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									  Success Tips: Miracles In Your   Life
Some guy bought a lottery ticket   and didn't hit the jackpot. So he
doesn't believe that miracles do   happened in someone's life. And of
course, he doesn't believes that   miracles exist anymore in his life.

That's because MOST PEOPLE see miracles as miracles. Winning the lottery
IS a sort of a miracle because as far as I know, winning the lottery is
harder than getting strike by the lightning.

But in actual fact, miracles do happen in your life- you just need to see
it for yourself.

Trust and believe it exists and it'll will do magic for you.

But first, you must know it's there.

When you're late for a meeting and you know that you're going to be in
trouble, suddenly, the meeting was delayed and you are 'safe'.

When you're driving and out of gas, there's a gas station in front of
you- which you never expect it to be there.

When you found the right person to share your life- and you know, that
it's impossible for you to have a wonderful person like her/him.

When you forgot to lock your house for a week when you're out for a
holiday but your house was not intrude by anyone else.

When you're bitten by a poisonous snake but you're treated on time.

When you propose a business idea to a partner that you think he'll never
agree to it but end up liking it.

When you know someone you love whose ill and became healthy again –
despite the fact that the illness is suppose to get worse every day.

When you're able to raise more fund than you're expecting for a charity
organization despite that the possibility is very slim.

And so many other kinds of incidents in our life that they happen
positively toward us that are UNEXAPLAINABLE.

You can call them 'coincidence'. Or you can treat them as 'miracles'.

For me, I would prefer to have 'miracles' happening in my life as often
as possible than 'coincidence' because it makes my life SPECIAL.

Would you want to live a special life that is full of unexpected positive
incidents? Then start seeing how your life is so different and unique.

When that happens, I believe you're become happier – but most
importantly, more 'miracles' will happen to your life like Domino's
effect. :-)
Now, are you lying to yourself? That would be a pretty weird question to
ask because you're the master of your own mind. If you don't see yourself
as a special person or having a wonderful life, who do you expect to see
that for you? Remember - your mind attracts what it believes.

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