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                    Satellite 2800-100 brings style, power
                    and affordability to consumers
                    NEUSS, Germany, October 2000 – Toshiba has broadened its range of consumer
                    notebooks with the introduction of the stylish Satellite 2800-100 notebook,
                    designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

                         Proving that notebooks can be desirable, powerful and affordable, the new system comes
                         in a sleek silver/blue chassis. Boasting the latest technology the Satellite 2800-100 offers
                         everything from powerful processor to DVD-ROM drives, at an attractive price.

                         “”The Satellite 2800-100 provides high-end consumers with the perfect balance of power,
                         style and affordability,“ said M asahiko Fukakushi, Vice President of the European
                         Computer Systems Sales & M arketing Division. “A growing number of consumers want
                         highly specified notebooks that give them all the power and tools they need. The 2800-100
                         has been designed to do just that, and look great at the same time.“

                         Equipped with an Intel Celeron 650 M Hz processor, the Satellite 2800-100 ships with 64
                         MB of SDRAM (expandable to 192 M B), a 6 GB S.M .A.R.T hard disk drive, 13.3-inch TFT
                         active matrix display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 with 16.7 million colours. The system
                         also comes with an in-built diskette drive and 8-speed DVD-ROM drive as standard,
                         allowing users to run audio and multimedia CDs as well as play back the latest in DVD
                         movies. In addition, each comes bundled with a TV cable to allow users to connect the
                         notebook to a TV for movie playback.

                         The new model also comes with integrated 64-bit AGP graphics acceleration, while the 8
                         MB of video RAM is more than capable of dealing with both movie and multimedia software

                         Other features of the Satellite 2800-100 model include an integrated M ini-PCI V.90 56Kbps
                         data/fax modem for simple and fast access to the Internet, 16-bit SoundBlaster Pro-
                         compatible sound and Toshiba„s Bass Enhanced Sound System.

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                         The innovative M ultimedia Bar that includes Easy Keys that let users execute the following
                         functions: CD/DVD Play, Stop, Next, Previous. Users can also launch the DVD/Digital
                         M usic Player, Internet browsers and subwoofer (Enhanced Bass). The chassis design
                         features the Accupoint II with two programmable keys allowing users to preprogram
                         functions such as scrolling.

                         Each notebook comes with a wide range of expansion options, including a 2x PC Card
                         Type II or 1 PC Card Type III slot, as well as parallel, PS/2, external monitor, headphone,
                         external microphone and TV-out ports. There are also two USB ports allowing users to
                         instantly connect hundreds of different peripheral devices.

                         “We have worked hard to make this notebook as easy and fun to use as other consumer
                         electronic devices,“ Fukakushi explained. “The M ultimedia Bar and the Accupoint keys will
                         make our notebooks even easier to use.“

                         The Satellite 2800 model comes bundled with M icrosoft Windows M illennium, M icrosoft
                         WorkSuite 2000, M ediamatics DVD Express, Ring Central Communication software,
                         Toshiba Hibernation Utility and online users manual. They are both covered by a one-year
                         international warranty.


                         Toshiba Europe GmbH (TEG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toshiba Corporation
                         responsible for office equipment and consumer products in Europe. TEG is the sole
                         manufacturer and distributor of Toshiba notebook PCs in Europe with a PC production
                         plant in Regensburg, Germany.

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                         The Toshiba Corporation is the world's eighth largest electronics company. The company
                         achieved consolidated net sales of $54,239 million (US) in the fiscal year 1999 ending
                         M arch 31st, 2000. Currently, the company employs 188,000 people with over 221

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                                                                               41460 Neuss
                                                                               Tel: +49 21 31 158 422
                                                                               Fax: +49 21 31 158558
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