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      Power Output
      P.M.P.O.                             8400W
      Total RMS                            760W
      Front (RMS)                          170W x 2
      Center (RMS)                         70W
      Rear (RMS)                           70W x 2
      Subwoofer (RMS)                      210W

      High Lighted Function
      Disc Player System                   3 Disc Tray
      Ex-change Play                       Yes
      X-trance Pro/X-Trance                X-Trance
      D-Light Sync                         Yes
      Karaoke Scoring                      Yes
      Microphone Input/Volume              2 In/2 Vol
      Digital Cinema Sound Virtual Multi   Yes
      Dolby Digital/DTS                    Yes/Yes
      Dolby Pro Logic II                   Yes
      S-Cool System                        Yes (Dual Fan)

      DVD Function
      Precision Drive Pro                  Yes

      12Bit/108Mhz Video DAC               Yes

      Progressive Scan                     NTSC/PAL
      Component Video Out                  Yes

      Format/Disc Playback
      DVD/VCD/CD                           Yes/Yes/Yes
      DivX                                 Yes
      DVD-R/-RW (Video)                    Yes
      DVD-RW (VR)                          Yes
      DVD+R/+RW                            Yes
      DVD+R DL                             Yes
      MP3/JPEG                             Yes/Yes

      Audio Input/Output
      Audio In                             2

      Speakers - Subwoofer
      Number of Supplied Speakers          6
      Mica Subwoofer Unit                  Yes

      Supplied Subwoofer                   Yes (20cm)

      Speakers - Front
      Horn Tweeter                         Advanced
      Horn Loaded Woofer                   Yes
      Unit Size                            2.5 + 20cm
      Magnetic (AV) Shield                 Yes
      Tape Deck                            Dual Deck
      Operation                            Full Reverse

      Digital FM/AM Tuner
      Station Preset                       FM20/AM10
      Remote Commander                     Yes

      Size (mm) (WxHxD)
      Main Unit                            281x362x405
      Front Speaker (pcs)                  281x417x311
      Center Speaker                       268x107x177
      Rear Speaker (pcs)                   176x362x215
      Subwoofer                            281x362x339

      Weight (Kg)
      Main Unit                            15.0
      Front Speaker (pcs)                  7.1
      Center Speaker                       1.6
      Rear Speaker (pcs)                   2.9
      Subwoofer                            6.7

http://www.sony-asia.com/product/mhc-gn1000d                           2/7/2009

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