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                      UFO Film's YouTube Promo Spoofs 'Paranormal Activity' Trailer

       By Temple Productions
       Dated: Nov 09, 2009

       An ad for "The Top Secret UFO Project" is a send-up of the the ghost chiller's promotion.

       With "Paranormal Activity" sweeping the nation, the promoters of another 2006 micro-budget thriller are
       using the ghost movie's promo a target for satire. In the "Paranormal Activity" trailer, clips are shown of an
       audience reacting with fright to the shocker at a special screening in Hollywood, one of the clever ways the
       producers generated buzz for the picture.

        A new promo for "The Top Secret UFO Project," R. J. Thomas' parody of UFO documentaries, recently
       went up on YouTube, offering a parody of the "Paranormal Activity" trailer. In the ad for "The Top Secret
       UFO Project," it is said that a special screening of the film took place on Halloween at the Beckman
       Theater in Hollywood, where audience members were mesmerized and terrified. Some screamed, and
       others even fled the theater in terror.

        "It's a joke, of course," Mr. Thomas said. "It's a parody of the 'Paranormal Activity' audience jumping and
       such during their screening. Fleeing the theater in terror, that actually happened with the early screenings
       of 'The Exorcist.' Back in 1974, you'd hear all these stories about people fleeing the theater and running
       down the street in terror!"

        Based on Mr. Thomas' 2004 novella of the same name, "The Top Secret UFO Project" chronicles the
       UFO-related events experienced by Jasper, a tiny Colorado hamlet some 75 miles south of Denver.
       According to the film, the town dealt with one unusual event after another in the summer of 1956. After a
       farmer spotted a flying saucer zipping over his property, scientists rushed into Jasper to investigate,
       reporters rushed in looking for stories, and government officials rushed in to keep it a secret from the world.

        Billed as "the movie the government does not want you to see," "The Top Secret UFO Project," is a parody
       of the cheesy UFO documentaries of the 70's like "Overlords of the UFO," and of TV programs like "In
       Search Of."

        Mr. Thomas plays a documentary filmmaker who, in 2003, discovered (by accident) some top secret
       government films pertaining to the Jasper Incident of 1956. This inspired him to make a documentary
       about Jasper's UFO story, and to discover the truth behind what really happened that mysterious summer in

        "'Paranormal Activity' is doing so well. It's the talk of the town," Mr. Thomas said. "I'd like to jump on its'
       bandwagon and take a ride."

        Mr. Thomas has been a guest on "The 'X' Zone," Rob McConnell's internationally-syndicated radio
       program which specializes in the unusual and the unexplained.

       "The Top Secret UFO Project" is on DVD at and available for download at


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