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Multi-Room Audio Systems


									Multi-Room Audio Systems
         CEA 2007
         Homebuyer interest in installed home technologies

         Home climate control                                                                         45%

             Multi-room audio                                                                 40%

              Security system                                                         37%

                     Lighting                                             31%

  Remote sensing garage door                                  25%

Programmable sprinkler system                                 25%

                                0%   5%   10%   15%   20%   25%     30%         35%         40%     45%     50%
 CEA 2007
“Homebuyers’ remorse” with installed home technologies

Energy management                                                           32%

      Home theater                                          23%

  Multi-room audio                                          23%

   Lighting control                                       22%

 Monitored security                           15%

 Structured cabling                         14%

  Home automation                     11%

                      0%   5%   10%         15%     20%         25%   30%         35%

What the market is looking for…

  57% of builders polled indicate that multi-room audio is the
  most profitable technology to install in new homes
  55% of builders say buyers are more prone to purchase an
  entertainment upgrade based on speaker or video brand
  Nearly one out of four home buyers wish their builder had
  offered them multi-room audio or home theater
  38% of architects spec out a home theater in their design

                    ConstrucTech magazine builder survey,
                    February 2008

      Sixth Annual “State of the Builder” technology study

… is Leviton’s solution
 Amplified four-room/zone single-source indoor distributed audio systems
 Engineered for performance, simplicity and ease-of-installation
 Expandable with optional home theater speaker system and outdoor
 audio zone
 Built on the two leading consumer audio brands…
JBL’s unique brand management strategy

   Installing JBL means installing a professional listening experience in
   the home
     Similar to offering a Viking kitchen instead of just another “stainless steel” kitchen

   The same brand used in 9 out of 10 concerts…
   And 9 out of 10 THX theaters…
   And found in recording studios around the globe

  9 out of 10                          Film and music                       Clubs and concert halls
  major concerts                       recording studios                    of every type
JBL’s unique brand management strategy
    Managing brand equity by maintaining leadership and visibility
    at the extreme market levels


So, when you build JBL into the home…
    You have the same quality and performance
    professionals depend on
    It’s like a professional kitchen– you are using the same
    tools as the professionals to enhance the living

The products:

AEM65 ceiling speaker

  Two (stereo) speakers in a single
  Titanium tweeter adjustable array
  delivers superb high-frequency
  dispersion throughout the room
  Dual voice-coil woofer generates
  powerful, deep bass
  Single-location ceiling design:
 1. Ensures high homebuyer acceptance and
 2. Cuts speaker installation time in half for
    every room
 3. Cuts material cost (only one speaker unit
    and rough-in kit required)
                                                                   Leviton exclusive product

                          Model availability and features subject to change

The products:

Harman/Kardon A-Bus® system

  Proven, successful audio technology
    Unique, stylish Harman/Kardon branded
    electronic keypad volume control houses an
    advanced full-range audio amplifier
    A-Bus distribution hub runs four rooms/zones
    of indoor multi-room music
    Local source module provides the ability to
    “plug in” an Ipod, PC, CD player, video
    system or other source of sound in a remote
    location and listen over the JBL ceiling

                         Model availability and features subject to change

The products:

Harman/Kardon A-Bus® system

  A cost-effective, high-value solution for
  high-performance indoor multi-room audio
 1. Cuts installation time– no impedance
    matching required
 2. Amplifiers are built right into the volume
    controls– nothing more to buy
 3. Most of the system wiring is Category-5
    cable instead of expensive speaker wire
  Works with any entertainment center
    A-Bus Ready™ audio/video receivers
    Or any receivers or amplifiers with standard
    line-level outputs

                           Model availability and features subject to change
The products:                                                                     opportunities

Harman/Kardon audio/video receiver
  The latest in high-current, ultra-wide
  bandwidth audio amplifier technology from
  the leader in high-end audio componentry
  Advanced European styling is a Leviton
  exclusive in the United States
  A-Bus Ready™ design and advanced multi-
  room features can fill an entire home with
  music plus run a home theater and outdoor
  High-definition HDMI video technology and
  over 500 Watts of high-performance
  surround-sound capability for a true cinema
  experience in the home (when used with a
  home theater speaker system)
  Handles XM-Radio, Ipod audio and much
                                                                    Leviton exclusive product

                              Model availability and features subject to change

The options
 Leviton/JBL Home Theater speaker
  Powerful amplified subwoofer and five
  satellite monitor speakers deliver a cinema
  sound experience right in the living room
  On-wall design minimizes installation time
  Mounting brackets are included

 Leviton/JBL outdoor speakers
  The perfect complement to an A-Bus indoor
  multi-room music system
  JBL professional speaker quality for long-                       Leviton exclusive product
  term reliability and performance
  Leviton Architectural Edition volume control
  with weather-resistant cover
  Adjustable, pro-grade mounting brackets

                                Model availability and features subject to change
Basic multi-room system floorplan
System layout using the Harman/Kardon A-Bus Ready AVR
System can accommodate other AVR’s and stereo systems as well
Local sources can be plugged-into the installed speakers
Remote control can be achieved from any A-Bus equipped room
Options include home theater and outdoor sound

                               HK AVR can run three systems at once:
                               1.  A-Bus four room/zone multi-room system
                               2.  High-powered outdoor zone from surround
                                   channels 6 & 7
                               3.  Five-channel surround-sound home theater
System floorplan with home theater and outdoor sound options added

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