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					                                                                               skincare products. With only six        therapy, all geared to uncovering       Anna Lee at Blink Eyebrows and
                                       Best Messenger Bags                     potions in its regimen, the line        the “true” you. If that weren’t         Cosmetics, where a team of experts
                                                                               covers the basics of healthy skin.      enough, you’ll be snugly wrapped in     is trained to sculpt and balance
                                       Any local gal worth her Schwinn         Squeak (a rice-based exfoliating        custom-designed Italian linens atop     brows to frame your face. Initial
                                       knows that SF bike messengers are       cleanser) in the morning, and then      a comfy memory-foam bed and             design starts at $45, and mainte-
                                       some of the hottest—and most            Strip (sleeping lactic acid peel) at    treated to tea and raw, organic         nance costs even less. Don’t be
                                       stylish—guys around. Exhibit A:         night. Also try Shade SPF 30, C-Me      snacks. The price of pampering          chicken—there’s no wax involved.
                                       those super-sturdy and surprisingly     vitamin C antioxidant and Quench,       doesn’t come cheap—$825 to be           166 Geary St., Suite 1305, 415-399-
                                       chic messenger bags from SF-based       a B5 moisturizer. 2241 Fillmore St.,    exact. But can you really place a       0789,
                                       Timbuk2. Now on display at the          415-567-3529,          dollar value on the cheeky, dewy
                                       company’s first concept store in                                                                                              Best Shop to
                                       Hayes Valley, the bags are available                                                                                        Mix-and-Match
                                       in a rainbow of colors, styles and
                                       graphics. Those in the know opt to                                                                                      Gay, straight, guy or girl, Solis has
                                       custom-design their own. 506 Hayes                                                                                      something for everyone. In fact,
                                       St., 415-252-9860,                                                                                      with such brands as Heatherette,
                                                                                                                                                               Lolita and Buddhist Punk, there’s
                                             Best Discount                                                                                                     hardly a label the store doesn’t
                                               Eyewear                                                                                                         stock. For guys, the draw here is
                                                                                                                                                               denim—575, Rock & Republic and
                                       Union Square eyewear outlet                                                                                             Michael H., to name a few. But,
                                       Optical Underground has just what                                                                                       hands down, it’s the collection of
                                       we want—super-slashed prices on all                                                                                     looks from Vivienne Westwood—
                                       our favorite brands. Frames start at                                                                                    the British queen of deconstructed
                                       40 percent below the suggested                                                                                          punk—that has our hearts. Look
                                       retail price, and if the Chanels                                                                                        for the opening of Solis’ second SF
                                       you’ve been coveting are still on the                                                                                   store in Union Square this summer.
                                       shelf after one year, you can have                                                                                      2231 Market St., 415-621-1300,
                                       them for 10 bucks. No catch.                                                                                  
                                       280 Sutter St., 415-982-5106,
                                                                                                                                  Best Fashions
                                                                                                                                                                      for Hot Dogs
                                           Best Attire for a
                                             Porn Party                                                                                                        Velour’s not just for JLo. At Best in
                                                                                                                                                               Show, the Castro’s go-to for
                                       Just because that macho guy                                                                                             animal-loving fashionistas, the
                                       practicing Bruce Lee spin-kicks in                                                                                      green velour jacket with rainbow
                                       the mirror isn’t the real you doesn’t                                                                                   studs is great for the bitch on your
                                       mean that you’re not entitled to a                                                                                      list. Paris Hilton wannabes will love
                                       little fantasy. The men’s underwear                                                                                     the pink faux-fur vest for chilly
                                       line Artificial Flavor has your                                                                                          days, and, for harder hounds, a
                                       back(side). Since the recent                                                                                            skull-and-crossbones hoodie reads
                                       unveiling of the SF-based company’s                                                                                     a little rough-and-tumble. But
                                       second collection, Representative,                                                                                      while the store’s pet totes are
                                       which includes five retro-inspired       BICYCLE NOT INCLUDED: MESSENGER BAGS AT TIMBUK2                                 acceptable accessories for humans,
                                       “flavors”—speedsters, boy shorts,                                                                                        we suggest you draw the line at
                                       tricksters, magnums and deuces—                                                 glow of a girl in love? We think not.   matching T-shirts. 300 Sanchez St.,
                                       you’ll have plenty of wardrobe                   Best Royal                     1161 Gorgas Ave., 415-441-1777,         415-863-7387,
                                       options for channeling your inner                Treatment            
                                       Dirk Diggler. Boogie on.
                                                       In most cases, a facial is just a       Best Brow Sculpting
                                                                               facial. In the case of SenSpa’s Royal
                                               Best Beauty                     Suite, however, a facial is a three-    Marlene Dietrich, Brooke Shields
                                                in a Bottle
S T E FA N I E M I C H E J D A ( 2 )

                                                                               hour-long, life-altering experience     and Cindy Crawford are (or were)
                                                                               that starts with … the feet? Yes,       all known for their distinctive,
                                       Relax Now, a hip little day spa and     after a calming aromatherapy            envy-worthy brows—and rightfully
                                       neighborhood favorite in Pac            footbath and massage, the real          so. But amateurs should lay off the
                                       Heights, is giving clients a new        treatment begins: diamond-peel          tweezers—not all shapes work for
                                       reason to come back between             microdermabrasion, a mild acid          everyone. If you’re in serious need
                                       pedis—the spa’s new signature           peel and hydrating LED light            of an overhaul, put your trust in

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