and other value added services, Saffron has it all in its
                                portfolio, served in a customer friendly and customized manner.

Duration                        From: Jan 2004             To: Dec 2004              12 Months

My Role                                         Key Responsibilities
                                                Responsible for handling weekly outbound sales target and
                                                 managed to over achieve the Targets.
                                                Member time management team on call wrap time, talk time
                                                 and hold time.
                                                Increasing product knowledge base by educating the customer
                                                 about the product benefits and usefulness.

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